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4 Leaves of the Clover

Melissa Aliaputri Julia Marks - Samantha

Andrikos - Kamal - Creative and Merkin -
Strategist and Media Planner Art Director Account &
Copywriter Research
Main Message
Creative Concept
Campaign Executions
Market Research
Website Suggestions
Consumer Journey
Media Timeline
Media Plan

Primary Secondary
20% increase web traffic amongst
25% increase in understanding of
the 8 competencies
● By Fall semester 2018
● By the end of Fall semester
● Including social media
● Use of surveys before and after
Primary Target Audience

Demographics Psychographics

Mostly on Enjoys doing Uneasy at the Fulfilling

20-22 Champaign time and things with thought of experience
year-old Urbana prepared for others college ending over
students situations amounts of
Moderately Motivated Meg
I am a junior studying Economics. One of my friends
was taking a lot of PoliSci classes, so I picked up the
minor too in order to have a close class friend.

My junior year schedule is packed, semi-tough

class-wise with a couple 9 AMs that I occasionally let
myself skip.

I plan to apply to a few internships and see what

happens. When I figure the time is right, I’ll use my
personal connections to give me a leg up.

My primary concern is soaking up the next two years

of college as much as I can.
Secondary Target Audience

Students: Career Advisors:

Motivated 18-19 students in Career advisors at the University of

the Champaign Urbana area Illinois Campus help students across
all majors

Students delay becoming ‘career ready’

because it is
Main Message

Getting career ready doesn’t have to be

daunting with the 8 Competencies.
Creative Concept

To diminish the daunting, we created a

mock- campaign.

These fill in the blank scenarios allow students

to resonate with the 8 competencies in a fun
and engaging way.

We’re hoping to reach students who have been feeling

______ (emotion other than confident) about their
career readiness for ______(field of study).
Digital Signs

These digital signs will be strategically placed in high traffic areas around campus. This
includes the ARC, Ice Arena, CRCE, BIF, Greg Hall, and more..
This is an example of a horizontal digital sign to be placed in the ARC.
This is an example of a horizontal digital sign to be placed in the ARC.
Market Research

“I like how simple “I liked how “I am more

the idea of filling in interactive this motivated to seek
my own future is. I was. It made me career services
would read it more stop and think because the process
if there were bright about my career in seems like it is in my
colors.” a new perspective”. hands”

Nicole Abramson Sarah Spiro Bradley Levine

Sophomore Senior Freshman
Communications Journalism Business

This is a Snap Story “Swipe Up”

that will be
accessible to all
feature on
students on campus Snapchat will
at predisposed times. bring the user
Students will share
their thoughts on the
directly to the 8
Career Management Competency :
competencies and
how ready they are on the website!
to start their career.

Facebook - Group
Facebook - Posts

These will be posted from the Career Center Facebook page.

E-mail Blasts
Career Kit
Career Kit
Website Suggestions
All career related events, no matter the college will be posted on
the website

Separate 8 Competencies tab, explaining each one in depth

Interactive timeline that syncs to Handshake for your future

career or internship

Career Advisor Live Chat for questions they may have mimicking
the “Librarian Chat”

Digitize all pamphlets and handouts for quick reference to

minimize random Google searches

Resources for family members to support their student in their

job search
Consumer Journey

Geofenced Snapchat
Filters and Sponsored Story Website

Facebook Group
and Posts

This campaign has a 2-prong approach that will reach both

E-Mail Blasts Digital Signs students and advisors in the 2018-2019 school year. Digital
signs and social media drive students to learn more about
the 8 competencies, while the career kits allows advisors to
reach students and guide them on the 8 competencies when
discussing how to be “career ready”.

Career Kit
Media Timeline

= Part of the big plan only

Media Budget

Thank You
Content Total Cost Number Link

“Briefcase” Box $122 50 boxes

Scented Candles

$31.96 120 candles
(Lavender) ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1508445086&sr=8-9&keywords=scented+candles+lavender
Stress Balls $119.85 180 balls
Buttons $66 200 buttons
Stickers $180.89 250 stickers
Flyers $289.99 500 flyers
Mad Libs Book $159.50 50 books