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VSRT217 Graphic Design

Israel Mallett

List of Semester Projects

1. Like it or not, it’s advertising. (2 Weeks)

Students look through magazines, social media, YouTube and Television, and
compile a digital library of ads they like and ads they don’t stating why in each

You have to state which of the ads fit the following categories:
• Question: Leads with a question; invites you to answer it.
• News: Informative; ‘here is where you can donate,’ or ‘job vacancy’, sale, this is
where we are located, a store has moved, holiday opening hours, basic info, etc.
• Command: An instructive ad; do something, take action, etc.
• Benefit: Describes clearly, the benefit of what is being advertised
• Provocative: Makes you think and reason about the content and the meaning

Deliverable: 1 digital compilation of 10 ads the categories listed above; 5 local, 5


2. The Designer Identity. (4 Weeks, concurrent with assignment 1)

Students draw names from a bag and have to work with the person they choose
to create a logo that represents them.

Each student has to provide their designer with a creative brief about
themselves, describing who they are e.g. favourite items, places, identifying traits,
nicknames, sayings, etc.)

Once the logo design is finished, each student will have to present the logo
designed for them, along with the criteria they gave, and the class will assess how
well the criteria was met.

Deliverable: 1 creative brief, 1 logo design, 1 process book showing your progress
and stages.

See team assignments on the next page.


Designer Client
Jenisa Reed Joaquim Fields
Joaquim Fields Mariah Stanford
Mariah Stanford Destiny Alleyne
Destiny Alleyne Addan McCollin
Addan McCollin Daniel Layson
Daniel Layson Akelia Dummett-Deane
Akelia Dummett-Deane Leeann Harris
Leeann Harris Shem Padmore
Shem Padmore Lydia Stoute
Lydia Stoute Anson Best
Anson Best Che Hinds
Che Hinds Tamarie Wilson
Tamarie Wilson Hadley Edwards
Hadley Edwards Destiny King-Lavine
Destiny King-Lavine Christopher Blades
Christopher Blades Stephan Squires
Stephan Squires Haben Sandiford
Haben Sandiford Jenisa Reed

Please note: This assignment will have additional elements in Alisa Corbin’s class.