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The Development of Coin Sorter Using Arduino Uno and L298N Driving





A. Rationale

Some businesses, particularly banks,and financial offices are often faced

with a large amount of coin currency at the end of a business day, week or month

which must be counted recorded and organized by hand. To hand count, record,

and organize large amounts of coins requires diligent care and effort and

demands manpower, and time that might be used for more tedious, and profitable


The Arduino Uno is a simplified microcontroller board that can be

programmed and reprogrammed as much as you want. The Arduino Uno comes

from an open-source computer hardware and software company called Arduino.

The most common programming approach is to use the Arduino IDE, which

utilizes the C programming language also known as C++. This gives you access

to an enormous Arduino Library that is constantly growing thanks to open-source


The L298N Driving Module is a module to control the speed of the DC (Direct

Current) Motors. The L298N module is highly integrated compared to other diving
modules. It also has an over-current protection function that protects the circuit

and the motors from locking up.

The importance of this research is to develop a coin sorter to help banks,

businesses and other financial offices to make more time for any profitable

B. Goals/Hypothesis/Expected Outcomes

 To develop a Coin Sorter using Arduino Uno, and L298N Driving Module

 To determine the success rate of the Coin Sorter.

C. Procedure

C.1 Gathering of Materials

The following materials will be bought online or in Dumaguete City. The

Arduino Uno, and the

C.2 Preparation of Materials and Equipment

The researcher will handle the Modules along with the other electronics with

care to avoid loose connections. All the materials and equipment will be prepared

on a table.

C.3 Making of the Coin Sorter and connection of the modules

The Frame and inside of the coin sorter will be made using LEGO blocks. The

Arduino Uno will be programmed connect to the L298N Driving Module and the

DC motor.

C.5 Risk Assessment and Proper Disposal

Some of materials and equipment may be dangerous if not used carefully.

The Arduino Uno can produce a short circuit and explode. The Modules and

the motors can be used for any future projects

C.6 Data Gathering

To get the data needed for computations, the product will be tested for success

and failure.
C.7 Statistical Tool

To determine the success rate of the product, the researcher will use the

mean percentage score.

% X 100

% = Percentage Mean

= Total Score

N = Number of Tests