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Mirafi HPa Subgrade Stabilization Geotextiles


TenCate Mirafi® HPa integrated subgrade stabilization geotextiles are multi-function combination products created from super
high-tenacity polypropylene yarns formed into an innovative woven structure to provide all the relevant functions for roads and other load
support platforms constructed on soft subgrades. The super high tenacity polypropylene yarns allow mobilisation of tensile resistance for
reinforcement benefits at low working strains of 2%. The innovative woven structure results in a product that has high water flow for rapid
dissipation of excess pore pressures induced as the wheel load passes while serving as a separator to prevent the intermixing of soft
subgrade soil and the structural aggregate layer, thereby preventing the deterioration of the aggregate layer over time. The innovative
woven structure also results in a product that has superior interaction coefficient to provide confinement to the lateral spreading of
aggregate at the interface of the geotextile and the structural aggregate layer.

Properties of TenCate Mirafi® HPa Subgrade Stabilization Geotextiles

Property Unit HP280a HP380a HP480a HP580a
Tensile modulus @ 2% strain MD kN/m 400 700 900 900
Tensile modulus @ 2% strain CD kN/m 500 800 1300 1600

Wide width tensile strength MD kN/m 40 65 75 85

Wide width tensile strength CD kN/m 35 45 65 85
Elongation at break MD % 12 12 12 12
Elongation at break CD % 10 10 10 10
ISO 10319

CBR puncture strength kN 4 6 8 9

ISO 12236

UV resistance(at 500 hours) % retained 90 90 90 90

200 613-td-05|15
ASTM D4355

Pore size, O90 mm 0.35 0.3 0.3 0.3
ISO 12956

Water permeability, Q50 l/m2/min 2000 2000 2000 1500

ISO 11058

Roll width m 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5

Roll length m 100 100 100 100

TenCate Mirafi® is a registered trademark of Royal Ten Cate.

The values given are indicative and correspond to average values obtained in accredited testing laboratories and institutes.

Further details of this application and products can be obtained by contacting your nearest TenCate Technical Support office. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution is prohibited. This document
is provided as supporting service only. The information contained in this document is to the best of our knowledge true and correct. No warranty whatsoever is expressed or implied or given.
Engineers wishing to apply this information shall satisfy themselves on the validity of the input data relative to the applicable soil and engineering conditions and in doing so assume design liability.

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