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A graduate in Science and Mathematics field searching for a kick-starter for his
syafiqfathi@yahoo.com career path

www.linkedin.com/in/syafiqfathi/ A very passionate and bold physics graduate who got the vision on making
the world a better place with the excellence in collaboration of education
and science. 
Aiming to be among the greatest thinker and attain a respectable position as
an academician.
A fresh graduate that looks PROFILE
for a potential career path
that will suit my desire on
Name: Ahmad Syafiq Fathi bin Saidi Azhar
creating the world a better
I/C No.:940119-05-5421
place with technology and
Age: 23
education. With a deep
Gender: Male
passion in applied
Date of Birth: 19th January 1994
mathematics and physics, I
Marital Status: Single
believe that whatever capable
Area of Interest: Alternative source of energy, Appled mathematics
of human mind is possible.
Address: 61, Jalan PS 5/12 Taman Pinggiran Senawang, Seremban NSDK


SKILLS 2014-2017 Bachelor of Science (Physics)

Queensland University of Technology

Problem Solving
Brisbane, Australia.
Analytical Thinking Final CGPA: 5.68 out of 7
Working in a Team
Teaching 2012-2013 Foundation in Physical Science

Programming Central for Foundation Studies,IIUM

Microsoft Office Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Research Skills Final CGPA: 3.89 out of 4

Leadership 2010-2011 Malaysian Certificate of Education
Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College
Klang, Malaysia.
Result: 7A+ 4A

2015-2016               Vacation Research Experience Scheme and Final Year

                               Research Project
                                * Have been exposed to the basic of handling research
                                   (Energy Zero Building)
                                * Instilled interest in the beauty of research methodology
2014-2016                Peer Learning Facilitator
                                * Teaching and demonstrating to fellow student in area of 
                                    physics, mathematics, chemistry and programming.
                                * Learnt to respect variance in sensitivity and culture.
Eager to learn something new 2011-2013                 Tuition Teacher
Love research surroundings                                 * Teaching primary and secondary student in area of
Passion in teaching                                    science, mathematics, history and languages.
Never gives up                                 * Learnt the variability of student type and how to handle
Punctual and respect time                                    them.
Problems are challenges not
roadblocks AWARDS
Confident and full of energy
Everything could be imagine, 2015-Present             Golden Key International Honor Society Member
could be done.                                   * Golden Key is the world's largest collegiate honor society.
                                  * Membership is by invitation only and applies to the top
                                     15% of students, based solely on their academic achievements.
2015-2016                QUT College of Excellence Member
Writing                                 * The College of Excellence provides a personal and
-English (Good)                                    professional developmental program for high achieving
-Malay (Native)                                    students.
-Arabic (Good)
Reading 2014-2015                Dean's List of Students with Excellent Academic Performance
-English (Good)                                 * Given to the student who achieved a GPA of 6.5 in a
-Malay (Native)                                    semester with at least 48 credit hour registered
-Arabic (Good)                                 *Awarded in three semesters throughout the study period.
-Korean (Beginner)
-English (Good)
-Malay (Native)
-Arabic (Intermediate)
-Korean (Beginner) Dr. Stephen Hughes Ms Eleanor Dyson
Supervisor (Final Project Research) Peer Learning Facilitator Manager
Visiting Fellow HiQ Adviser
Science and Engineering Faculty, Technology, Information and Library
Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Services,
Engineering HIQ
+61 419 713 293 +61 7 3138 2000
sw.hughes@qut.edu.au eleanor.dyson@qut.edu.au