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Advertising Objectives

 To establish a long and lasting image for the Belo essential products, especially for the whitening
 To successfully relay our message that beauty is not limited to who you are today, you can
discover a better version of you if you just dared.
 To erase the Filipinos’ mind-set that Belo brands are “artificial beauty” especially when it is
associated with the Medical group’s plastic surgeries—which is a misconception.
 To remind the consumer that the product is still out in the market and to regather lost brand

SWOT Analysis:


The lotion leaves your skin hydrated Unaggressive Media Approach.

without feeling sticky.

Affordable price for a product that offers

SPF 30 with protection from UVA and UVB

Blends effortlessly and gets absorbed fast.


It bears the name of a famous Competitors aggressive media approach

doctor/surgeon here in the Philippines—Dra. Vicky
Filipinas strive for whiter skin because Belo Products are often misjudged as
their skin easily darkens, for melanin production is expensive because it’s an extension of the
faster in relation to Philippines’ commonly hot Belo Medical Group

Belo Issues about the ingredients that they used

in their products

Market Analysis:

Target Market:

“The BEAUTY-holics”


Ages 18- 25 years old

Social class B

Women who are sophisticated.

Women who can’t leave their house with their body untended.
Women who are hesitant to improve themselves because they’re afraid of what the
society might say or what the others might think.
Women who always visits social media sites such as Youtube for beauty tutorials/ tips.

Competitive Analysis:



- Whitening Facial Wash for Women

- With Pro-Vitamin B3, a powerful lightening solution
- Cleanses deeply to reduce dullness, while boosting the radiance of your skin
- Reveal the fairness within by washing away the buildup of dead skin cells
- Uncover fair and glowing skin


Lemon Essence: To make skin fairer, fade dark spots and

even skin tone, for long-lasting natural fairness
If you have uneven skin tone with dark spots and
imperfections, now you can fix all that.


SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Lotion PowerWhitening SPF 20

Our skin has naturally occurring dark pigments known as melanin.
The more melanin you have, the darker your skin.

Fight skin aging and achieve noticeably whiter skin.

Visible results in as early as 7 days!

With Vitanourish Formula that contains vitamin B5, B3 & E and SPF 20
For intensive moisturization and protection from harmful UV

This product uses Synchronized Whitening action

through multiple actives to ensure you achieve your
beautiful blush white skin.

 Contains Super Fruit extracts of

concentrated Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry, which
is 500% more powerful vs. whitening properties of
 Repairs 10 signs of dull damaged skin like dark spots, dry & itchy skin or uneven skin tone.The
firming ingredient Q10 effectively firms skin and restores its elasticity.


3x Whitening** Serum Power

SPF30: 96% UVB Protection

PA++: Extra UVA Protection

Active Vitamin B3: Lightens and brightens skin

Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel

**3 times more skin lightening factors as compared with lotion without sunscreen and Vitamin B3.


What's in it?

Vitamin B3

Triple sunscreens
Block & White Radiance SPF20/PA+ Whitening Lotion allows maximum protection from the
harmful rays of the sun that can last for up to two hours. Long lasting enough so you won’t be
applying lotion time after time, thus, it saves the effort and cost. You would be worrying no more
because this lotion can help you aid your whitening regimen. It is also a fine combination for those
who use whitening soaps. PA+ can protect the skin against UVA rays which is believed to be the
major cause of skin darkening. PA+ can also aid our skin to prevent premature aging. It blocks the
sun’s UVB rays so it avoids sunburn which may eventually lead into skin cancer. It promotes skin
renewal for more effective skin whitening results in as early as two weeks. The product has Alpha
Arbutin which is believed to be the most effective yet expensive ingredient in skin whitening. Pro-
vitamin B5 is also present in the product which seals in the moisture so you won’t get dry and
greasy skin.


The whitening action of a 3-in-1 ingredient -

blend of Kojic Acid, Glycolic
Acid and Potassium Azelaoyl
Diglycinate derivative in combination with
botanical components : Pea Extract and Shea
Butter that helps restore the luster of the skin
and keeping skin healthier, clearer, softer and
smoother feel.


SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Soap

Our skin has naturally occurring dark
pigments known as melanin.
The more melanin you have, the darker your skin.

Fight skin aging and whiten with this intensive beauty bar.
Visible results in as early as 7 days!

With Vitanourish Formula that contains vitamin B5, B3 & E for intensive moisturization and
protection from harmful UV rays.

This products uses Synchronized Whitening action through multiple actives to ensure you achieve
your beautiful blush white skin..


Whitening Creams to go beyond cleansing to whiten your skin!

Its Triple Whitening System will exfoliate, brighten and even out
your skin tone, giving you All-in-One Fairness.

The formula is also infused with Papaya extracts, which is known

to be used in whitening products because Papaya, a natural anti-
oxidant is rich in nutrients

and vitamins that together help skin remain clear, spot free and
soft. It should be used daily and regularly along with skin creams
as part of your beauty regime.

Market Analysis:


 The Filipinos’ major misconception about being beautiful is that you have to attain a light
complexion. This perception was influenced by the Spaniards.

 In 2007, Glutathione capsules became popular. Many people rode this bandwagon because of
famous personalities that soon became endorsers. Innovation paved the way for Glutathione on
injections. Later on, it became an ingredient for skin products like body soaps and lotions.

 Belo essentials used to have isobutyl paraben which was banned by the Food and Drugs
Association (FDA). This substance has been associated with breast cancer, tumors of the uterus,
abnormal development of the testes, infertility, and other reproductive problems. However,
Intelligent Skin Care claimed that parabens are already removed from the product since 2009.

Advertising strategy
We’ll convince our target market through guy’s thoughts because guys rarely open up what
they really think, especially about the women they like. So we’ll stir up our target’s curiosity.

Brand Positioning:
Brand Personality:
Princess days are over. In this campaign, women empowerment will be highly
emphasized. If Belo Essentials will be a living person, she’ll be a woman with a strong
personality and one who is unafraid to show who she wants to be.

Big Idea:

“It’s not about who you are now; it’s all about who you want to be.”

Rationale: It is for women who are afraid to unleash their true selves and improve their
appearances (such as skin whitening) and are still hesitant because of the impending public
criticisms or who are afraid of what others might think.