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Stinkin' Garbage 30 Gallon Metal Garbage Can by Ed Argenziano (with lid on, handle removed) ney conn bss a Con aber mp prRER URBLE 24 Pp ———————— BLRURLRURLELRLAL em 2, BE ERL DRE GRE L BL URL LELRLRLEL Split- oer other pager = ide of can a a A RLR LR LR LOR RL RLRLRERLR —————— HR TR ap "STINKIN' GARBAGE" by Bd Argenziang_ © 1997 Row -Loff Productions Intemational Copyright Secired_ All Rights Reserved “This arrangement © 1997 by Row-Lolf Productions Middle OF Lid Bass Can BL RT Can On Left ‘Side OF Can ‘Cans should be played with 28 or 3S. ‘wooden tip sticks. All stickings are "hand to hand” toless otherwise notated. Measures 45-48 may be extended for an ad ib solo section. Bass Can should be large rubber car furned upside down: and played with ard el mallets.