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Standard Calibration Procedure

Test Subject: Dial Bore Gage

Procedure #: QSCP-05,
Revision #: 1.0
Date: 2/13/2012
Approval: James Cagle

1.0 Purpose

1.1 To establish a standard procedure for calibration of Dial Type Bore Gages.

2.0 Requirements

2.1 The calibration laboratory shall be furnished with all items of equipment (including
reference materials) required for the correct performance of calibrations and tests. In
those cases where the laboratory needs to use equipment outside its permanent control, it
shall ensure that the relevant requirements of this section are met.

2.2 All measuring and testing equipment having an effect on the accuracy or validity of
calibrations or tests shall be calibrated and/or verified before being put into service. The
laboratory shall have an established program for the calibration and verification of its
measuring and test equipment. The program will ensure the recall or removal from
service of any standard or equipment that has exceeded its calibration interval or is
otherwise judged to be unreliable.

2.3 The laboratory shall use appropriate methods and procedures for all calibrations and tests
and related activities within its responsibility (including sampling, handling, transport and
storage, preparation of items, estimation of uncertainty of measurement and analysis of
calibration and/or test data). They shall be consistent with the accuracy required and with
any standard specifications relevant to the calibrations or tests concerned.

2.4 The laboratory shall have documented instructions on the use and operation of all
relevant equipment, on the handling and preparation of items, and for calibration and/or
testing, where the absence of such instructions could jeopardize the calibrations or tests.
All instructions, standards, manuals and reference data relevant to the work of the
laboratory shall be maintained up-to-date and be readily available to the staff.

3.0 Referenced Documents

3.1 ISO 17025

3.2 NIST Handbook 150

3.3 NIST Technical Note 1297

3.4 ANSI/NCSL Z540-1

3.5 Gagemaker Reference Card Manuel

3.6 OEM Spec Sheet

4.0 Materials Required

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QualiCal, LLC Quality Management System Calibration Procedures
Standard Calibration Procedure
Test Subject: Dial Bore Gage
Procedure #: QSCP-05,
Revision #: 1.0
Date: 2/13/2012
Approval: James Cagle

4.1 MIC TRAC 4000 Unit

4.2 Certifi Software
4.3 TF-IND Block
4.4 TF-PL Setting Blocks
4.5 AGD or ISO Slit Bushing
4.6 Lint free cloth
4.7 ZEP Cleaner

5.0 Tolerance / Measurement Range / Measurement Uncertainties

5.1 Tolerance will be taken from Gagemaker reference card as per ASME/ANSI B89.1.10M
-1987 and /or OEM specs.
5.2 Measurements shall be taken at minimum of 20%, 50%, and 75% of full scale.

5.3 If the tolerance is specified by the customer or if there is some functional characteristics
that require tolerances other than specified above, these considerations should govern the
acceptability of the results.

NOTE: where applicable, the methodology of the Guide to Expression of Uncertainty in

Measurement 1993 shall be used as the basis for expression of uncertainty of the
measurement. Where detailed procedures are not used to quantify and combine
uncertainties (i.e. use of test accuracy ratio concepts) the sources of uncertainty shall be
tabulated and demonstrated to be acceptable for the measurement undertaken.

6.0 Procedure

6.1 Check for damage or excessive wear on the indicator.

6.2 Make sure dial face is clear and legible.
6.3 Check for smoothness throughout entire travel range.
6.4 Attach indicator to TF-IND blocks and split bushings on MicTrac.
6.5 Complete all necessary information in CERTIFI.
6.6 Zero indicator and take measurements for the first 2 ½ revolutions.
6.7 Continue taking all measurements after 2 ½ revolutions until all values are recorded.
6.8 Remove indicator from MicTrac.
6.9 Change TF-IND blocks and attach TF-PL setting blocks onto Mic-Trac.
6.10 Zero Mic-Trac and set ID to necessary anvil size. Perform function test to ensure the
bore gage operates within the set ID.
6.11 Enter necessary data into Certifi and Prepare Calibration Certificate.
6.12 QA Manager to review all documentation.
6.13 Place Calibration sticker on equipment.
6.14 Prepare all collection/shipment documents and contact customer.
6.15 Place M&TE in outgoing area with customer name clearly visible.

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QualiCal, LLC Quality Management System Calibration Procedures
Standard Calibration Procedure
Test Subject: Dial Bore Gage
Procedure #: QSCP-05,
Revision #: 1.0
Date: 2/13/2012
Approval: James Cagle

7.0 Records

7.1 The records for instrument requiring calibration shall include an individual record of
calibration or verification, or other means of control. This record shall provide a
description or identification of the item, calibration interval, date calibrated, identification
of the calibration source, calibration results (data and/or condition status) and calibration
action taken (adjusted, repaired, new value assigned, de-rated, etc.).

8.0 Calibration Status

8.1 Instrument shall be labeled to indicate calibration or verification status. The label shall
identify specific date calibrated (date, month, year, Julian date, or equivalent) and the
specific calibration due date or usage equivalent. Items not calibrated to their full
capability or which have other limitations of use, shall be labeled or otherwise identified
as to the limitations. When it is impractical to apply a label directly to an item, the label
may be affixed to the instrument container or some other suitable means may be used to
reflect calibration status. Tamper resistant seals are affixed to operator accessible
controls or adjustments, which if moved will invalidate the calibration. The quality
system shall provide instructions for disposition of equipment with broken tamper
resistant seals.

9.0 Storage and Handling

9.1 Instrument shall be handled, stored, and transported in a manner which shall not
adversely affect the calibration or condition of the equipment.

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QualiCal, LLC Quality Management System Calibration Procedures