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Test of English as a Foreign Language


Johanna Lahti 21.11.2012

1. Test contents 4. Testing and service fees
5. Test dates
Speaking 6. Designating score recipients
Integrated writing task
7. Test day
Independent writing task
2. Tips for Writing 8. Scores
3. Registering for the test
Test contents


Reading 60-80 minutes 36-70

Listening 60-90 minutes 34-51

Break 10 minutes

Speaking 20 minutes 6 tasks

Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks


Section time: 60-80min

Number of texts: 3-4 texts
Number of questions: 12-14 questions/ text

1. Questions with four choices and a single answer in traditional multiple-choice format

2. Questions with four choices and a single answer that ask test takers to “insert a sentence”
where it fits best in a passage

3. New “reading to learn” questions with more than four choices and more than one answer

Glossary feature
• Click on some special purpose words and phrases in the reading passages to view a
definition or explanation of the term.

Section time: 60-100 min

Listening material: 4-6 lectures 6 questions/ lecture
2-3 conversations 5 questions/ conversation

Four question formats in the Listening section

1. Traditional multiple-choice questions with four answer choices and a single
correct answer
2. Multiple-choice questions with more than one answer (e.g., two answers
out of four or more choices)
3. Questions that require test takers to order events or steps in a process
4. Questions that require test takers to match objects or text to categories
in a chart

2 independent tasks (focus on topics familiar to test taker)
• Preparation time:15 s, response time: 45 s

4 integrated tasks (combine more than one skill when responding)

 2 read & listen > speak tasks
• Answers based on listening and reading material
• Campus situation
• Lecture
• Preparation time: 30 s, response time: 60 s
2 listen > speak tasks
• Answers based on listening material
• Campus situation
• Lecture
• Preparation time: 20 s, response time: 60 s
 Responses scored on 3 dimensions: delivery, language use, topic development
Integrated writing task, 20 min
• Read a short text of about 230–300 words on an academic topic
• Listen to a speaker discussing the same topic from a different perspective.
The listening passage is about 230–300 words long
• Write a summary in connected English prose of important points made in the
listening passage and explain how these relate to the points made in the reading passage
• Suggested response length is 150–225 words
Independent writing, 30 min
• Write an essay that states, explains, and supports your opinion on an issue
(a minimum of 300 words)
• Develop support for your opinions or choices, rather than simply list personal
preferences or choice
Typical topics:
• Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use reasons and specific details to
support your answer.
• Some people believe X. Other people believe Y. Which of these two positions do you
prefer/agree with? Give reasons and specific details.
Tips for writing by ETS

• identify one main idea and some major points to support that idea
• plan how to organize the essay (e.g., with an outline)
• develop the essay by using reasons, examples, and detail
• express information in an organized manner
• use effective linking words (transitional phrases) to connect ideas and help the reader
understand the flow of ideas
• use a range of grammar and vocabulary for effective expression
• use grammar and vocabulary accurately; use idiomatic expressions appropriately
• follow the conventions of spelling, punctuation, and layout
Registering for the test

Test Dates
• TOEFL iBT administered on fixed test dates and times world wide
• several test dates a month
• usually Fridays , Saturdays, Sundays
• test starting time 9 - 11

Registering for the Test

Online: www.ets.org/toefl > register for the test
• 7 days before the test
• instant e-mail confirmation
• valid credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB)

By Phone: +31 320 239 540

• 7 days before the test
• valid credit card
Testing and service fees


• (includes 1 examinee score report and 4 score reports sent to institutions
designated when you registered)

• Late registration (less than 7 days before the test) USD 35

• Rescheduling Fee USD 60

• Reinstatement of Cancelled TOEFL iBT Scores USD 20

• Additional Score Report Requests (per recepient) USD 17

• TOEFL iBT Speaking OR Writing Section Rescore USD 60

• TOEFL iBT Speaking AND Writing Section Rescore USD 120

Designating score recipients

• Select your score recipients (designated institutions to receive your scores) during

• You may update this information online up until 10:00 p.m. (local test center time) the
evening before the test day.

• You cannot select your score recipients at the test center. See the code list for
colleges and universities. This list is available during online registration.
Test day

• Test starting time generally at 9, 10 or 11, duration approximately 4½

• Test Center: Premeria, Meritullinkatu 1 C, 00170 Hki, www.premeria.fi
• Arrive at least 30 min before the official starting time
• Bring with you:
• Government authorized ID with (e.g. passport or driver’s license)
• Confirmation number
• Snacks (10 min break mid-way through the test)
TOEFL Score Scales
Skill Score Range Level
Reading 0–30 High (22–30)
Intermediate (15–21)
Low (0–14)
Listening 0–30 High (22–30)
Intermediate (15–21)
Low (0–14)
Speaking 0–30 score scale Good (26–30)
Fair (18–25)
Limited (10–17)
Weak (0–9)
Writing 0–30 score scale Good (24–30)
Fair (17–23)
Limited (1–16)
Total Score 0–120
Reading 0-30
Listening 0-30
Speaking 0-30
Writing 0-30
Total Score 0-120

• ETS will send an examinee score record and official score reports to institutions
approximately 2 weeks after the test
• The printed score report that is mailed to you will contain all of the final section scores
as well as your total score
• Examinee score record also includes performance feedback
• Indicates performance level
• Description of the kinds of tasks that test takers within the reported range can typically do
• Score is valid for two years
Mean scores by test taker native
language, 2010
30 30 30 30 120
Dutch 24 26 25 24 100
Konkani 24 25 25 26 100
Danish 23 26 26 24 98
Assamese 24 24 24 25 96
German 23 24 25 24 96
Malayalam 23 24 24 24 96
Hebrew 22 25 25 22 95
Luxembourgish 24 24 24 24 95
Slovenian 23 25 24 23 95
Estonian 22 24 24 24 94
Finnish 23 25 23 23 94
Oriya 23 23 23 24 94
Source: TOEFL® Test and Score Data Summary for TOEFL Internet-based and Paper-based Tests: January-December 2010
Test Data
By ETS (2011)

> scores > improve your skills
www.ets.org/toefl > prepare for the test
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