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From: Greg Hands MP news@greghands.

Subject: News Bulletin from Greg Hands MP #490
Date: 11 March 2018 at 17:00
To: news@greghands.com

Issue 490 -Sunday 11th March 2018

In this edition:

Greg Hands MP’s Diary
Websites of the week:
Since the last edition, Greg:
Your local Conservatives
Campaigned in Kensington & Chelsea ahead of the 3rd May
Photo news: Council Elections. Greg was grateful to the many other
Hands goes on patrol with
local Police in Conservative MPs who braved the cold and snow, alongside
Hammersmith & Fulham Council Leader Cllr Elizabeth Campbell and many others
More Parking Chaos in locals, to campaign in Earls Court with the Kensington, Chelsea
Hammersmith & Fulham, as & Fulham Conservative Association.
Labour Council goes for
new Visitor Parking Permits Campaigned in Hammersmith & Fulham ahead of the 3rd May
Council Elections. Greg was joined by dozens of local
Hands in Parliament:
International Trade Oral activists and Lord Bates to campaign in Fulham Broadway and
Questions Fulham Reach wards.
Photo news: Attended the EU’s Trade Council meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Hands discusses UK-US Greg pressed for more EU action to drive forward free trade.
trade relations with the
American Jewish Bulgaria currently holds the EU Council presidency.
Committee Raised further serious questions about Labour Hammersmith
New figures show that & Fulham’s serial incompetence across parking, fly-tipping,
19,000 more people in street scene and more. For more, see below.
Chelsea & Fulham are now
saving more for their Attended the German CDU – the Conservatives’ sister party –
retirement conference in Berlin, meeting German Cabinet members and
Photo news: other key figures in the Party. Greg has attended 6 of the last
Hands welcomes Slovak 10 CDU conference, and is often at the CSU too.
parliamentarians to
Department for Was out on patrol with the Hammersmith & Fulham police,
International Trade investigating how moped-borne crime is pursued. For more
Wandsworth Bridge Road about Greg’s findings, see next week’s bulletin.
Post Office Set to Move Answered oral questions in the House of Commons at Trade
Around the Corner
Question Time. For more, see below.
Photo news: Welcomed a delegation of senior Japanese businesspeople
Hands discusses UK-Japan
trade and investment with from the Keidanren for talks about trade & investment between
visiting Japanese business the UK and Japan.
Greg travelled to Budapest, where he discussed securing a
There were 17,873 fly- comprehensive EU-UK Free Trade Agreement and boosting
tipping incidents recorded
in Hammersmith and bilateral trade and investment with Gergely Gulyas, Leader of
Fulham last year. Number Fidesz – the Conservatives’ sister party –among other
of prosecutions? Seven
Hungarian ministers. Greg also addressed the Széll Kálman
Photo news: Foundation.
Campaigning ahead of the
local elections Welcomed the global head of Government Affairs from
Citibank in the USA to discuss issues around the future of
Fulham Residents
frustrated by huge road trade in financial services.
closures for Adidas run next Attended the Polish-British Belvedere Forum, where Polish
Europe Minister Dr Konrad Szymanski gave a warm welcome
Hands in the papers: for deepening British-Polish friendship during and after Brexit.
Britain "very disappointed"
at Trump's tariff plans - The co-Chair is Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Greg’s former
minister neighbouring MP, who also attended.
Photo news: Welcomed a US Congressional Trade delegation led by Rep.
Hands welcomes the Ron Kind from Wisconsin and Rep. Derek Kilmer from
Minnesota Economic Club
to Westminster Washington, to discuss furthering UK-US Trade relations.
Welcomed a delegation of Slovak parliamentarians to the
Photo news:
Hands visits Budapest Department of International Trade to talk about Brexit and
trade. For picture, see below.
Open Letter from
Kensington & Chelsea Welcomed a delegation of US business leaders from the
Council Leader to Nationals American Jewish Committee to talk about transatlantic trade
of EU Countries
7 ways to contact Welcomed the head of the German Bundestag’s head of the
Greg Hands
Foreign Affairs Committee, Norbert Roettgen, to the
Department for International Trade, for talks about Brexit, Trade
and UK-German relations.
Hosted a delegation from the Minnesota Economic Club at
the Department for International Trade, emphasising the bright
future for UK-US Trade.
Was the guest speaker at Babcock’s annual parliamentary
dinner in Westminster. Greg is the Government’s Senior
Relationship Manager for Babcocks.
Held his regular constituency surgery at Fulham Broadway,
kindly hosted by Metro Bank. To request an appointment,
please send an email to mail@greghands.com or call 020
7219 5448.

