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i could kill two birds with ome stone

put in work by self

and ge it on my own

or put in woirk

on the road

flood round the zone

youngings wild wit chrome

stilll this is my home

i could kill two birds with one stone

feed the fam

and travell

go across the globe

jin ust a young king

from the up north

just a young king


on a chessboard

this the part where it gets iller

all bars no fillers

cold winters

make your soul shiver

around known getters

turn u cold


cold and fridige

gota know your limits

as a cio defendnet

gota know the ormise

ya i know the dif

when they tell u life in prison

that;ll make ur right hand shiver

stay cold like ice

like a refridgeator

if we ever cross

paths and u cross me

ur eliminated


to no relation

i had to grow from patience

learn the basics

focus in

pay attention

concentrae on this

this wasnt concentrated

this all natural flavours

thats why im their favorite

jus from that statement

i dont got the patience

to keep on waiting

nows the time to make it

born as the greatest

its only right i fullfill

my prophecy

if u dont have the hunger

u arent to supposed to make it

i,m supposed to say this

i dont impose with nathan

they gravitaed

black magic made this

out the stars it was forumlated

out of forms and shapes

from out the thought arrangement

tdown o the physical

universal law had this orchesrated

who the block check 4

they kno who got the best bars

best flows

4 da 357 where we rep 4