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Version 0.4

– NEW GAME: Start new game

– CONTINUE: Continue previous game.
– OPTION: Select configuration of the
– ALWAYS RUN: The character
always run.
– VOLUME: Select Volume of


– Enter your name.

– Select If you want see Intro or not.
Once the introduction is complete, you are
taken to school.
– Go up to the First floor. Image 1
– Talk to all classmates. ( Morgan, Tyna,
Jason, Tom, Daisy, Nadine, Ronald, IMAGE 1
Christian, Charles, Sandra, Brenda, Phil and
Rachel) Image2
– Receive of Marckus Milf´s Hentai
– Answer to Tyna : Nothing
– Answer to Christian: No.
– After talking to all your classmates, you go
to your desk and attend class.
– In the courtyard you lunch with Rachel, IMAGE 2
choose the option; to Throw a Compliment.
– Christian will hit you and you will be taken to the infirmary, when Ms s. Gyna and Rachel
will see your penis. After the scene you will attend to the second class and leave school.
– Go back to Old Quarter.
– Go back home. Look at the small tutorial in your house.
– Visit Rachel at home. She live in 5th building in Old
– enjoy it
– Leave her house.
– Go to Food Store and Buy chocolates. (image 8)
– Leave the shop. IMAGE 7
– Go to School.
– In class talk to Rachel. She is upset with you.
– Give her Chocolates.
– Use phone to ask a date to Rachel. ( see section )
– Date with her.
– In classroom, talk with Rachel. She will ask you to
change answer to the exam, you have to sneak into the
teacher area and let them see you.
– See Image 16 to see all secrets.


– Go to teacher’s desk an change answers of exam.

– Take key of Mss. Taylor House and jump by the window.
– You need go to Weapon Store to do Copy her keys. You have 1:3 min
– If you arrive on time: You will have a copy of the keys to the house of Mss.
– If you do not reach Time: You will have to wait for Version 0.4. or +.
– Exit the teachers area.
– Exit is the same of enter.
– Attend second class.
– Back to the Old Quarter.
– Visit Rachel in her house.
– Warn her: More love.
– No Warn her : Less love
– Use gifts, dates and event for to get better love.
– When lvl of love is enough. She will ask you to recover your comics.
– Talk to beggar next to her house and retrieve the comics of Rachel.
– Come back Rachel´s house.
– Enjoy
– Use gifts, dates and event for to get better love.
– When lvl of love is enough.
– he will ask you a favor, you have to go to Beth's house to pick up a package.
– Beth live in 4th house in High Neighborhood.
(image 20).
– Enter in Beth´s House
– Talk with Beth´s mom
– Go upstairs
– Enter in Beth´s room an talk with her.
– She return Rachel´s stuff.
– Go back to Rachel´s house.
– Give Rachel´s stuff
– Enjoy
– Use gifts, dates and event for to get better love.
– When lvl of love is enough.
– She wants sex with you.
– After have sex with Rachel. For first time.
– In the afternoon you have visit Morgan at his home. IMAGE 20
– Morgan lives in 5th house in High Neighborhood.(IMAGE 20)
– Talk to Morgan. An he will tell you in the East Town. Bookstore you will able train you
– Leave Morgan´s House.
– Use gifts, dates and event for to get better love.
– When lvl of love is enough.
– Rachel she ask you , Do anal sex only need lubricant.
– Enter in Sex shop and buy Lubricant.
– Go to Kiosk and buy the Tinymon Card for 20$(image 3)
– Give card to your sister Sarah in her room.(image 4)
– Enjoy with dance.
– Get out of your house.
– Go to the vending machine near the beach (image 5)
– Go to talk with Foreman of building under construction.
He give you the keys of his house.(image 6)
– Walk to the next building on the left.
– 5th building of New Neighborhood (image 9) IMAGE 3


