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Subject : English Language

Year : 2 Brilliant

Enrolment : 35 pupils

Date/Day : 4th April 2018 (Wednesday)

Time : 12.45 pm – 1.45 pm (60 minutes)

Theme : World of Stories

Topic : I am Special (Unit 5)

Focused Skill : Writing

Previous Knowledge :pupils have learned to construct simple sentences.

Content Standard : 3.2 By the end of 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to write using appropriate language, form and style
for a range of purposes

Learning Standard : 3.2.2 Able to write simple sentences with guidance.

: 3.2.3 Able to punctuate correctly:

a) capital letters

b) full stop

Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1. Write the correct punctuation marks in sentences.

2. Rewrite a set of sentences with correct punctuation


Vocabulary : Full stop, capital letter, little, tree, old, house

Educational Emphases : Generating ideas, organising ideas

Moral Values : Trustworthy, kindness, caring
Thinking Skills : Problem solving
Resources/Teaching Aids : Big Book, punctuation marks (Capital letter and full stop)
Stages/Time Content Activities Remarks

Set To arouse pupils’ interests

Induction on several trivial 1) Teacher shows and asks questions Preparation
(3 minutes) questions. about the big book. Phase

1) what do you see on this - Preparation
big book? - Analysis

Presentation 1) To explain to the pupils 1) Teacher displays different Imagination

(20 minutes) the usage of punctuation punctuation marks and explain the Phase
marks. usage of it.
2) Teacher shows the big book to the
a) capital letters (used at pupils and highlights the capital - Generating
the beginning of a letter and full stop in the big book. ideas
sentences or specific 3) Teacher reads the story of the
noun) Little Red Riding Hood. - Moral
b) Full stop (used at the values:
end of a sentence) trustworthy,

1) To demonstrate the 1) Teacher asks pupils to form five

Practice pupils’ understanding groups. Development
(20minutes) of the usage of 2) Teacher gives each group a Phase
punctuation marks. worksheet about punctuation. - Enrichment
3) Teacher asks each group to - Assessment
E.g.: answer the worksheet about for learning
A) _he _ittle _ed punctuation.
objective (1)
_iding _ood lives 4) Each group puts up and presents
in a small town_ their correct punctuation.
5) Pupils get peers’ and teacher’s
B) _he wanted to feedback for their presentation
go visits her through discussion.
grandmother _
1) To test the pupils’ 1) Teacher distributes a set of Action Phase
Production comprehension of the sentences with incorrect -Implementation
(15minutes) text. punctuation based on the fable -Continuous
‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ to Practice
E.g.: each pupils - Assessment

for learning
A) the little red 2) Pupils rewrite the sentences with
objective (2)
riding hood lives in correct punctuation.
a small town
B) she wanted to 3) Teacher facilitates pupils while
go visits her they are rewriting the sentences.
4) Pupils exchange their work and
check the answers with their
Closure 1) To recap the lesson. .
2) Ask questions about 1) Teacher recaps the lesson.
(2 minutes) capital letters and full


Comments by Supervisor:

Prepared by:
Che Nor Aziah Mohamed
Noorliza Abdul Razak
IPGK Dato’ Razali Ismail