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February 14, 2007

Art Montemayor
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Source: http://www.shapesource.com/scripts/stencils.asp?idStencil=27

Shapes on this stencil (183 Total):

Electric binary signal (long) Electric binary signal (short) Pneumatic binary signal (long) Pneumatic binary signal (short)

Mechanical link (long) Mechanical link (short) Internal system link (softw.179 Internal system link (software

Electromagnetic or sonic si.177 Electromagnetic or sonic si.176 Electromagnetic or sonic si.175 Electromagnetic or sonic signal

Capillary tube (long) Capillary tube (short) Hydraulic signal (long) Hydraulic signal (short)

Electric signal (long) Electric signal (short) Pneumatic signal (long) Pneumatic signal (short)

Undefined signal (long) Undefined signal (short) Programmable Logic Control, Aux Programmable Logic Control, Field
Programmable Logic Control,
Computer Function, Auxiliary Lo Computer Function, Field Mounte Computer Function, Primary Local
Shared Display, Shared Cont.157 Shared Display, Shared Cont.156 Shared Display, Shared Control, Discrete Instrument, Auxiliary
Discrete Instrument, Primary
Discrete Instrument, Field Moun Rupture disc (vacuum) Rupture disc (pressure)
Vacuum safety valve Pressure safety valve Diaphragm valve Angle valve

Three way valve Four way valve Valve with bleed or purge conne Angle blowdown valve

Blowdown valve Stop check valve Butterfly valve or damper Ball valve

Hand control valve Plug valve Check valve Gate valve

Valve, fail indeterminate Valve, fail locked Diaphragm actuated valve with p Control valve with hand actuator
Pressure-balanced diaphragm
Rotary actuated 4-way solenoid valve Rotary plug valve
actuated valve
Regulator with external pressure
3-way solenoid valve with reset Flow regulator, self-contained Regulator, self-contained
Cylinder actuated valve (double Valve with actuator Valve Valve with long shaft

Gas holder 2 Open storage pile Sphere Hopper

Horizontal vessel Floating roof vessel Open tank Cone roof tank

Jacketed kettle Kettle Elevator Screw conveyor 2

Belt conveyor Autogenous grinder Rod ball mill Gyratory crusher

Jaw crusher Roll crusher Settler thickener Scrubber

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February 14, 2007
Art Montemayor
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Hydroscreen Vibrating screen Precipitator Rotary filter

Plate and frame filter press Bag filter Packed column Evaporator

Evaporator natural convection Evaporator forced circulation Spray dryer 2 Rotary shelf dryer

Rotary dryer Drum dryer Belt dryer Batch dryer

Adsorption dryer Distillation column with trays Distillation, packed column Cyclone

Pachuca crystallizer Vacuum crystallizer Rack classifier Agitated batch crystallizer

Vertical centrifuge Solid bowl centrifuge Rotary calciner Packed adsorption column

Adsorption column Flow nozzle Target type sensor Vortex sensor

Positive-displacement-type flow Variable area flow indicator Turbine- or propeller-type prim Weir

Flume Averaging pitot tube Venturi tube Single port pitot tube or pitot

Orifice plate in quick-change f Mixing tee Static mixer Roll blender

Ribbon blender Inline mixer 2 Helical mixer Drum mixer

Agitator Trap Flow straightening vane Restriction orifice drilled in

Restriction orifice Spray dryer 1 Rotary separator Cyclone separator

Scrubber 1 Electrostatic precipitator Turbine Compressor

Reciprocating compressor Inline mixer 1 Agitator blade Screw conveyor 1

Rotary feeder Roll stand Mill Pump

Blower Jacketed vessel Distillation tower Reactor

Vessel Atmospheric tank Bin Floating roof tank

Gas holder 1 Weigh hopper Circuit breaker Manual contactor, open

Manual contactor closed Delta connection Fuse Motor

Transformer WYE connection Liquid filter Vacuum filter

Forced air exchanger Furnace Rotary kiln Cooling tower

Evaporator 1 Finned exchanger Conveyor

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