– Enter in house and take all item , how you can see in image 10

– Go upstairs
– Discover Foreman´s wife with her lover.
– Sharon give you three options:( This options not interfere in development of history)
– 100$: She give you 100$
– 1000$: She give you 100$ and Blow job ( recommended)
– Fun with that body: fuck her and Blow job.
– Go to talk with Foreman in building under construction.
– You have two options: ( CAUTION This decisions
influences to the development of story) Consult section 1.
– 1.1 Betray the wife
– 1.2 Cover the wife:
– Return to the vending machine and talk to the guy stand
near .(image11)
– You receive New Tinymon Card.
– Go back home.
– In dawning enter in Mss. Taylor apartment
– Take all objects and put sleeping pills in tea bottle on fridge in kitchen.
– Go to Mss. Taylor and do one picture of her boobs.
– Next morning go to school in classroom speak with Ronald. Give the picture
– Receive Tinymon Card
– Give card to your sister Sarah. Enjoy. You have tow options to choose. (These options
slightly change the story)
– Cum in her ass.
– Cum in your hand.
- If you leave card in Sarah´s room
- When you go to sleep.
- Sarah wake you up in middle night
- Enjoy.
- Next morning talk with Sarah, She wants you talk with her in school.
– Talk with Sarah in School (Main hall)
– Shasha and Sarah talk with you
– Visit Shasha in comic store (Commercial Neighborhood)
– Talk with Jazmine she want do a job for card.
– Visit hornet Pub and talk with Barman.
– Enter in door next to bar.
– Talk with Nesrot. She want you block a window in school.
– In morning go to school.
– Enter in school
– In East side go to Men´s Bathroom and block window.
– In night visit school,
– talk with Jacqueline. She is in main door of school
– Talk with Jacqueline in school yard.
– Enter in School
– Go with Jacqueline to Director´s Office.
– See the scene
– back to Hornet Pub select the bitch you want fuck
– go back to comic store
– enter in office talk with Jazmine.
– Receive Tinymon Card
– Go back to Sarah´s room in afternoon
– give card.
– Enjoy.
– You must complete all the lessons of Jet and complete the mission in the house of
Angie, in the bed of the daughter of angie you will find the letter of Xorlax.
– "She sees Sarah in her room in the afternoon.
– "The next day she talks to Shasha in the main hall of the school.
– "You go to the West side of the school and visit the library.
– -ves where Sarah is with Roger,
– "Get out of the library or talk to the librarian to interrupt Sarah in the kiss."
– - Go to the first floor Talk to Morgn, Pam, Daisy, Brenda, Tyna and Rachel.
– After talk with Rachel go to men´tilet and talk with Beth
– - Enjoy.
– -Go back home.
– Wait for Sarah to take her bath daily. 8pm
– When the bath is finished, it enters the bathroom. Read her diary.
– At dawn he visits Sarah's room. Enjoy
– Wait until weekends, and at night or early morning visit Beth's house in High
– At the party prevents Emily from getting you more than three times or she will rape you
and you will lose the possibility.
– Use the path indicated in the photo.

– Once you get to the room, you interrupt Sarah by using the bomb.
– The next morning you leave the house in the morning. Outside the house will be Sarah
and Roger. Talk to them and then to Shasha.
– "Check Beth's house and hang in her room and look at the computer on her desk." in
the scene records a video. Come out of the room and look at the scene and finish at
Marckus' house.
– Out of the room of Marckus Talk to Marckus's mother in the hallway,
– - Get out of the kitchen and look at the sister's room. Return to the room of Marckus.
– - Wait for you to teleport to your room at 10:00 p.m.
– -There Sarah will be, start the appointment.
– - Choose the right drinks for each.
– -SHASHA: Vozka with Limon - ROGER: Beer -SARAH: COLA
– Put e Xpower in SHASHA's drink.
– "Enjoy.
– - Back home, enjoy the scene.
– -Sarah will give you the keys to your room, (NO CONTENT IN THE ROOM STILL)
– In morning go to school in main door Morgan and Marckus are here now, talk with his
– enter in school up to second floor the guy font the stairs.
– After school go to midtown and go to house of richard enter and
talk with his.
– Now go to your aunt house door in left side of Richard house.
– Enter and talk with her whe she leaves, she go to toilet.
– You go to kitchen go to fridge and take Cola drink go to dran and
empty the bottle return back the bottle to fridge.
– Whe she come back she is alert, she no have drink and go to buy. When she leaves the
house go upsstair.
– Enter in aunt's room and take key orfher
– use pc enter the password 4578
– use the printer
– use the camera
– return richar house and talk with his
– go to sarah's room and talk with her.
– Now you controller Sarah.
– Select 3 option, dad gives you more money.
– Go to down floor and talk with dad in living
– do all actions wait end scene.
– Go to cathroom you can see your dad jerk off
– go upstaris enter in room of Sarah.
– Go back down floor exit the house select any option you wanted.
– Go back to house go to bathroom
– use shower, bath, mirror and clothes in floor. Go to date
– select . Ratatoiulle, risotto and wine.
– Talk of: Problems, Tinymon,.
– Whe you are out of restaurqant talk with sarah aftyer go to right side you can see
Shasha talk with her. Go to hotel door and enjoy
– More content in future updates.


-When you get the keys to your room.
-Visit the beggar next to rachel's house. Visit Beggar section for more information.
-See Sarah in the morning in her room and sleep with her maybe wake up at midnight and give you
a blowjob
-Buy dildo in Sexshop, leave it in your room during the day, visit your room at dawn.
-Buy dildo Xtra size in Sexshop, leave it in your room during the day, visit your room at night. From
the second time you have to buy lubricant too.
-Buy dildo in Buttplug, leave it in your room during the day, visit your room at dawn. (Sarah has to
be more submissive to see full scene) If it is enough submissive will wear it the next day at school
-Buy Tinymon Toy to the beggar and leave it in the room visit to Sarah at night and punish it (This
will lower your Karma but raise your submission)
-In the bathroom of your House on the tap, take a picture of your penis and send it to Sarah to see
it at night.

After first date with Rachel, she caught us in alley nudes.

