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Venus Combust

What is the effect on the native if the sun/venus share the same

house? Any specific house where it is good and which houses is it not


This gives stable marriagies if unafflicted.

If this conjunction is in Navamsa then Shukra is combust and that can

give problems w.r.t marriage.

In seventh bhava this gives more creativity for dealing with people and

art, whilst for lagna and ninth this gives more consultant,

administrator, politic etc.

Association of Venus with Sun, is not an uncommon astrological

signature. Since Venus can not move 48 degree behind/ahead of Sun. You

may observe that more two-third horoscopes has this combination.

Generally the Sun+Venus gives weak eye-sight, loving disposition,

affection, expertise in dealing and trade, interest in fine art and

music, refined aesthetic, possession/connection with women, and gain

and loss of money due to women.

KalyanVarma says " If the Sun and Venus be together, one will be
skillful in use of weapons, be mighty, weak-sighted in old age, will

be able to amuse the public and will have abundant money earned

through women. "

Sun and Venus are natural enemy, and close association of any graha

with Sun leads to combustion. But most of the standard texts hold that

combustion of Venus does not show severe affliction. If otherwise

well-placed and well-aspected this union indicates positive results,

especially when owns the good house or a functional benefic with

respect to lagna. But if Venus is closely conjunct with Sun, coupled

with receiving aspect of malefic planets then it show unchaste

personal and unhappy married life.

Sage Garacharya yield the following results of Venus+Sun combination

in all 12 houses. (don't take following aphorism in verbatim and

counter check other simultaneous combination).

In 1st house

Sun+Venus in Ascendant: will hate scholars, will not have many

children, will be cruel, angrily disposed, will trouble others, be

fierce and dejected.

In 2nd house

Sun+Venus in the 2nd house: will be cruel in nature, attached to

basemen, will have many enemies, will instil fear in others and be not
bright in appearance.

In 3rd house

Sun+Venus in the 3rd house: will lose his good son, be mean minded,

will suffer much poverty, be interested in foreign visits and will be

very proud.

In 4th house

Sun+Venus in the 4th house: will be very much addicted to

intoxication, be subjected physical ailments, be cruel and fickle minded.

In 5th house

Sun+Venus in the 5th house: will be bereft of good qualities and

vigour, will be miserable, conquered by enemies, will be troubled by

weakness, be disinterested in Shastra and will be of bad mentality.

In 6th house

Sun+Venus in the 6th house: will be troubled by serious diseases, be

shameless, be devoid of wealth, be ugly, subjected to utter misery and

will be worried.

In 7th house

Sun+Venus in the 7th house: will eat others' food, be interested in

serving others, be devoid of relatives, be distressed and indigent.

In 8th house

Sun+Venus in the 8th house: will have money, earned in bad ways, be

ugly, will be interested in bad place, will eat the food of a bad king

(will earn money through a corrupt employer), will have bad profession

and will be conquered.

In 9th house

Sun+Venus in 9th house: will be endowed with greatness, be

intelligent, famous and friendly.

In 10 house

Sun+Venus in 10th house: will be self-respected, beautiful, virtuous,

and fearless and be well-versed in religious commandments.

In 11th house

Sun+Venus in 11th house: will have many friends, be dear to king and

be firmly courageous.

In 12th house

Sun+Venus in the 12th house: will have little happiness, be ugly, be

distressed due to the vice of his wicked wife, be fond of sin and be

troubled by his libidinous disposition.

Whereas Sage Ramanujacharya maintained in his Bhavartha Ratnakar that

conjunction of Sun and Venus reveal lack of marital happiness when

occupies in 5th, 7th or 9th house.

Sun and Venus are natural enemy of each other.

Therefore, if for some lagna sun is good, venus may not be.

So there combination having longitude difference more than 15 degree

do not make venus combust.

In case of combustion- the signification of venus-

the married life, sexual control, pleasure of vehicle etc. get

affected badly in most cases- where either of them rules over houses

6,8 or 12 from lagna. Rest combinations are good.

In case of weak sun, it shows too much dependence on wife or women

and indulgence towards pleasurable pursuits of life.

Strong sun may make one very successful in life.

In case of Pisces Lagna, it gives rise to financial instability of

men and health problem for women from young age.

For all other lagna, the problems due to weaknesses are of general

nature and within bearable limit.