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Position Paper on: The LGBT Rights

By: Maybelyn B. Cabanog


This issue takes the sides of pros in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights, in order to draw attention of the Human Rights Council on
LGBT rights in the Philippines. This claim is based on the media reports, the web, research and records of the Philippines Government.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that everyone is equal and entitled to some rights freedom, regardless their race, color, sex,
language, religion, political or other status. But the violence and discrimination of sexual orientation and gender identity have been happening around the world.
LGBT too often find that their schooling experience is marred by bullying, discrimination and in some cases, physical and sexual assaults. These abuses can
cause deep and lasting harm and curtail student’s right to education, protected under Philippine and International Law.

This paper entails the violence and discrimination of anti-LGBT community and the provision of equal rights to the LGBT community in the

II. Counter Arguments

Over the years mostly right wing and religions nuts have come up with arguments against the LGBT community, some arguments include “Being LGBT
is sinful” and “Being an LGBT is a mental illness”. These arguments have no scientific or historical basis and this type of intolerance can lead to LGBT people
to commit suicide or to major mental health issues. This article will cover arguments against the LGBT community and refute them in academic and scientific
as well as somewhat religious manner.

According to the religious anti-LGBT right, “Being LGBT is going against God’s plan.” However, if homosexuality is against God’s plan, why did God
allow homosexuality to exist in the first place? And they also stated that “God hates LGBT.” However, Jesus stated in (John 13:34) A new command I give you:
Love one another.” This clearly means that people are supposed to love and care about each other despite differences. And according to the scientific and social
argument, “LGBT people need to be sent to a mental hospital by force.” However, being LGBT is not considered mental illness anymore (as per current
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Second, being different does not affect you in any way. Finally, that would be a civil rights violation.
Plus, the Bill of Rights allow for freedom of expression.

American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association have dropped homosexuality and transsexualism as mental illness through
up to date scientific research and protest.

III. My Arguments

LGBT Rights are Human Rights, therefore we should first consider:

 Access to the same freedom. There is no reason why a LGBT should be denied the same rights and freedoms as their straight counterparts. Whether it is
same sex marriage on the right to adopt a child, LGBT rights supporters believe that it is time to stop withholding basic freedoms from any group of Filipino
citizens. And the Bill of Rights allow of freedom of expression, where considering of sexual orientation and gender identity of LGBT.

 Improvement of quality of life for their sexual orientation is no better than denying them equal rights due to their race. It is time for people to ask
themselves whether they want to live in a society that marginalizes citizens and make them feel unwelcome. LGBT might can help to restore their sense of
belonging and allow them to feel more comfortable.

 Better society to live in. Prejudice is taught in the home. Children do not emerge from the womb with the dislike for anyone, they are taught how to hate
others by prejudiced parents. If LGBT right become an accepted part of our society, this reduces the chances that are children will discriminate against the
LGBT community. LGBT community give our society a chance to grow and improve in ways that simply over not available to previous generations.


LGBT rights are Human Rights and equality is for all the people. However, there are still some people who withstand with the cons, which argue with
the pro side, who refers to discriminate the LGBT community and remove their rights from being a human. Equality is for all. No exception, just equal.

LGBT people are of large help to our community, it is but fair that we let them enjoy the same rights as we have because they are people like us. They
should not be denied of things that we enjoy, especially because these things will no harm us anyway. Let us love our LGBT brothers and sisters. Let us be
modern and think outside the box. Let us be equal and fair to mankind. Let’s stop the discrimination and violence to LGBT community.