-You and maria come back to house

– go to room she comes and to nag you.
– Next morning she say you you need go to Terracotta fashion store to pick up one package.
– She give you 5$ and her keys
– go to weapon store too do copy of her keys
– Go to New Neighborhood and enter in Terracotta Fashion Store
– Talk to the shop girl. She give yo Maria´s Package.
– Leave the store.
– Go back Old Quarter.
– Enter in your house.
– Maria is waiting you in front of door.
– Give her package and enjoy
– Go back to Maria´s room and take one copy of your keys.(image 14).
– In Dawning
– Go to Maria´s room
– Try to touch her while she sleeps. She awake.
– Next Morning leave your house.
– One girl hit you and steal your money 5$ ( START STEALHT TRAINING POINT 15)
– In weekend morning talk with Maria on beach in Old Quarter.
– Go to your room and in the closet next to the computer take your swimsuit
– Talk to Maria on the Beach
– Enjoy
– At night while you sleep, Maria will wake you up, enjoy
– The next morning Talk to her before the afternoon arrives (if you do not fail and she will be
very angry with you) She will take you to her job
– "You have to go into the computer of Mary's rival."
– In the office Look on the north wall the pizzarra and eñl calendar, (If you do not deduct the
password is 1998)
– Once inside the computer visit in this order: Recycle Bin, Folder photos and documents /
– Get out of the office and talk to Maria.
– Advance in the Dad's quest to the point Maria 1.1
– She will visit you in the room at dawn
– Tell the truth (If you do not tell the truth, your story will not advance)
– You will have interactive sex scene. (Attention Maria is very good in sex she will cost you
more to endure than normal)
– She will leave the room
– Advance in the Dad's quest to the point Maria 1.2
– In the morning you go to school Maria is waiting for you at school
– He wants to go and see his boss. If you saved the girl locked in the house of Annie while you
recovered the papers of Jet. Aiko will be there (if not she will not appear again)
– The meeting with the boss would end outside the laboratories.
– GO Point 15 NESROT


You need keys of her room
4. -Visit Maria in the evening in her room if Papa is already at home you have to buy Sleptime
Candle to the beggar and put it on the bedside table of Maria's room during the day.

– After mission of Rachel when you need change responses of exam in Teacher´s room, you
need do right the copy of her keys and put back in her jacket. You need put sleeping pills
( You can found in foreman´s house or down floor in your house) in tea bottle on Kitchen,
After give picture a Ronald and enjoy to give card to Sarah

– You come back to Mss. Taylor house in dawning.
(IMAGE 14)

– Yo see Ronald Rape Mss. Taylor.
– Intervene
– See scene
– Select call police
– You left Mss. Taylor´s keys in mailbox.
– see scene
– The police will interrogate you.
– Correct answers:
– Willing collaborate.
– Follows Ronald
– Ronald left the door open.
– Collaborate.
– No
– Class companions.
– When you are out of police office
– go back to Old Quarter.
– Front Mss. Taylor´s house pick up the keys of mailbox.
– Next morning go to school
– Talk wit Mss. Taylor in door of your class.
– Go with her to Teacher´s room
– see the scene.
– In Afternoon visit Taylor in her house.
– Do class and give gift. When you have enough love lvl.
– She ask you if you can go to pick up a wine bottle. She give you 10$
– go to food store and buy wine of 10$
– Go back to Mss. Taylor´s house and give the wine bottle
– enjoy.
– Next morning go to class and speak with her.
– Continue visit mss. Taylor in her house select scenes and give gifts.
– When you have enough love lvl. She do one scene Hand job
– Continue visit mss. Taylor in her house select scenes and give gifts.
– When you have enough love lvl. She do one scene Blow job.
– Continue visit mss. Taylor in her house select scenes and give gifts.
– When you have enough love lvl. She ask you can go to pick up something in pharmacy.
– Go to Pharmacy and talk with Laura. She give you package.
– Go back to Ms. Taylor´s house and give the package
– Fuck her.
– Continue visit mss. Taylor in her house select scenes and give gifts.
– When you have enough love lvl. She want you fuck her ass
– enjoy.
– End maybe more content in future updates.


After you go to pharmacy to pick up the Mss. Taylor´s package and fuck your teacher when you
leave the house of Mss. Taylor.
-You receive call phone of Laura, she want come to pharmacy to talk with you.
-In pharmacy she ask you about Mss. Taylor Package.
-She leave and go down tho dress up
– Collect all items and collect Pharmacy keys.
– Go to down floor spy Laura in dress room.
– Go back up stairs.
– See sequence.
– In house see sequence with her.
– When see leave you.
– Go out house and go back to pharmacy
– go to dress room see in her locker.
– Explore her tablet.
– Look mail
– look Gallery
– Look Internet navigate.
– Leave pharmacy
– in Morning in 6:00am
– go to shower when Laura is inside
– select peek
– select enter
– see scene.
– In afternoon go to New Neighborhood. Laura Call you in your phone
– she wants you come to Terracotta fashion store
– talk with her
– search in store one sexy swimsuit.
– Go to female dress room. You can peek Laura and other consumer.
– Wait she is ready
– when she is ready she go out and speak with you
– you go pool with her and enjoy the scene
– The next morning at 6:00 am visit the bathroom (enjoy)
– Then go visit the pharmacy in Old quarter. She will ask you to go to her room to collect a
key and give you the keys to your room.
– Go to the armory of Old Quarter and make copies of her keys (Before dark)
– Go to her room and pick up the keys to her room on the small table.
– Use her computer and link the webcam to your computer
– Return to the pharmacy and give the keys before closing

6, AMY
They have to spend 35 days in the game.
– Once it's been 35 days, visit the Hornnet Pub. Next to the bar, you'll find Derek Amy's
boyfriend with Chloe.
– Locations to private rooms.
– You'll find Nesrot inside." You must have completed the adventure of the Zoodra Charter.
– If you've completed it, Nesrot will try to help you."
– The next day for the trade visit Amy in the basement of your house. Try to talk to her.
– When she leaves the room will appear a bag, inspect or take the keys and go to the gun
shop make the copy and return to the basement before the time is up.
– Amy will appear to pick up the bag (IF you fail the adventure continues equally)
– At night return to speak with nesrot in his office in Hornet Pub.
– He'll ask you to do a service for one of his clients." I DO NOT RECOMMEND CLIENT 3
– Go to Neighborhood number 7 and enjoy your selection.
– Go back to the Hornett Pub and talk to Nesrot, pick a girl and enjoy.
– After Chloe will help you to go to Derek's house to take the photo.
– She'll ask you to pay her, Follatela or pay her $ 200
– In Derek's house visit the door of the roomPONT 1
– In Amy room you can link her computer with your.

You need doing 15 times her recees quest.
– Speak with her
– she leave you
– in recess follow christian to Toilet
– See scene
– select
- Christian will hit you
- You will taken to the infirmary-
- Mss. Gyna speak with you.
- Enjoy.
- When you leave visit Sandra in her house.
- More content in next updates.


- When you leave school, call Daisy with your cell phone.
- She reject you.
- More content in next updates.

-When you leave school speak with Christian at the door of school
- More content in next updates.


- In weekend travel to East Town

- The yoga teacher is waiting you, he approach you and steal your money. 100$
- Go to Old Quarter.
- Speak with foreman in building under construction.
- He want you discover where live the yoga teacher.
- Travel to New Neighborhood.
- See where he lives
- Go back to Old Quarter
- Speak with foreman again. He give you 300$
- You want alert yoga teacher about danger of foreman
- More content in next updates.
- In weekend go to beach in Old Quarter.
- Foreman´s wife, Sharon is in beach. Speak with her
- Sue wants you telephone number
- More content in next updates.

-When you complete all of Jet's lessons. Visit the Bookstore at night.
-Watch the scene
-Hornnet Pud in Old Quarter
-Talk to Jaqueline next to Bar
-I'll give you a gun
-Hurry back to the library. (If you arrive late at night in the dawning or later Jet die)
-Watch the scene
-Look at the scene of the Hospital and your room.
-The next morning check your Inventory and use the Jet photo you have in the inventory.
-At night visit Jet at his Eastown Number 1 home.
-At night you have to go to Annie's house in High Neigborhoosd, number 7
-Talk to the old man in the back of the house, he will ask you to steal panties for him.
-Visit the houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 in High Neigborhood
-Talk to the old man again.
-At Annie's house visit the second office and pick up the password
-Now you see the PC Enter the password (3542) And act the statue.
-Go back to the statue. Activate the Button
-You go to the stairs and go down to the basement

-Talk to the girl in chains and free her

-You go to the room where Annie's daughter is (IF YOUR SECRET
-Go out of the room and head to the stairs at the top.
-Look at the scene and go upstairs.

-On the top floor you see the small room and oba the jewel of the safe.-
-Watch the scene
-Leave the jewel in the clothes and enjoy the whole scene.
-Later look for the papers of Jet in the cabinet of the right in the room of annie
-Then examine the two desks just out of Annie's room.-
-Write the note and take it to the door where the guards are.
– return Jet's house in night ( enjoy)
– After talk with her yon can betray Jet or help
If you help her:
– In morning go Jet´s house, she waiting you in front her door's house. Talk with her.
– You go gibson house. Up to cavern.
– Talk with character in fire pit ( picture 61) Maybe is important in
far future.
– Enter in cave find the entrance to Gibson's house (picture 61)
– advance when guard sleep use the guard you take a key go to
room in right side use electric panel, you open the door near
– In next dor use the panel near door, enter the password 7834
– advance and listen guard talk, in next room no meve when laser
is activated.
Ilustración 1: Image61
– Continue and open next door
– In the security room open guard boxes, You recive 500$
and test drug 1 ( you can use in frist test in armory of
china town, you need have complete this test)
– use the closet in left side and up stairs
– In frist floor you caution with guard co to the door in north
an use the switchs in this order Red, blue, yellow and
gree... and use elevator.
– In 2 floor advance and listen the scene with Chloe
– Go to room where Chloe is inside. Talk with her
– Advance scene an enter in Gibson's room Use the Ilustración 2: Image 62
computer and use panel near big door
– Line 1 Yellow, Line 2 Green, Line 3 Blue , Line 4 Red.
– Open security boxes and last where is Jet papers. And get
out of cave talk with Jet.(Image 63)
– Enjoy.
– Next content in future updates.
If you Betray her:
– talk with Warren
– Go to house jet in morning talk with her and go Gibson
– Talk with suspicious cjharacter in pit fire (Image 61)
– Enter in cave see the scene. Ilustración 3: Image 63
– More conten in future updates

10, DAD
They have to spend 45 days in the game and have completed the mission of stealing data in Maria's
– Upon awakening pope will have come home and give you a gift to each, you will be
transported to school (do not enter the school)
– Come home and visit the room of Mary and Pope, enjoy
– The next morning when you wake up in the hallway and you will see paap talking on the
phone, follow him hasata outside the house
– Outside the house follow the worst potato do not get too close keep about 4 boxes away.
Follow it by New Neighborhhod to Commercial Neigbohood. Look at the scene
– The next day you go to school. The director will take you to a meeting with the pope.
– When you leave the meeting go up to the first floor and then you see the east wing.
– pick up the screwdriver from the store and open the ventilation flap. Like the photo
– Use the path of the photo Look at the scene.

– After class you go to your house and talk to Dr. Robson by the door of your house.
– When entering the house in the afternoon he talks to MAria when he is in the kitchen.
– In Night dad come your room talk to you
– The next morning Pope will come to pick you up at Texto 1: Image 3A
the school will take you to meet Warren
– Warren will talk to you, give you three options,
women, money, luxury.
– Women. Scene sex with warren's whore.
– Money: Warren give you 500$
– Luxury: Warren give you Alienmecha PC
– After warren will ask to go get his niece
– Meets Kayla
– In the car let her do it.
– Upon arriving at Warren's house, Steve will talk to
your father and the two will leave
– You have to listen to the conversation between
Ilustración 4: Image 3a
– On the way, he checks the door of Warren's office, Warren's sex scene and his Guard.
– In the room pushes the chair towards the boiler rises and hears the conversation
– Kayla will be waiting for you when you leave.
– Accompany her to buy clothes. IMPORTANT SAVE GAME
– In the car she will make you a straw. In this scene press the buttons that appear on the screen
before they disappear. If you fail 3 times, you will die and the game will end
– In the store he watches the scene with Christian
– Take Kayla to the dressing room.
– Check out the busy tasters (If you completed Beth's contest at recess Daisy will open the
door for you)
– Choose the dress you like best
– Go back to Warren's house.
– Here is the adventure of Maria. Point Maria 1.1
– Go back home.
– The next night, Papa will come and find you in the room.
– Watch the PApa scene in the alley
– Here is the adventure of Mary. Punto Maria 1.2
– Go to point 15 Nesrot


- Go to Morgan´s house (5# High Neighborhood)

– Upstairs and talk with him. Improves its relationwith him, until Marge appears in the hall
outside the habiracion of Morgan
– Talk with Marge she wants you search her cat.
– Go to the sewers of High Neighborhood, look for the cat
(image3A)He will escape.
– You go to the food store and buy fish.
– You go to the sewers of East town and find the cat
– Come back to Morgany's house talk to Marge, enjoy
– Morgan had asked you for an aphrodisiac.
– Go to the Sex shop and Buy 2 aphrodisiacs
– Return to the house of Morgam
– Talk to him on the floor above and he will ask you to Ilustración 5: Image 3B
distract his father.
– Talk to your father
– Return to your house and at night talk to the pope when he is next to MAria You will call
– You go to New Neighborhood and talk to Morgan in front of the curator (enjoy)
– In the office choose any psychopath (does not affect)
– At home delpsicopata will ask you if you want to
activate tutorial, activate it to indicate the items that
you should use
– Once in the house of the psychopath Use the biddon
marked with red circle (image3C) and bring it to the
window that has no tree in front of it. Then you see the
pile of garbage next to the blue circle garage
(image3C) and return to the tank in front of the

Image 3C
– Once inside the house you see the big carpet right at the entrance and pick up the key back
to the first door you tapped and open it. Use the envelope on the desk. You go to the room at
the other end to the left and use the book. Go north of the house and use the statue to the
right of the stairs. Put the password 47895631.
– Now you go to the room on the left. Use the furniture with the drawers open, now you go to
the room located to the right and use the large mirror, once inside the lever. Go back to the
house and the room where you read the book, use the small cabinet with the open drawer to
the right, go back through the mirror and now open the door.
– In the basement you see the closed door and enter 3124. It continues until the murderer. Kill
it (bad Karma) or leave it (good Karma.
– Back home Morgan enjoys.
– On leaving, Marge will be waiting for you.
– Wait for future updates.


- Upload your relationship in the recess by answering the questions correctly. Until it no longer
- On Monday after recess, Mss turner will send you a paper on a book. You have to do it with Carol.
- When Carol came out he waited for you.
- Then in your inventory you have a workbook for the school, use it, do it before it is Friday or you
fail an exam and Carol will not want to know anything more about you,
- The next day he talks to Carol that he'll wait until he's in class.
-In the afternoon, visit the house. (If you did not see your penis in toilet, when mission of Sara with
the Groom, party Beth. Do not open sex scene) (visit Carol before Friday or fail an exam)
- When she leaves the room she uses her desk to activate her webcam
- Wait until it is Friday, the teacher will deliver the notes when leaving class Carol to wait outside
and ask you to have appointments. From now on you can have dates with her.
- More content in future updates


When you get the keys to Sarah's room.

