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;Altering this number will cause the app to overwrite this file with defaults

Version 15

;The previous language set by steam.
SteamLanguage english

;The language to use for all text in-game.

DisplayLanguage en_US

;The language to use for all audio in-game.

AudioLanguage English(US)

;Set to 1 to enable subtitles.

EnableSubtitles 1

;Enable language fall-back.

EnableFallback 1

;Device ID of the GPU device to use (as provided by the OS).
DeviceID 4994

;Render width in pixels.

RenderWidth 1920

;Render height in pixels.

RenderHeight 1080

;0 : windowed, 1 : fullscreen, 2 : windowed with no title bar

FullScreen 2

;UI will be scaled by 1 plus this value, non-integers may cause small artifacts
UIUpscale 0.000000

;Set to 1 to allow the use of software renderers such as Microsoft's WARP

AllowSWRenderer 0

;Set to 1 play the intro video on startup.

PlayIntroVideo 1

;0 : never grab, 1 : only in full screen, 2 : always grab

MouseGrab 0

;Number of engine job threads (including main thread). Use -1 to let game decide
MaxJobThreads -1

;Frame limiter. Tick app every N ms. 0 means tick continuously.

TickIntervalInMS 0

;Tick every N ms during game start. 0 means tick continuously.

LoadGameTickIntervalInMS 16

;Tick every N ms while the app is inactive. 0 means tick continuously.

InactiveTickIntervalInMS 32

;Should we throttle the game when its not the foreground app?
ThrottleWhileInactive 0
;Max number of Game Core threads. The game may cap this value based on available
hardware. Use -1 to let the game decide.
MaxGameCoreThreads -1

;Number of threads the Game Core should adjust its maximum by so as to not starve
other systems of CPU time. The game may adjust this value based on available
hardware. Use -1 to let the game decide
GameCoreReserveThreads -1

;Enable FireTuner.
EnableTuner 0

;Enable Debug menu.

EnableDebugMenu 0

;Set to 0 to disable audio.

EnableAudio 1

;Enable MemoryTracker.
EnableMemoryTracker 0

;Enable Debug information in the plot info tooltips.

EnableDebugPlotInfo 0

;Enable Automatic Bug Collection.

EnableBugCollection 1

;Enable Log Collection with Bugs.

EnableLogCollection 0

;Enable Data Error Collection.

EnableDataErrorCollection 0

;Enable Local Build Bug Collection.

EnableLocalBuildCollection 0

;Enable ArtManager loading in the background.

EnableBackgroundArtLoading 1

;Enable assertions.
EnableAsserts 1

;Forces the game to load only that save file.


;Log all game core events.

EnableGameCoreEventLog 0

;Enable WorldBuilder.
EnableWorldBuilder 0

;Enable logging for the Landmark System.

EnableLandmarkLogging 0

;Enable logging for the Terrain System.

EnableTerrainLogging 0
;Set remark levels(ex. /R0 / R1:ArtDef - means all off except ArtDef level 1)
(default "/R1")
Remarks /R1

;Enables resolutions greater than the current monitor size (use "setres" in the
debug console)
EnableArbitraryWindowSizing 0

;End game state.


;Tutorial state.
TutorialState 3055162199736244162

;User has accepted the unknown graphics device pop up.
AcceptedUnknownDevice 0

;User has accepted the outdated driver pop up.

AcceptedOutdatedDriver 0

TelemetryUploadNecessary 0

;Is the touch screen support enabled?
IsTouchScreenEnabled 0