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Liquidity Ratios 2010 2009 2008

Working Capital 684,497 778,124 496,643

Current Ratio 1.29 1.32 1.19
Quick Ratio 0.77 0.80 0.68
Receivable Turnover 11.16 9.44
Day Sales Outstanding 32.71 days 38.67 days
Inventory Turnover 6.66 6.77
Days Inventory Outstanding 54.83 days 53. days
Solvency Ratios
Debt Ratio 0.77 0.766 0.741
Equity Ratio 0.152 0.161 0.259
Debt to Equity 5.058 4.767 2.865
Times interest Earned -0.969 -4.74 -23.10
Profitability Ratios
Gross Margin 0.289 0.279 0.276
Net Margin -0.00383 -4.74 -23.1
Return of Assets -0.00976 -0.1219 -0.28
Return of Equity -0.0641 -0.758 -1.085


 Strong Brand name

 Strong Retail network
 Strong distribution network
 A “Green” Company
 Large range of products
 Strong customer base


 Weak Financial position

 Weak competitive performance
 Non-recurrence expenses
 Poor service quality


Strong Network of Retail Stores

Office Depot has retail stores throughout the United States, but also in the last 8-10 years, hasexpanded
internationally. According to Hoover's Business Resources, in April of 2008 OfficeDepot partnered with
Reliance Retail, to extend its reach into India. Office Depot also operatesstores in France, Hungary,
Israel, South Korea, and Sweden. Office Depot has near 185 stores inHispanic countries in accordanance
with its Office Depot De Mexico program (Costa Rica,Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama).
(Business Source Premier: Office).

Strong Marketing Avenues:

Office Depot sells goods through catalogs, internet stores, and call centers. The company
hasinternational catalogues in 14 countries and through more then 30 websites are offered by
OfficeDepot. In North America Office Depot has a .com site(Officedepot.com)and a technicalinformation
site(techdepot.com). Customers are able to shop from home, and this decreasesoperational costs, while
strengthening its margins.With multiple avenues of marketing (international, online, and various retail
stores) customersare given greater access to Office Depot products, and this gives the company the
ability toexpand its revenue. In 2005, Office Depot entered the Nascar scene, and is considered one of
thetop sponsors in the sport. The same year as Office Depot partnered with Nascar, it earned
the"Marketer of the Year" award. In 2009, Office Depot agreed to sponsor Sprint Cup serieschampion,
Tony Stewart(http://mediarelations.officedepot.cc/racing/ ), increasing the companiesvisibility.Also in
2008, Office Depot opened their first green store in Austin Texas, in which more naturefriendly products
and services are available, while the actual construct of the store is naturebased (solar panels). This idea
helps to appeal to a the environmental consumers and may giveOffice Depot an edge against
competitors in virtue.

Large Range of Products and Services:

Office Depot offers products ranging from large variety of office supplies (speciality), totechnology, and
even furniture. Customers are able to choose from a catalogue of over 100different products on Office
Depot's .com website. Office Depot also offers, photo and designservices, a long with a tech depot
service. This department provides customers with the ability toget their PC tuned up, or any technical
problems fixed, much like the technical squads of BestBuy and Apple Computers. This wide range of
products and services allows customers theoption of one stop shopping, wheareas they can buy most of
their office supply necessities,ranging from office furniture, to buying PC's, or televisions. This expansion
introduced OfficeDepot into new markets, giving them the possibility of increase revenue