See the beggar next to Rachel's house. Bring some panties worn by Maria, (you will find them in
the laundry of House) Wiskey and salchicas and you will unlock your store.
– You need to have worked 50 days at the bakery.
– Enter the bakery you will find Amaria and Tyna arguing, Tyna will leave, talk to Amaria.
– You turn to chinatown talk to the goalkeeper.
– Wait for Warren to arrive if you complete the mission where Papa introduces you, talk to
him and he fights you.
– If you do not expect Nesrot if you completed the mission to enter with JAqueline at school,
he will enter the fights. If you did not complete this, do not use the car that I parked on the
– Bet on White Lion / LAdy X / Neo Genesis / Freddy Nightmare.
– After the fights Talk to Tyna next to the Ring
– The next day he talks to her at school.
– Go to the bakery and talk to Amaria Enjoy
– From now on you can visit the gym and train strength.
– You need advance in main quest when you select one gang you can train fight skill.
– When you complete all fight train, go to visit Tyna in door of school
– Observe scene in Tyna/s House.
– Depend your gang you go to talk with leader of gang and do one combat of pussy fights
– when you win when you want, go to speak with the leader again for go to tournament
– Play Pussy tournament, remenber after all combats go to speak with your gang. After to
thrid combat recibe reward front your room.
– After winthe tournament you can visit Tyna in her house and Amaria in her house.
(remenber go with wine in inventory)

Requirements to get started. You must have completed the mission of Rachel comics where you
meet Beggar and have completed the Nadine recess mission 15
-Visit the striptease clunb of Chinatown (enjoy)
-Then you will have a little time with her.
-Talk to her at the school door, next to the bus stop. Will take you to
talk to the beggar and take you to Eastown. Talk to the beggar near
the sex shop.(image 30)
-You go to the grocery store and buy: Whiskey, Cake and Meat,
bring them back to the Beggar.
-The next day she returns to speak with Nadine at the door of the
school and after talking with -Beggar will take you to New
Imagen 30
Neighborhood, you see to the building number 7. Enjoy
-The next day she goes back to Nadine at school and talks to Beggar.
He'll take you to the Port, talk to the bald man at the door of the
building. Enjoy After this She call you to your phone.
-The next day she goes back to Nadine at school and talks to Beggar.
-Catch the van in front of the armory in Old Quarter. Escape the
police Use the arrow keys to change cars and dodge cars.a fter
delivery the Vam
-The next day she goes back to Nadine at school and talks to Beggar.
You go to chinatown and talk to the beggar next to the gym. Will ask
you to find a package that will be on the street below (Image 31)
-Go home and go to sleep at dawn, other than Night. Badine will
come to visit you at dawn and will make you a gift enjoy, after the
scene with nadine you will look at the bathroom Amy is inside Enjoy.
-The next day she goes back to Nadine at school and talks to Beggar. Beggar will tell you that the
next figure has Rachel's mother. Rachel appears and angry with you, your relationship with her will
-Call Rachel's house and talk to her mother.
-Get out of your house and Habal with Beggar take it to your house in your house take it to the sink,
then you go to the laundry of your house where Maria is and talk to her if you have enough
relationship you will have sex with her. Then grab clothes from the closet on your side and take her
back to Beggar.
-Get out of the house and see Rachel's house. When Beggar And Rachel's mother marchel uses
Raxhel's computer and links the cam to your computer, wait for them to come back. Enjoy the
-The next day he returns with Nadine at the door of the
school and give him the figurine. Visit beggar and enjoy.
-More content in the future.
-If you advance Amy quest to point 1 and dad quest to
– In evening Jaqueline appear and rape you
– Nesrot Wants the computer of Maria
– Go to room of Maria in morning and take
Ilustración 6: Image 25


– Talk with her in Recces

– She wants Auruna flower
– You go to ethel forest, go to High Neigborhood and take the first street to the left until the
end and you see the cemetery, in the cemetery at the end on the left you will see a path, walk
through it to the forest.
– Give to Brenda now she wants Anir root
– You need adavance in Sarah quest whe she give you the keys of her room. And go to old
quarter to talk with Beggar and buy Anir root and give to Brneda
– Now she wants animal bone go again to Ethel forest and take bone from death animar image
– Now She wants Mare Milk , go to the stables talk with farmer, come back here in the nigth
– take bottle from box near window of farmer's house( you can see in wndows maybe you can
have a surprise) give to brenda
– Now she wants saracen fluor, go to Amria's Bakery in Commercial Neigborhood, and talk
with Amaria, if you have good relationship with her you have scene If not you can pay for
– Now she wants Ketamine, go to Pharmacy and talk with Laura go to down stair and talk
with her If you have good relationship you have a scene If not nothing happen, come back
upstaris and take ketamine of closet near stairs, go back Brenda
– Now need mother hair, go in night when Maria sleep an take hair
– Now need Semen of virgin, go to talk with Jason in Recces and take you own decisiions.
– Now need Hair of virgen, go to house of you aunt in Midtown and go upstairs and talk with
your cousin, go to teracota fashion store in High neigborhood and buy some dress, when
more expensive is the dress more action have in a future, come back your cousin and she
give you the hair
– She wants your blood and recces quest is over, you can talk with brenda outside of school in
the afternoon
– Go to cementery in the night talk with brenda and talk witth guard
– do to ol quarter and talk with Chloe near hornnet Pub
– talk with Brenda and enter in cementery and go to north and enter in crypta of left side.
– End of quest you can go her house all days

17. PAM
– Give weed 15 times in recces
– talk with her in front of school in afternoon
– go to ol quarter in afternoon go south near beach in left side and talk with Pam. And follor
– In beach talk with all guys is here and atalk again with Pam
– Next Day in school Pam approach you, take next way to Rigth and go to Rigth side of
– Shearch clues of Stalker. When say all clues is solved go to talk to Pam in Recces. Scene.
– Next day go to right side of main floor again go to woman change room go back to main
hall an up stairs and go to Right side of 1st floor Use vetilation conduct seach stalker here
and caucht
– talk with Pam in Recces again
– Is end you can go her House all days

Talk with her in recces... follow her and use one door to discover what her are doing. You
can see the right door have steepfoots front of door.
- after 15 time you cant alk with her front school
– go to sexshop of eastown and buy Maid dress
– Now you can go all days her house in Commercial Neighborhood near Bakery of Amaria.

20. JASON:


-After completing the mission of the recess 15 times:
- Speak with him at the school door.
-I'll ask you to look for a woman to pretend to be his
-Speak with Rachel at the school door (you need to have a
good relationship with Rachel)
-On weekend, in the afternoon visit Jason's house in
Eastown at the door you will find Rachel if you have had

Ilustración 7: Image50
sex with her at home you will have an extra scene.
-In the next working day talk to Jason at the school in front of the claseroom or the main door, he
will ask you to go through him at night.
-You go to Jason's house in Eastown at night, talk to him.
at night in the room Jason will arrive Dejale to see the gay scene wake up to avoid the gay scene
- From now on you can visit Jason at home, visit him several times until his father waits for you at
the door
- Talk to Jason and watch the scene. Acpeta the option to help only or leave only to omit the gay
scene choose to look and help or look or leave to watch the Gay scene.
- Goes back to Jason's house and talks to him about choosing between having sex with him or his
mother. If you choose to close your mother's option, if you choose her mother, she stays with him in
the Midtown church on the weekend of the morning(IMAGE 50). I'll be in front of the church
waiting for you
- Talk to him, inside the church he enters the room to the north, talks to the priest and observes the
- Then you go buy wine, and you can go into Jason's house and then talk to his mother and enjoy the

-After completing the recreation mission 15 times.
- Talk to Charles outside of school, he will ask you for an artificial Vagina,
- Go to the Eastown Sex Shop and buy a return to school and give it to him.
-Now you want to find a girl so that Charles loses her virginity. If you had sex with Jet you
could choose Jet, if you had Sex with Marge you could choose MArge and if not a whore
either. Jet and MArge will wait in the afternoon in front of their house, La pputa comun the
Old quarter between the house of Marckus and the Hornnet Pub. After talking with some of
them, watch the scene, then you can access Charles' house. After talking or playing or
watching porn with Charles, you can talk to your sister in the hallway. You must have
enough popularity on You TV to see all the scenes with her.

22. PHIL:
– After completing the recreation mission 15 times.
- Talk to Phil outside the school, he will ask you to catch some insect.
Here is the list:



– Then you can go into Phil's house after about 4 or 5 days visiting and hanging out with Phil.
He talks to his mother in the kitchen.
– After this 4 or 5 days without visiting Phil until his mother appears at the school door
address Old quarter Talk to her and visit Phil again at home.
– Visit and hang out with Phil to unlock all the scenes with his mother.

- Visit your aunt Maggie a few times to

- After some visits she will ask for help.
Suspect Maria, look at the whole scene.
DEsbloqueas Gigolo profession. You can
access it during the night at the Striptease
- After the scene the next afternoon, go to
the martinia press and talk to the
receptionist and enter Maggie's office
(upper right office)
- Find information about their
investigations. Image 56
- The next morning visit Otter Labs, talk to
the receptionist and use the elevator. on the
top floor, follow the first corridor on the
right and go on the map.
- On the next map, enter the first upper wall
door. Observe the scene.
- Take a scientist uniform and leave the
room, advance the corridor to the right, you
can cross the guard. Advance to the next
- In the offices, go to the last office on the
right and enter. Go down to the two
scientists (1) when you leave with laxatives
on the desk (2). Go back to the beginning
and use the coffee machine (3), go up to the
last office on the left and talk to the
scientist (3) he will leave and now take the
Id pass from the desk. Now you can take
the elevator (6).
- You will end at night in the port, try to reach the marked circles without being seen by the guards.
Watch the scene
- You've already unlocked your aunt Maggie's sex oprtunity in the afternoons. You need
aphrodisiacs (Buy in Sexshop)

- Complete all Brenda breack missions
- Then visit your aunt Maggie's house, she'll be at the door waiting.
- Go to the comic strip store in the neighborhood and order the costumes, go home and sleep, look
at the scene.
- The next day you see the colleague at recess Mindy will call you, you can visit her at home every

Suspicious packages will be asked form the thief girl in East IMAGE 19
Town.(IMAGE19) She change this packages for stealth
classes. Who leave those packages? What are those
packages? You are getting into something big, dude.


