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TP Task 1 – Promoting Scientific Thinking

This task is linked to ECE3703; using higher level questions (Bloom’s Taxonomy) to develop
students’ thinking. Teaching students the skills of scientific thinking is not only for science
class, but can be applied to any area of learning.
Explain how  She teaches them the subject by using the pictures and
questioning relates to let them to act what the picture refer or the teacher act
Bloom’s taxonomy and without talking and the students will figure out what the
student learning. words that refer to teacher act.
 Outdoor activity if the lesson related to the outdoor. For
example, planting, weather, seasons.
Reference (where did you get the information from. Cite the source)

Question(s) asked by the Was

Engagement teacher thinking
Activity time given? How did the students’ respond?
(& subject & LO) If yes, how
Game for sight Ask them to find the If new it They were enjoying all the time.
words sight words that in the takes time
box. and it
depend on
their level.
Flash cards of the Suggest one word and If new it They feel exciting because they
letters up-side they will do it. takes time think it’s like competition.
down. and it
depend on
their level.
Matching for the She suggest one sight If new it They motivation because they
sight words word to match flash takes time brain storm
cards of sight words and it
they pick up and match. depend on
their level.
Distinguish Close their eyes and let If new it They enjoying because they brain
matters them to touch and talk takes time storm and discussion.
what they feel and what and it
it is. depend on
their level.
On reflection:
(i) Which question(s) did the students engage with the most? Why do you think
that was?
(ii) Which engagement activity were the students most engaged with? Why do you
think that was?
i- Any brain storm questions because they suggest and it makes competition
between them.

ii- Matching letters of the sight words, choose the flash cards which is matching
with enjoying talk to each other about it.