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Newly drafting students used manual drafting in making a plan.

They are given basic

understanding to be able to make plan without mistakes. According to Becker, (1987) “Students
need to be given a general understanding of the basic concepts and principles of CAD followed
by “Hands-on” experience, because they tend to forget the instruction over a period of time it
not practiced”. Some students need a long time on making plan, they will have the experience
of being manual drafting than AutoCAD and in the very large study of manual drafting students
can be lost in the minds of their education in the manual drafting elements. Students must be
oriented on how they use drafting instruments and equipments properly so they can do manual
drafting neatly and without mistakes.
CAD is often used by draftsman because it is easily to create plan, and manual drafting is
forgotten slowly. According to Institution of Civil Engineer or ICE, (N.A.) “Manual Drafting is
now becoming something of a lost art, it requires a large amount of space, both for the drawing
process, storage, and viewing; Drawings cannot be linked to digital info. They can take much
more time to prepare in comparison with CAD drawings, they are more difficult to correct, text
and color can be more difficult. In CAD, you can easily make such plans because of ease
commands but in manual drawing, as you do mistakes, you will try harder to fix that mistake
and avoid the some mistakes.
Those days, CAD is always used than manual drafting because of the following reasons:
According to Bright Hub Engineering, (2010) “ There are many reasons why CAD is used rather
than manual drafting like three dimensional modelling, easy to modify, easy to reproduce etc.
than manual drafting”. Draftsman always find convenience on their work and those reasons are
enough for their satisfaction so they often use CAD than manual drafting.
Because CAD is easy to use, teachers introduce on how to use and operate CAD and find
out the outcomes of the students using CAD and students using manual drafting. According to
Kimney (1985) “Following the introduction of CAD into technical drawing classes, some teacher
have observed a significant increase in student motivation and enthusiasm! Not all the students
choose CAD because some students do not know how to operate computers than students are
skillful on making CAD drawings.
Due AutoCAD is a computer based program and is an application, it sometimes look like
a computer game. According to Chowenhill (1987) “CAD should not be seen as a computer
game to be learned by trial and error. Instruction needs to be structured, whilst providing a
measure of freedom for the students self-expression”. In order to make a plan, students must
follow specific rules that is different from learning that that comes from gaming techniques.