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Project Progress Report

Proposed Title: Speed and direction control of DC Motor using PWM and

Area of Work: Microcontroller, IC L293D, power supply, etc.

Type of Model: Hardware

Distribution Of Work into 6 Module:

Module1: Selection and Purchasing of components.

Module2: Prototype PCB designing.

Module3: Mounting of components on PCB.

Module4: Hardware Testing and Final PCB designing.

Module5: Firmware coding

Module6: Testing of Complete System

Current work:

Module 1:

List of components

1 .Motors

2 .Bluetooth HC-05

3 .L293D IC

4. Transistors, Capacitor,

5. ATMEGA16 microcontroller

6. PCB Board

PCB Designing

Progress in Work:
The whole project is divided in to 6 modules. First & second module of our project
comprised of 50% work has been completed. Third module is in progress.
Name of Team members:
Alok Mishra roll no.

Name roll no.

Project Guide: