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Business partner:

It is central master data

Organization, person, group of persons in which your company has a business interest

When you want implement Credit management, collection management, Treasury management and
CRM Etc. you required Business partner.

It can be integrated with customers & vendors, collection management, distribute management.
It is one repository for all counter party information
Support for configuring various roles to enable efficient data capture.
Support for configuring relation ships to various parties
Configure screen design
Support for implementing company specific-de-duplication logic

Ex: All insurance companies deal with various parties- Customers, Third parties, agents, brokers,
you might find one party playing different roles on different policy contracts, the same person
might be a policy holder, insured person or premium payer on different policies. There is a high
chance of creating redundant records that impair operation efficiency and customer satisfaction.
SAP business partner offers solution to keep all your counterparty data one central location.

Ex: u required customer details for credit management, Collection management, dispute
management & Treasury, if you create one business partner and extend to all modules no need
of separate master data.

BP integration can happen in 2 ways:

1. Manual integration
2. Automatic integration

Automatic integration is two types:

1) one way
2) Two way creation


Step 1) Activation Switch for Functions:

Path: Spro-Cross Application components-SAP business partner –Activation Switch for functions.
By default all functions are activated

Step 2 ) Define BP Roles:

Path: Spro-Cross Application components-SAP business partner – business partner-Basic settings –
Business partner roles – Define BP roles

There are separate roles are there for all modules.

UDM000 is a BP role for Collection management
We can assign multiple role to one category
You can carry out BP roll to carry out business classification of business partner
Basis for the definition of business partner role is a business transaction
Bp view display different screens

BP Category: (Folder):
Which controls screens and fields

We can assign multiple roles to one category

BP category denotes whether a business partner is a natural person ,organization or group

Select BP role

And select BP role category folder

Enter one category


Ex: You are an employee of sales company Smith you have made contact with Lopez, you would like send
details about your products you are creating following business partner master data.

BP name Lopez

Role: Prospect for which u will define validity data, central data and address.

3 months latter Lopez creates a order and invoice should be sent to parent company Lopez and sons again
you create the following business partner master data.

You create a role prospect and assign Lopez sons the role sold to party
B) BP category to Business transaction:

It controls fields

Step 3): Define BP role groupings: