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PSIII: Lesson Observation Form

Date: Feb 12, 2018

Intern Teacher: Cassidy McKelvey

School: George Davison

Lesson Focus: Identifying historical changes affecting the family – school houses – gr 1

University Consultant/Instructor: James Rempel

Outcomes for Lesson – Alberta Program of Studies and Ministerial Order Competencies
All in place

Pre-Conference Goals:
Trying to minimize the teacher-centred “shushing”
Group strategies – working effectively

Lesson Observations:

Lesson Maintain... Think about...

Beginning  Time capsule sounds like a great SS activity  Having a student or students repeat instructions
that in an ongoing way connects them to so that there is the student voice re-emphasizing
artifacts from the past – an exciting thing to what you have said.
have them going into the time capsule
 The anticipatory set is great: What do you
think they used in school-houses of the past
to light the schools? Took a couple of
student ideas and then told them they would
figure this out, and other things about the
schools, using a game – great anticipation
for them!
 You are so good with them – encouraging,
honoring their ideas and enthusiasm.
 Clear instructions – slow, carefully
explained, emphasis given to help them.
 Loved how you emphasized group dynamics
for the upcoming game and had a group
discussion to consider these dynamics –
excellent student participation in the
discussion. Clearly these classroom
dynamics were regularly stressed. You are
setting them up for success with this front-
end loading.

Middle  Wonderful way, with this game, to get them  Make your images on the paper larger so they are
thinking about the dynamics of old schools! more easily seen in the whole-class discussion
Images used also focus on visual learning when you hold them up for discussion.
modality, which always engages them.
 Love the anticipation you build into the game
– waiting to turn the images over!
 Love that they then have a certain time for
brainstorming – and you did a countdown at
the end. Keeps them focused and
 The movement to each station was a great
energy-builder! The “scoot” of the game also
added to the energy.
 In the discussion (after each had gone to all
the stations) there was a tremendous
honoring of their contributions (no matter
how far afield their ideas were) - Bravo!
 Wonderfully energized tone of voice as you
worked with their ideas – excited,
encouraging, celebrating! The teacher voice
as a tool of instruction is something that you
are very adept at.
 Liked how you gave some significant wait
time (a few seconds), to give everyone a
chance to process.
 Really appreciated that you took the time for
many responses to each of the images in
the discussion – their voice was really being
honored. You celebrated their contributions
so well!
 Smooth dynamics of moving into some
independent reflection with the T-chart.
Passing out of the booklets was smooth, and
instructions were clear.
 Loved the graphic intelligence that you were
building with the T-chart idea. Having them
compare the past and the present with these
school items was a great activity to pull
together the earlier work with historical
school artifacts. Clear addressing of the
outcomes you had targeted!
 So thoughtful of student processing to
suggest that they could come look at the
pictures at the front if they needed to be
reminded of particulars (while they were
doing T-chart work).
 Strong honoring of them to re-assure them
that they needn’t rush on their work, that we
would continue it next day. And, you still
kept them focused by suggesting having the
first one done if possible. Still keeping them
focused and pushing for a goal – always an
important thing for student attentiveness!
 You were working the tables consistently as
they worked, encouraging, helping,
celebrating. Any constructive advice you
gave was so gentle and supportive of growth
rather than being a “teacherly” corrective
 Having them move to a coloring of the
pictures in their T-chart was motivational (I
heard a couple comment on how they could
now move to coloring – Yay!)
 Waiting for their attention to give final
 Only 1 person collecting books, and only 1
at each table collecting the baskets of

End  Having the students do all the clean-up – 

their responsibilities in their classroom – is a
very good thing!
 Loved the honoring of the period with your
closure discussion, reviewing the
understandings that emerged about changes
to schools over time. You really took the
time to consider a variety of ideas. An
excellent package from start to finish!
 Loved how the student who had a story
about fire-flies in a lantern was given a quick
minute at the end to share with the class.
What an excellent way to build engagement
and turn the focus onto the students.
 In general, this was a wonderfully student-
centred lesson, rich in student voice, student
activity, student motivation. It was also very
well-orchestrated overall, including a great
intro, seamless body (that was so well
timed), and an excellent closure!

Post-Conference Goals: