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Character Captain

Name: Theodore Monteverde

Text: The Odyssey
Books: Books 20-24

Character Captain: The Odyssey involves a whole cast of great warriors

and fantastic creatures. Your task is to get to know and understand the
characters in the text. Describe their personalities--how they act, how they feel,
what they think. Share the observations you have about them to your group.
Select adjectives that describe one or more of the characters in your novel, and
support your selection with examples taken from your reading assignment.

Write down the name of the character/s and the adjectives that describe them.
Identify the specific incidents in the text that support your claims.

Character Adjective/s Specific Example of

Behavior/Action in the

Text (indicate Book #)

Odysseus Devious,showed a glint Devise a plan to kill the

of leniency and prudent suitors and showed
some mercy towards
the herald and singer.
He too decides to rule
Ithaca again
Telemachos Thoroughly cunning Managed to slip his
father in the household
by using his wits
Penelope Melancholic, Skeptical Again and again she
begins to mourn for her
husband and once she
received the news of
his husband in terms of
in her household, she
started to think that it
was a vile scheme to
win her hand for
marriage, so she still
questioned her
husband Odysseus
The Suitors Haugty, cowards They constantly boast
themselves such as the
time when Klesstopis
threw a missile ( cow
horn) directly at the

Whereas, they've
finally revealed their
true colors once
Odysseus began to slay
each one of them which
the Divinity among
them decided to
tremble under the
knees of Odysseus
Eurykliea Simple and faithful She follows every
order of the household
of Odysseus
Iothos somewhat a savior Without the bow he
gave then Penelope
could have lost her
bond with Odysseus

Maidservants ill-mannered Some decided to partake in

the life of suitors by sleeping with them
Laertes environmentalist, aged and sagacious His habit was
to plant plants such as fruit-bearing trees and vines. very old yet still retains

Servants of the Suitors Vengeful They want to take part of

the revenge for their fallen masters

Athena Passionate ,Pacifier She showed a strong

belief of Odysseus's progress to get back his household and in fact she partook in
the battle of the suitors and managed to quell the fighting between the household
and servants

Common Character Traits

adventurous awesome artistic athletic active

beautiful brave bold bossy cheerful
curious creative courageous considerate daring
impulsive dainty dangerous exciting entertaining
energetic funny happy friendly fun-loving
gentle generous independent humble hostile
honest intelligent mischievous inventive neat
lazy messy nosy mean poor
nasty nice quiet open respectful
proud pretty sloppy rich successful
shy sad smart serious selfish
simple short trustworthy studious unselfish
warm tall wild thoughtful silly
melancholy witty aimless loud prudent
iconoclastic mellow belligerent loyal visionary