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EDS® Solar Thermal

LabVolt Series Model 46121

Efficient and realistic hands-on The EDS® Solar Thermal training Benefits
training system forms a complete hybrid • Includes everything required to
energy training solution that function as a stand-alone,
demonstrates how solar radiant hands-on learning workstation
energy can be harnessed from the • Made with the same compo-
sun and converted to solar thermal nents that students will potenti-
energy in order to elevate air, ally see in their own homes,
water, and surface temperatures schools, or workplace
within a residential home or com- • Manufactured to the highest
mercial business. quality standards
• Wide range of commercial-grade
This realistic system provides a components
safe, small-scale hot water supply, • Fixed plate electrical panel has
radiator, and hydronic floor heating all electrical devices securely
system. The trainer permits experi- fixed to the side of the trainer
menting with open- and closed- with a power supply, differential
loop heating systems. The main controller, thermostat controller,
(primary) loop can collect thermal and connection block
energy and a secondary loop can • Comprehensive curriculum con-
distribute and apply heat to a gas, sisting of fully-illustrated stu-
liquid, or solid in order to dissipate dent manuals containing job
the thermal energy. sheets and/or work orders
• Estimated program duration: 32
EDS® Solar Thermal
LabVolt Series Model 46121

Various realistic operating


The EDS® Solar Thermal training

system allows trainees to build
various solar thermal systems,
from the very basic swimming pool
solar heater to a multiple loop sys-
tem featuring air and floor applica-
tions. Trainees will place the com-
ponents and complete all the
piping connections. All electrical
devices are securely fixed to a
panel on the right side of the trai-

Main components Topics covered Order numbers

• Solar Collector Introduction to Solar Thermal 230V 8046646

• Recirculation Pumps Energy 120V 8046647
• Storage Tank • Thermal Energy Fundamentals
• Plate Heat Exchanger • Trainer Familiarization and
• Differential Controller Safety
• Thermostat Controller • Site Analysis
• Expansion Tanks • System Sizing
• Radiator
• Radiant Floor Solar Thermal Energy Systems
• Pressure Relief Valve • Solar Heating and Cooling Sys-
• Check Valve tems
• Shut-Off Valve • Collecting Thermal Energy
• Fill Bowl • Storing/Exchanging Thermal
• Air Vent/Bleeder Energy
• Dual Flood Light • Supplying/Controlling Thermal
Measuring instruments
Multi-Loop Systems
• Thermometers • Closed-Loop Water Heating
• Rotameters (flow) Trainer Familiarization and
• Pressure Gauge Safety
• Digital Multimeter • Closed-Loop Surface Heating Festo Didactic SE
• Closed-Loop Air Heating
• Closed-Loop Drainback Systems Rechbergstraße 3
• Closed-Loop Combination 73770 Denkendorf
Systems Germany
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