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Diana of Wales (Lady Dee)

Diana of Wales not only looked like lavish tiaras during the public events presided over by the
British monarchy. She also got to wear antiskull helmets and masks when entering demining
territories. These were some of the steps that made. Diana descend from heaven to the
ground to become one of the first and most prominent public figures committed to
humanitarian causes.

 Diana of Wales had helped many charitable works

 Diana of Wales was a charitable and kind person with those who had less
 Diana de Wales was considered a common and ordinary person like everyone else
 Diana of Wales wanted her children to follow her example of helping those who had

She came to support more than 100 foundations and organizations at the service of
vulnerable, marginalized and vulnerable populations. disadvantaged all over the world. Diana
said in an interview with Martin Bashir of the BBC: "I hope that William and Harry follow my
example, that they try to understand the insecurities, emotions, anxieties, dreams and hopes
of the most needy".anoten memorable moment of the generosity of his mother was
experienced by his children in recent days, while preparing the documentary to the memory of
his mother, when Prince Harry met two of the last people they saw alive. Diana and that they
are victims of anti-personnel mines in Bosnia. One of them told her: "Diana was a light at the
end of the tunnel", and the other said: "She was like a wind pushing forward. When I thought I
could not do it anymore, I remembered his words: 'You will not be forgotten,' he said when