Websites of the week:

Your local Conservatives
Get involved with the Conservatives for the coming Council
Elections on 3rd May:

In Chelsea:
In Fulham:

Photo news:
Hands goes on patrol with local Police in
Hammersmith & Fulham

Greg Hands MP about to go on patrol with Sgt Farrugia and PC

White from the Hammersmith & Fulham Police to investigate the
challenges facing officers in pursuit of moped enhanced

More Parking Chaos in Hammersmith &

Fulham, as Labour Council goes for new
Visitor Parking Permits

The growing parking crisis in Hammersmith & Fulham took a new

development this week, as the Labour Council announced it is
replacing the smart visitor permit (SVP) with a new resident visitor
permit (RVP) - but seemingly without automatically refunding the
money residents have invested in the old permits.

Many furious residents have contacted Chelsea & Fulham MP, Greg
Hands, about the proposals.

Residents already concerned about the possible loss of £23million in

parking revenue as a result of the fiasco over the Council’s
replacement of old parking meters, which do not take “new” £1 coins,
with new parking meters, which do not take old £1 coins, are now
confused by the bizarre phasing out of electronic residents parking
permits in favour of paper ones.

The changes - and resulting chaos - have been featured across

national media in recent weeks.

On the new visitor permits, one resident has voiced his concern about
the possible loss of their own funds, commenting: “Also, from your
website advice to use up any credit on our SVP prior to 1st May, are
you telling us that any credit will be lost…..that it can’t transferred to a
RVP …… and that it will “disappear” into the Council coffers??? To
say that I consider this unacceptable is putting it mildly!”

The Council claims that its new system “will be more convenient to
use”, but long-suffering local residents have already pointed to how
Labour H&F’s change could have an impact on certain groups in
particular, with one resident commenting: “It defies belief that they
haven't thought about those who don't have a smartphone or a
computer - this will be mainly the elderly who rely on friends and family
coming to visit them.”

In response to these further concerns, Greg Hands MP commented: “It

absolutely beggars belief that Labour H&F seem to be compounding
their incompetence, at the same time as their faltering replacement of
parking meters, by replacing the current smart visitor permit with a
new resident visitor permit. You know things are going wrong when
local residents are worrying that their own funds might be
automatically lost to Council coffers.

“What’s more, the Council’s automatic response via email draws

attention to the “large volume of correspondence” they are getting with
regard to Penalty Charge Notices. It’s no wonder that lots of people
are disputing PCNs as a result of Labour H&F’s parking chaos.

"It’s time for someone in Hammersmith & Fulham Council to take

responsibility for this growing parking fiasco and either sort it out or

Hands in Parliament:
International Trade Oral Questions
Thursday 22nd February 2018

Watch International Trade Questions in the House of Commons

by clicking the image above.

Exiting the EU: Trade Agreements

Catherine West (Hornsey and Wood Green) (Lab): 2. What

estimate his Department has made of the number of new institutions
required to replicate the terms of existing trade agreements with the
EU after the UK leaves the EU. [903860]

The Minister for Trade Policy (Greg Hands): The Government are
committed to seeking continuity in our trading arrangements to
minimise disruption to businesses, consumers and our trading
partners. We will ensure that the institutional provisions of existing
agreements are met as the UK begins to operate its independent
trade policy.

Catherine West: What parliamentary shared goals do the

Government have in mind for the new arrangements that will come
into place?

Greg Hands: To be absolutely clear, if the hon. Lady is referring to the

Trade Bill, what we are looking at is the transitioning of existing trading
arrangements with the EU. All those agreements have already been
through parliamentary scrutiny. If she is referring to future trade
agreements, we will bring that subject back to this House in due

Julia Lopez (Hornchurch and Upminster) (Con): One of the new

institutions we shall need to set up as we leave the EU is a trade
remedies authority. I recently travelled to Canada and the US with the
International Trade Committee. They are two countries that have
robust trade remedies authorities whose impartiality can be critical in
reaching economically sound judgments. What assurances can the
Minister offer the House that the UK Government are similarly
committed to an independent TRA that will be free from undue political

Greg Hands: I congratulate my hon. Friend and the other members of

the Committee on their recent visit to the United States and Canada.
Those are two of the countries whose trade remedy systems we have
studied, along with Australia and, in fact, the European Union system
itself. As my hon. Friend says, it is common, although not universal,
for the investigation process to be independent of Government, but
there is still a political decision at the end of the process by a Minister
who is accountable to Parliament. It is worth pointing out, by the way,
that all the Opposition parties voted against the creation of the trade
remedies authority in the first place.

Patrick Grady (Glasgow North) (SNP): I do not know whether a

bridge counts as an institution, but I wonder whether the policy of the
Department for International Trade, like that of the Foreign Office, is
that a new fixed link between Britain and France is required to
continue to improve trade after Brexit.

Greg Hands: We have been absolutely clear throughout this process

about the importance of maintaining our trading relations with the
European Union. That is why we are seeking to ensure that trade is as
frictionless as possible, and why we are seeking a comprehensive free
trade agreement with the EU.

Mr Philip Hollobone (Kettering) (Con): The EU does not have

comprehensive free trade agreements with some of the world’s major
economies. Does the Minister believe that the United Kingdom is likely
to strike such deals more quickly than the European Union?

Greg Hands: We remain supportive of the European Union’s

negotiations with some of those trade partners while we are still a
member of the EU, because we are strong believers in free trade. We
have also set up 14 trade working groups with many of the leading
economies, including China, India and the United States, and we look
forward to making further progress with those arrangements in due

Judith Cummins (Bradford South) (Lab): Our current trading

relationships with many partners ranging from Switzerland to Mexico
are overseen by joint committees of the EU and those other states.
Will the Minister tell ​us how many of the committees will be replaced
by UK equivalents after Brexit, and what progress his Department has
made in establishing those institutions? Will he also tell us where the
staff and expertise will be sourced from, and at what cost to the

Greg Hands: Let me say first that the UK played a leading role in
establishing the European Union arrangements with countries such as
Mexico and Switzerland in the first place. As for the question of where
we go from here, our priority is to maintain continuity in our trading
relations, ensuring that all the 40-plus trading agreements we have
with 70-plus countries become UK arrangements as we leave the
European Union. The precise format of the further discussions that we
will have with those partners will be a matter for future arrangements.

UK Trading Relations: Pacific Countries

Colin Clark (Gordon) (Con): 4. What steps he is taking to strengthen

UK trading relations with Australia, New Zealand and other
Commonwealth countries in the Pacific. [903862]

The Minister for Trade Policy (Greg Hands): We have the

opportunity to enhance our global trading relationships, including
those with the countries with which we share bonds of history and
friendship. My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State travelled to
Australia and New Zealand in November to promote free trade and
deepen those trading relationships. The April Commonwealth summit
here in London will provide an opportunity for us to continue that work
with all member states.

Colin Clark: Has my right hon. Friend considered how UK agriculture

will compete with our Commonwealth cousins when we agree a free
trade deal after leaving the customs union?

Greg Hands: I praise my hon. Friend for his distinguished business

career in the sector before coming to this House; it means he brings
real expertise to the House. He will know that we have established
trade working groups with both Australia and New Zealand to explore
possibilities in trade and investment. They will include agriculture, but
it is too early to be sure how it will be covered in those and other
future trading arrangements. The New Zealanders are very interested
in this—the New Zealand High Commission recently wrote to the
International Trade Committee saying: “Given the complementarity of
our two economies and our deep bilateral ties,” they want to do
something with us, and we very much agree.

Chris Elmore (Ogmore) (Lab): On negotiations with New Zealand,

the Minister will be aware that Wales has a large lamb industry—it is
one of the great prides of the United Kingdom—so can he give an
absolute assurance that in his negotiations with New Zealand he will
not put any Welsh farms and the Welsh lamb industry at risk?

Greg Hands: I am keenly aware, as are my right hon. Friend the

Secretaries of State for International Trade and for Environment, Food
and Rural Affairs, of the importance of British agriculture in all parts of
the United Kingdom and of making sure we have the necessary
protections in place on animal welfare standards and so on, and also
of promoting the opportunity to export our excellent British goods.
Food and drink is one of our fastest-growing export sectors, and we
want people to take advantage of opportunities across the UK.

Mr Gregory Campbell (East Londonderry) (DUP): What importance

does the Minister attach to deepening and broadening our trade
relationships with countries such as India, which has a widening
middle class among its population of 1.25 billion?

​Greg Hands: The Prime Minister’s first bilateral trade visit in

November 2016 was to India, accompanied by the Secretary of State
and myself. We have recently completed a trade audit with India that
looks at all the barriers. India is at times a difficult market for British
exporters to crack. We have a lot of advantages in doing business
there, and the trade audit and the joint economic trade committee
talks led by the Secretary of State last month are taking us in the right

Trade Deficit: Goods and Services

Mr John Hayes (South Holland and The Deepings) (Con): 8. What

recent estimate he has made of the UK’s trade deficit in goods and
services. [903866]

The Minister for Trade Policy (Greg Hands): In 2016, the UK had a
trade deficit with the EU of £70.97 billion, and a trade surplus of £39
billion with non-EU countries, up from £33.6 billion in 2015. The latest
trade figures show that in 2017, the UK’s trade deficit in goods and
services narrowed by £7 billion to £33.7 billion.

Mr Hayes: Balance of trade figures were once regarded as pivotal.

They were even thought to win or lose elections. Given that we are
now going to escape from the constraining clutches of the European
Union, will my right hon. Friend invest again in old friends and
rejuvenate our relationships in the realm with allies ​such as Australia
and New Zealand? What steps has he taken to ensure preferential
arrangements with such old allies?

Greg Hands: My right hon. Friend asks a very good question. First, I
should like to put on record my thanks to him for leading various
Government trade delegations in recent years, including one to
Colombia. I know that he takes a strong interest in this subject. As I
said earlier, we have set up trade working groups with Canada, the
United States, Australia and New Zealand, and, unlike the Opposition
Front Benchers, we also voted for the comprehensive economic and
trade agreement, the EU’s free trade agreement with Canada. The
Secretary of State has been in all four of those markets in the past
year, leading efforts to break down trade barriers and to seek new
trade agreements.

Mr Speaker: I am sure that the right hon. Member for South Holland
and The Deepings (Mr Hayes) enjoyed going to Colombia. Quite what
Colombia made of the right hon. Gentleman is not recorded.

Thangam Debbonaire (Bristol West) (Lab): The creative sector in

Bristol West—particularly the music industry—is important, and trade
in that sector is a service industry. What steps are the Government
taking to ensure that the creative industries, particularly the music
industry, are supported as we leave the EU?

Greg Hands: The hon. Lady is quite right to point out the importance
of services to our trade. Overall, services represent 80% of our
economy and 79% of jobs. My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State
and the whole team are working closely with the Department for
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to ensure that we continue to grow
exports from our creative sector and that investment from abroad
continues to come into the sector. We often visit places such as Tech
City UK and techUK, and we are working closely with them to ensure
that we have a flourishing future for our creative industries.

Martin Vickers (Cleethorpes) (Con): Last week, as co-chair of the

all-party parliamentary group on Kosovo, I visited a British company in
Pristina that has a £20 million investment there. What opportunities
does the Minister foresee for widening our trade in goods and services
with Kosovo and the neighbouring western Balkan countries?

Greg Hands: This is a very good opportunity. That is a part of the

world that I know well, and I think that the company to which my hon.
Friend refers is called Fox Marble—a highly appropriate name for this
particular Question Time. It finds top-quality marble in Kosovo for
export, and it should be congratulated. In regard to the wider region,
we work closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to
promote trading opportunities throughout the region.

Topical Questions

Edward Argar (Charnwood) (Con): T6. Further to his earlier answer,

does my right hon. Friend agree that the prospects for future trade
with our close friend and economic partner India remain very bright?

The Minister for Trade Policy (Greg Hands): Yes, my hon. Friend is
right. I mentioned the India trade audit that has just been published.
The Secretary of State met his Indian counterpart, Minister Prabhu,
during our Joint Economic and Trade Committee meetings in January,
and they agreed that bilateral work will now explore addressing
barriers in four recommended sectors: food and drink, life sciences,
information technology and services.

Mohammad Yasin (Bedford) (Lab): The UK remains a major transit

hub for illegal wildlife trafficking, and we rely on Border Force to
prevent that trade. Will the Minister tell his colleagues in the Home
Office to ditch their dangerous plan to replace Border Force staff with

Greg Hands: Actually, this Government have made enormous efforts

to stop wildlife trafficking. My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State
for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs made it a major part of his visit
to south-east Asia last week, and he made particular reference to the
pangolin, which at the moment is the world’s most trafficked animal.
This Government are leading global efforts in combating this
horrendous trade.

Eddie Hughes (Walsall North) (Con): T8. How can the many
excellent manufacturing businesses in the Black country benefit when
we leave the customs union? [903921]

Greg Hands: My hon. Friend is a fine and upstanding voice for the
Black country. He will know that manufacturing experienced a 2.8%
growth rate over the past year. Leaving the customs union provides an
opportunity to enhance that growth, particularly as manufacturing
exports outside the EU are growing so fast.

Photo news:
Hands discusses UK-US trade relations
with the American Jewish Committee

Greg Hands welcoming businesspeople from the American

Jewish Committee to talk about future UK-US trade relations.

New figures show that 19,000 more people

in Chelsea & Fulham are now saving more
for their retirement
Local MP, Greg Hands, has welcomed these new figures, which show
that, owing to changes to workplace pensions, more than 9 million
more people are now saving for retirement.

These figures also show that 140,590 more people in work in London
are now saving for a life after work.

Auto-enrolment was introduced so that more workers may save for

retirement, while our plan means that workers can afford these

The latest research shows that workplace pensions have become the
'new normal', while small businesses found a pension scheme for their
workers to be 'necessary' and 'sensible'.

Commenting on this good news, Greg Hands MP said: "By introducing

automatic enrolment, we're transforming the way people save for

"That means more families can plan for the long-term with the security
of a pension.

"For a whole generation, workplace pension saving is now the new

normal, but there's more to do to help more people than ever before
build an enjoyable and secure retirement."

Photo news:
Hands welcomes Slovak parliamentarians
to Department for International Trade

Greg Hands MP welcomes a delegation of Slovak

parliamentarians to the Department for International Trade to talk
about Brexit and international trade.

Wandsworth Bridge Road Post Office Set

to Move Around the Corner
Six week consultation underway over move
to premises less than 20 yards away
from FulhamSW6.com

The Post Office is holding a six week long public consultation over
plans to move its branch on the corner of Fulham's Hugon Road and
Wandsworth Bridge Road to a new location - exactly 52 feet away at
308 Wandsworth Bridge Road.

This means instead of it being a standalone Post Office, it will be

contained within Nilkanrai newsagents.

The consultation says: "We are proposing, with the Postmaster’s

agreement, to move the above Post Office branch to a new location –
308 Wandsworth Bridge Road, Fulham, London, SW6 2UA. We are
pleased to tell you that, if the move goes ahead, subject to
consultation, it will change to one of our new local style branches."

The Post office says for customers, this will mean:

· Post Office services will be offered from two tills on the retail
counter in a modern open plan branch
· Longer opening hours
· The majority of Post Office products and services will still be
· Improved accessibility
· This change is part of a major programme of modernisation
taking place across the Post Office network, the largest in the
history of Post Office Ltd. The Programme is underpinned by
Government investment and will see up to 8,000 branches
modernised and additional investment in over 3,000
community and outreach branches.

The consultation is open until 21 March, and you can give your views
on the move here.

Photo news:
Hands discusses UK-Japan trade and
investment with visiting Japanese
business people

Greg Hands MP with visiting Japanese businesspeople from

Keidanren, the equivalent of the CBI, to talk about U.K.-Japan
Trade and investment.

There were 17,873 fly-tipping incidents

recorded in Hammersmith and Fulham last
year. Number of prosecutions? Seven
Cllr Harry Phibbs
The Hammersmith & Fulham Forum

Last month I noted the most recent

official data that in 2016/17 there
were 14,870 incidents of fly-tipping
recorded in our borough.

Now we have some more recent

figures that confirm the situation has
got even worse – while the number
being prosecuted by the Council is

A Freedom of Information request

which has just been published
asked about calendar rather than financial years. For last year we
learn that 17,873 fly-tipping incidents were recorded in Hammersmith
and Fulham. The number of prosecutions undertaken by the Council
was just seven.

Here is the trend:

“The number of fly-tipping incidents which were reported to your local

council in each of the last five years.