- you have catch all cats before the time runs out.
Press action button for catch cat, if you have
hunted a cat, sound cat sound and the cat disappear.
5.2 WASP
- You have survive 1 minute, without wasp hit you.
If wasp hit you five time you loses.
5.4 MAZE 1

Fin the way out before time runs out
-Fin the way out before time runs out.
5.5 DOGS
- You need arrive to goal without dos see you. If some dog see you you go start again
- You nee out the rocks in right spot. If you are stuck push Switch to reset rocks.

1-Female pleasure measurer: The measurer indicates how much pleasure woman suffers. If this
measurer is full, the woman have one orgasm. The measurer increases depending your sexual
2- Girl´s indicator: The indicator will light up when you are the right speed, that the girls wants. If
you are not in right speed the pleasure measurer no increase.
3-Male pleasure measurer: The measurer indicates how much pleasure yous suffers. If this
measurer is full, you have one orgasm and end the scene. The measurer increases depending your
4-Speed Slow: You will penetrate woman slowly. Change speed if the girl indicator is off (black)
don´t change is on (purple)
5-Speed Fast: You will penetrate woman faster. Change speed if the girl indicator is off (black)
don´t change is on (purple)
6- Special button: When you get three consecutive female orgasms, you will unlock this button.
Press this button for into a woman in ahegao state. And provoking definitive orgasm in her and end
scene with her totally exhausted .




Visit the armory of Chinatown talk to the clerk and pay the registration 500 $
Enter the metal door and once inside hbla with clerk to start the tests

1 Player: To participate in the events of the tournament.

2 Weapon Shop: You can buy weapons here
3 Bullet Shop. Buy Bullets for the test.
4 Gateway: You can repeat the tests once they have been completed for $ 100
You select the way to select Warren's gang
– When you have the take Maria's computer select go to Nesrot speak with him and come back with
Jaqueline. When your Dad interrup, select the option go with Dad. Enjoy with the scenes You are
menber of Gentlemens
– yes is Easy, dude you are the son of right hand of boss, something had to serve


You select the way to select Nesrot's gang
– When you have the take Maria's computer select go to Nesrot speak with him and come back with
Jaqueline. When your Dad interrup, select the option go with Nesrot. E
– Spek with him
– You need infiltrate in warren's Base to rescue Jaqueline.
– Go to Left in forest seach a cave and enter
– up for second stair on left side.
– In basement of Warren hideout.
– Go up and see the guard enter in room of left and take a control remote and come back with guard
– Go up in left room you can see Lady X fick some girl. Use the computer and switch the interruptor
andvance to right corridor , enter in frist room and use computer and go back to room where you
enter here. In front have a room enter and use switch and go up an continue the way open the last
door and enter in prisdion and rescue Jaqueline.
– Now you are menber of Hornets


You select the way to select Warren's gang
– When you are front Otter labs speaking with Maria select option go with Nina, Someone go for you,
and go to speak to Nina in her office. She want go to stolen information of your dad in warren
Ideout you go with a soldier of Dragunovs Mila.
– You need infiltrate in warren's recolect information
– Go to Left in forest seach a cave and enter
– up for second stair on right side.
– In basement of Warren hideout.
– Go up and use the computer some one interup you and mila is take prsioner
– Use the computer and switch the interruptor andvance to right corridor , enter in frist room and use
computer and go back to room where you enter here. In front have a room enter and use switch
and go up an continue the way open the last door and enter in prisdion and rescue Mila.
– Now you are menber of Dragunovs.


You select the way to select Warren's gang
– When you are front Otter labs speaking with Maria select option go with Chang, enter en Otter
Labs, and go to speak to Chang in her office. She want go to stolen information of your dad in
warren Ideout and Maria information of Dragunovs Hideout, you go with a soldier of Triads
– You need infiltrate in Nina's hideout recolect information.
– Go to down in forest seach a cave and enter
– up for second stair on right side.
– In basement of Nina's hideout.
– Enter in rooms and use all computers. CAUTION WITH THE GUARDS
– You need infiltrate in warren's hideout recolect information.
– Go to Left in forest seach a cave and enter
– up for second stair on right side.
– In basement of Warren hideout.
– Go up and use the computer some one interup you and partner is take prsioner
– Use the computer and switch the interruptor andvance to right corridor , enter in frist room and use
computer and go back to room where you enter here. In front have a room enter and use switch
and go up an continue the way open the last door and enter in prisdion and rescue partner.
– Now you are menber of Triads.