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February 2018 Mark: -----------------------/20

Name : ---------------------------------------- Surname : ------------------------------ Number : -------------- Class : -

Listening Comprehension: (8marks)
Activity 1: Ellen is talking about ---- /1 marks
A. The best places to spend a holiday in France
B. The importance of travelling to France.
C. The activities she did when in France.

Activity 2: Listen and write YES or NO: ---- /2 marks

1. Ellen travelled to France in summer. ---------------

2. Ellen and her friends wanted to know about French culture and history. ---------
Activity 3: Listen and match each place with the activity done in France: ---- /3 marks

A. Eating traditional food.

1. The Louvre 1+--- B. Going for a walk in the garden
2. Luxemburg 2+--- C. Going on a cruise tour.
3. Strasburg 3+--- D. Seeing the Mona Lisa

Activity 4: Listen and complete the missing words: ---- /1 marks

I had a wonderful time with Christina and Brock and I wish they could have stayed
❶------------------------. It was an ❷-------------------------- week with my two best friends.

Activity 5: Listen and classify the words below: ---- /1 marks

◦during ◦ around ◦ museums ◦ buildings ◦ fountains

/juː/ / aʊ /

-------------------------- --------------------------
-------------------------- --------------------------

Language: (12marks)
Activity 1: Fill in the blanks with words from the box: (there is an extra word)

---- /3 marks

reduce will instead damage who benefits destination

Taking public means of transport is very important and has many❶----------------------------. People can
save a lot of money by parking their cars at home and using public transportation ❷---------------------.
With the rising prices of fuel taking the public transport to work and school certainly saves money.
Besides, when we take public transport, we ❸ ------------------------- pollution. Using cars everyday has
done a lot of ❹------------------------------ to the environment and if we use public transport instead, we
❺---------------------------save the environment. In addition, having public transportation definitely
eases some of the burdens of people ❻----------------------------do not have cars.
Activity 2: Fill in the blanks with the correct alternative from the margin:
---- /3 marks
It is now easier than ever to access the internet. Many young
people are spending more and ❶----------------------- time on the net. 1. much / more / most
The internet helps teenagers to widen their ❷-------------------------- 2. knowledge / knew / know
and improve their grades. Besides, people can practice 3. chatting / sending / shopping
foreign languages by ❸-------------------------- to friends in other 4. at / to / around
countries. This is also a good way of keeping in touch with friends 5. society / social / socially
and family ❹---------------------------the world. On the other 6. carless / careful / care
hand there are negative consequences. Some young people
become addicted to internet. This can have a negative effect on
their schoolwork and their ❺-----------------------------lives. some
young people hardly talk to their families because they are always
on line. To sum up, spending time on the net can have a negative
impact, so we should be ❻----------------------- not to use the internet

Activity 3: Match the sentences halves to get a coherent paragraph:

---- /3 marks
(There’s an extra one)

1. Today, mobile phone has become popular to A. and children who are under
everybody 16 years old.
2. The most advantage of having a mobile phone 3+--- B. you may get an accident.
3. Moreover, you can relax with the mobile phone, 4+--- C. because it is very convenient.
for example, you can 5+--- D. is that you can communicate easily.
4. However, using mobile phone a lot can harm 6+---
E. mobile phones wisely.
your brain, particularly teenager
F. Mind internet shopping.
5. In addition, when you use mobile phones while
G. play games, listen to music, or chat
you are driving,
6. In short we have to use with your friends.

Activity 4: Put the bracketed words in the correct tense or form: ---- /3 marks

Dear Liz ,
I am having a great time here with my brother in the west of England. I think it is the
❶ (interesting) ---------------------------place I have ever ❷ (visit) ---------------------------. As you
know, Stephanos is at university here and I am staying with him. He ❸ (be) ----------------------
here for three years and he says the town is not the same and things have changed. When he
first ❹ (come) -------------------------- here three years ago, it was difficult to get around but
now they have started new bus routes. As for my news, so far I ❺ (be) -----------------------------
to the local museum and have learned a lot of things about ❻ (nature) --------------------------
history and wild animals.
Anyway that’s all for now.
All the best