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Sandwich Technique
EQUIA Forte Fil or GC Fuji II LC
® ®
with G-Premio BOND

and G-ænial Sculpt
ABOUT the A Clinical
Sandwich Technique Step-by-step Guide

Leading independent reviews confirm the benefits of the Sandwich Technique:

Placement of moisture tolerant glass ionomer restorative in subgingival interproximal boxes
Reduced microleakage compared to composite-only techniques5
What is the Sandwich Technique?
Zone of inhibition adjacent to the glass ionomer 6
The sandwich of glass ionomer (GI) cement, dental adhesive and composite resin is an
effective technique that optimally combines the desirable properties of the restorative Open Sandwich Technique Using Self-Cured, Biomimetic Glass Hybrid Restorative*
materials. In the sandwich technique, the GI is placed as a liner or base, followed by
placement of a resin composite to provide an aesthetic restoration of the remaining cavity.

The Sandwich Technique may be open or closed. Open Sandwich

In the open technique, the GI is used to replace the dentin and also fill the cervical part of Technique
the box, which results in a part of the GI being exposed to the oral environment. Use the
“open sandwich” technique when there is no remaining enamel at the gingival margin. Class II preparation Place EQUIA® Forte Fil in Self-curing of Apply G-Premio BOND™ on Final, aesthetic glass
with deep the box, occlusally and to EQUIA Forte Fil. surface, light-cure, then place hybrid and composite
In the closed technique, the dentin is covered by the GI, which is in turn completely subgingival box. the gingival margin. G-ænial Sculpt® composite, sandwich technique
covered by the overlaying composite. Use the “closed sandwich” technique when there is followed by light-curing. restoration.
remaining enamel at the gingival margin.
Closed Sandwich Technique Using Light-Cured, Biomimetic Glass Ionomer*

The Sandwich Technique using glass ionomer plus composite resin offers
Closed Sandwich
significant clinical advantages. 1

Indications: Clinical benefits:
Class I, Class II, Class III and
yy Reduced post-operative sensitivity
Class V lesions Pulpal protection from irritation2
Class II preparation Place GC Fuji II LC® Light-cure GC Fuji II LC. Apply G-Premio BOND on Final, aesthetic glass
Deep posterior restorations
yy Fluoride release over time3
yy with shallow occlusally. surface, light-cure, then place ionomer and composite
Extensive, bulky posterior restorations
yy Helps in prevention of demineralization4
yy supragingival box. G-ænial Sculpt composite, sandwich technique
Posterior restorations with subgingival
yy Rapid placement and curing of a single
yy followed by light-curing. restoration.

interproximal preparations that are bulk layer

difficult to isolate or where no enamel Aesthetics
yy  hen placing posterior composites, the key to preventing post-op sensitivity is to establish a
remains. Radiopacity
gap-free resin/dentin interface, or use the Sandwich Technique.
1) Giachetti et al. A review of polymerization shrinkage stress: current techniques for posterior direct resin restorations Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, Volume 7, No. 4, – E. Hewlett, D.D.S.
2CIJ6. 2) Suzuki et al. Glass ionomer composite sandwich technique, Journal of the American Dental Association, Volume 120, 1990. 3) Berg JH. Glass ionomer cements Pediatric
Dentistry, Volume 25, No 5, 2002. 4) Tantbirojn et al. Inhibition of dentin demineralization adjacent to a glass-ionomer/composite sandwich restoration Quintessence Int. 40(4):287- *GC Fuji IX GP and GC Fuji LINING LC are also suitable for the sandwich technique.
® ™

94 2009. 5) Hagge et al. Effect of four intermediate layer treatments on microleakage of Class II composite restorations General Dentistry, Volume 49, No 2, 2001. 6) Tantbirojn et OPTIONAL: All exposed restorative surfaces can be coated with EQUIA® Forte Coat.
al. Inhibition of dentin demineralization adjacent to a glass-ionomer/composite sandwich restoration Quintessence International, Volume 40, No 4, 2009.
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