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Character Profile, Story Brainstorm and Character and Story Creation Rubric

Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary

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Character Little or no attempt Character has not been Character has been Detailed description of
Analysis at character analysed thoroughly. analysed and the character with
analysis. Few Present lack of ability development reflects depth and knowledge
details provided, to comprehend the greater knowledge of provided of the
many traits characters traits. the personality, background, physical
incomplete. background and and personality traits.
physical traits.

Creativity Little to no original Attempted creativity but Identifiable creativity Creativity is original in
thought provided. only moderately. and student shows thought and
Creative details are an understanding of demonstrates an
lacking. the concepts of the understanding of the
assignment. assignment

Research Research is lacking There is evidence of Research is sufficient Research exceeds the
little to no further attempted research and addresses the required level of
exploration has however it is required level of understanding.
been provided. incomplete or lacking understanding.
and is not aligned to
the character created.

Story Little to no story Story brainstorm Story brainstorm is Story brainstorm

Brainstorm brainstorm and created, however is clear and aligns well exceeds expectations
and Narration narration provided minimal and lacks with the visual image and shows in-depth
or brainstorm and detail or in depth and narration thought. The story is
narration is not thought. Narration is provided presenting a engaging and
aligned to the final limited or does not story that flows and is informative. Visual
story creation and make sense with the engaging. representation and
visual images. visual images. timing aligns perfectly
with narration.

Presentation Character profile Character profile, Character profile, Character profile,

and delivery and/or visual visual character and visual character visual character
character story are complete but representation and representation and
representation and little detail has been story display a story are exemplary. A
story is in provided. successful high level of detail has
incomplete. understanding of the been provided and
assignment. Thought applied creating an in-
and consideration is depth character and
evident contributing story that is engaging
to a well-rounded attention grabbing.

Spelling and Poor ability to use Written text and verbal Understanding and Excellent use of
grammar Standard Australian pronunciation is of an use of Standard language which
English with acceptable level, but Australian English is demonstrates a highly
numerous mistakes errors are still present. present with minimal developed vocabulary
throughout. mistakes. with minimal to no