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The squealing and blood were gut wrenching, but I couldn’t look away.

I knew

these videos were out there, but I had managed to avoid viewing the inhumane practices

of factory farming, until now. This is exactly the reason there are no laws protecting

farm animals: we can avoid exposing ourselves to the cruelty of this industry should we

choose to. The absence of clear laws that govern humane animal farming practices have

dire consequences for both animals and humans.

Farm animals are raised and slaughtered in extremely harsh conditions. Many

farm animals are selectively bred, which causes the majority of those animals to have

major health problems. The animals are given chemicals in their food to make them

bigger, which gives them more meat, dairy, and eggs. This information comes from the

ASPCA website. The Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act requires that animals

are unconscious before they are slaughtered. However, this Act has been misinterpreted

to exclude birds, which means they don’t go through this process with chickens, turkeys,

or ducks. To add to that, there have been many companies that have been doing the

process incorrectly, and the livestock were conscious and could still feel pain when they

were slaughtered. I discovered this information on the Animal Legal Defense Fund

website. According to the website, many of the Acts that are supposed to protect animals

exclude farm animals that are slaughtered, and the ones that are supposed to protect

them are often broken. Yet, nearly all states have Common Farming Exemptions, which

cancel out the Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act. These exemptions state that

if something that is prohibited by another law is done commonly on a farm, then it

becomes automatically legal. This can mean that something as cruel as cutting off a

piglet’s tail with no anesthetic, which would be illegal for a regular animal, is legal if it is

done frequently on a farm. I found this information from the Factory Farming
Awareness Coalition website. As stated on that website, there are no federal laws that

regulate farmed animal abuse. It also said that if one were to abuse a dog, cat or any

other domesticated animal the same way that companies abuse farmed animals, it

would be considered a felony.

Not only is factory farming harmful to animals, it is also harmful to humans. If a

farm is not regularly maintained, it can cause Salmonella, E. Coli, and many other

pathogens that humans ingest by eating meat, dairy, and eggs. According to the ASPCA

website, animals are fed antibiotics to try to neutralize these diseases, but often, they are

overused or misused in some way. In addition, large factory farms create a huge amount

of waste, which pollutes the land, water, and air. These factories also use an alarmingly

large amount of natural resources, such as water and fossil fuels. As stated by the same

website, the waste that the animals produce emits methane, hydrogen sulfate, ammonia,

and other fecal matters. According to the PETA website, these matters can enter the

lungs of workers and people who live nearby and cause serious respiratory problems. As

claimed by that website, there are many dangers that come with factory farming.

While some people might say that animal products have health benefits, studies

have shown that animal products pose health risks. When people say that they get

protein from meat, they only get a fraction of the protein that comes from the plants that

the animal eats. Plants use nitrate to make amino acids, which are used to make protein.

Animals do not have the ability to do this, so when you are eating meat, you aren’t

getting as much protein as you would be when eating a plant. Meat is also hard for the

body to break down and digest, creating excess acid. When there is too much acid in

your body, it can make you more vulnerable to infections and viruses, as well as weaken

your immune system. Finally, in order to make cattle grow faster, they are implanted
with hormones. Although a small amount of hormones in food is harmless, scientists

have found a high amount of hormones in animal products. The high level of hormones

that people consume in meat can cause many health problems. Many of these hormones

that are in the meat are illegal in many countries, all the more reason for more laws

protecting farm animals from these harmful chemicals. Do you really want to be the

reason that an animal lives a terrible life filled with misery and suffering, ended with the

most inhumane method imaginable, just so that you can eat a heart attack?

The lives that farm animals are forced to lead are filled with abuse and terror,

and should undoubtedly be prevented by the law. Since most consumers ignore the

brutal practices of factory farming, there are no laws protecting farm animals. In

addition to being harmful to the environment, factory farming is extremely inhumane to

the animals. Over 56 billion farm animals are killed every day in America for their meat.

These statistics are completely horrifying and heartbreaking. Hence, the next time you

are about to bite into that cheeseburger, ask yourself, is it really worth it?