Number of fly tipping incidents in 2014 = 8,188

Number of fly tipping incidents in 2015 = 10,649

Number of fly tipping incidents in 2016 = 13,470

Number of fly tipping incidents in 2017 = 17,873

The number of fly-tipping prosecutions made in your authority in each

of the last five years

Number of fly tipping prosecutions in 2013 = 4

Number of fly tipping prosecutions in 2014 = 8

Number of fly tipping prosecutions in 2015 = 19

Number of fly tipping prosecutions in 2016 = 6

Number of fly tipping prosecutions in 2017 = 7″

In terms of enforcement it is even worse than those figures suggest as

the use of Fixed Penalty Notices has been abandoned.

It’s no wonder that people feel they can get away with it. The shocking
reality is that they can. That needs to change.

Photo news:
Campaigning ahead of the local elections

Greg Hands MP with local activists and Lord Bates about to go

out campaigning in Hammersmith & Fulham, ahead of Council
elections on May 3rd.

Greg Hands MP with K&C Council Leader Elizabeth Campbell and

other MPs and local activists campaigning in Earls Court last
week for a Conservative win on 3rd May.

Fulham Residents frustrated by huge road

closures for Adidas run next week

Roads across Fulham, including New Kings Road and Fulham Road
will be closed to traffic for most of next Sunday - 18 March - for the
Adidas City Run for a "mass participation running event".

The 10 km route for this Labour H&F Council-approved run - which

one Fulham resident has described as "a map of hell on earth" will
begin and end at Eel Brook Common, and will affect New Kings Road,
Munster Road, Dawes Road, Harwood Road, Fulham Road, and
Parsons Green Lane.

New Kings Road will be closed from 6am, while others will be closed
from 7am until 2pm on Sunday, 18 March. According to the run's
organisers, advanced warning of parking suspensions will be put up
two weeks ahead of the event.

Local MP Greg Hands, who was surprised to hear of this "inaugural

mass participation running event", not having been consulted on it,
commented: "Even though the organisers claim that the route and
road closure timings were carefully considered - including by the
Labour H&F Council and Transport for London - and it is being
organised for a good cause, these road closures will cause immense
frustration and inconvenience for local residents.

"It is incredibly worrying that the organisers are implying that this might
become an annual event, and you can bet that local residents won't
forget this total lack of consultation."

A local resident took to Twitter and commented: "Closing Dawes Rd,

Munster Rd and the bottom of Fulham Palace Rd will create gridlock.
This is more disruptive than the cycling. Very happy that these events
come to Fulham, they are great fun, but this route looks like a total

Another SW6 resident described the consultation and route as: "Not a
word. And I'm a runner and an SW6 resident. This is literally a map of
hell on earth."

Hands in the papers:

Britain "very disappointed" at Trump's
tariff plans - minister
Wednesday 7th March 2018

Britain is “very disappointed” by U.S.

President Donald Trump’s plans to
impose import tariffs on steel and
aluminium but will wait to see more
detail on the proposals, a junior trade minister said on Wednesday.

“We are very disappointed by the President’s apparent intention to do

this, but we do actually await something more concrete as to what
may actually happen,” Greg Hands told a parliamentary committee.

Photo news:
Hands welcomes the Minnesota Economic
Club to Westminster

Greg Hands MP welcomes members of the Minnesota Economic

Club to Westminster.

Photo news:
Hands visits Budapest

Greg Hands MP with Fidesz Parliamentary Party Leader Gergely

Gulyas in Budapest last week.

Open Letter from Kensington & Chelsea

Council Leader to Nationals of EU
For many decades now, thousands of people from other European
Union countries have made this borough their home. Today EU
nationals make up more than a fifth of our residents and we recognise
the vast contribution they have made to our borough and the whole of

We recognise that our EU residents are concerned about their future

rights following our exit from the EU and that they have a lot of
questions about what is coming next. We also understand that
uncertainty can cause distress and our aim has always been to ensure
that our residents have clarity over their future. As your local Council,
we want to help answer your questions.

This is why we are creating a European Citizens Advisory Service. We

will be working in collaboration with willing partners such as other
London Councils, the Mayor of London, as well as with the third sector
to make sure that your questions will not go unanswered by HM

By using the form here, you will be sending your questions directly to
us. We will then collate them and find answers to the most commonly
asked, which we will publish on our website. Our aim is to offer you
factual advice on your rights and entitlements as the Brexit
negotiations continue, provide assistance with measures such as
completing whatever registration process is required, and to provide
general legal advice on all related matters.

We look forward to receiving your questions and helping you find

answers and clarity over your future.

Kind Regards

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell

Leader of the Council
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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