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Honeywell Process Solutions - Standard Builds

Site Readiness Review Checklist

Project name Name of the project
Project Ref: Project reference or project number
Location Location of the Site KOM Date: Date
This document is provided as a checklist in order to prepare for the Site Readiness Review.
A proposed agenda for the Site Readiness Review meeting is included in document SB-PM113001
No. Subject Yes / No?
1 Is equipment room security / access control in place and operational?
Check security arrangements.
Verify accessibility and restriction of people inside PIB is established for security
Environmental Risk Assessment
3 Is area safe to work in (no obvious hazards visible)?
4 Is floor finished and complete?
5 Is there residual construction / finishing work to complete?
6 Are all conduits, cable trays, pipe works etc. installed?
7 Is building / equipment room sealed against dust ingress?
8 Are building cable entries sealed
9 Is equipment room clean and tidy?
10 Are there hazardous materials / substances in equipment room. Is COSHH data available?
Facilities and Infrastructure
11 Is power available in PIB?
12 Is permanent power connected and energised?
13 If temporary power, is supply consistent voltage; is there redundancy?
14 If temporary power, is supply through UPS?
15 Is UPS installed and commissioned? Verify UPS connection is established & properly commisioned.
16 Is permanent lighting available and operational?
17 Is emergency lighting available and operational?
18 Are fire detection / suppression systems in place?
19 Is permanent HVAC in place and operational?
20 If temporary HVAC, how is this supplied?
21 If temporary HVAC, what mitigation is in place against failure?
22 Is plan in place for HVAC dust filter maintenance / cleaning?
23 Are floor supports in place for cabinets?
24 Are sub-floor cable trays fully installed?
25 Is building earth nest complete? Test resistance to ground and record results.
26 Check earth pit connectivity is established.

27 Are earth distribution bars installed?

28 Check all civil work completed. Like drilling, painting etc
Check flooring & sealing activities completed. Is the ceiling a minimum of 8 feet (2.44 meters) from
29 the top of the raised floor to accommodate the Honeywell cabinets?
30 Check doors are in place.
31 Check all cabinet base frames are properly fixed.
32 Check Fire Alarm sytem is active and working
33 Check Smoke detection sytem ative & working.
34 Verify Utility connection.
35 Is there adequate space for efficient operation of the system-related work stations?
36 Are the size and location of entrances and exits adequate for equipment delivery?

If the building (or facility) is more than one story tall, is the elevator accessible and is its capacity
Is the lighting adequate? Proper natural and artificial lighting is essential for efficient and productive
operation and to minimize operator fatigue?
Verify each cabinet has a space clearance of at least 91.5 centimeters (36.0 inches) around the
enclosure to ensure proper heat dissipation.
Aisles must have a minimum width of 1370 mm (54 inches) and allow access to all equipment, both
front and rear.
All doorways, stairwells, elevators, hallways, ramps and aisles must be of sufficient size to permit
41 movement of
Avoid routing foot traffic past electronic cabinets. The associated dirt, vibration, banging or
42 pounding, and Electrostatic
Discharge (ESD) causes unnecessary stress to the equipment.
43 Check if humidity levels between 40% and 60%.

Check system in place for Controlling humidity fluctuations to less than 6% rate-of-change per

Check if controls are inplace for air conditioner breakdown, given priority to maintaining low relative
45 humidity, minimizing air velocity, and preventing high concentrations of gaseous contaminants from
reaching the equipment.
46 Check for positive pressure in equipment rooms at approximately 0.1 inches of water.
47 Check for the filters acceptable for limiting particulates to less than 100 ug/m3.
Honeywell Engineer: ______________ Date ______________________________
Readiness Review.
n document SB-PM113001

perly commisioned.

2.44 meters) from