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Adobe Gamma Loader.

used by photoshop to make the colours you are working with beter. I will disable
from startup for now.

this is for "tvt schedeuler". this helps your computer run automatic system upda
not essential as you can check for and install updates manually (go Start>progra
ms>thinkvantage>system update)
UPDATE: I now found that this is also needed for Rescue and Recovery (and experi
ence showed that it actually is), so I enabled it.
Has to do with the software "Presentation Director" though after disabling it yo
u can still run this software. In my search I found that it also has to do with
"Rescue and Recovery" software (which I find essential), but after disabling thi
s from startup I could still use R&R normally and even run it on startup using t
he blue button)
This has to do with the "ThinkVantage Productivity Center Manager" which I don't
ind useful
The two above have to do with key shortcuts for your computer. Disabling them wi
ll not allow you to use the volume buttons and the blue button (except on startu
p for R&R) on your laptop.
This makes some key shortcuts available for accessing the graphics properties of
Intel. It isn't essential.
This is for the "battery log", i.e. for helping your laptop configure the state
of your battery, e.g. if it is charging.
If you have windows this is already done by windows so it's not essential.
This is for "Message Centre Plus" program which alerts you of significant condit
ions of your computer. ?However from what i could find it is not essential and e
ven sometimes considered as adware.
Gives an icon on system tray for the "Access Connections" utility of your thinkp
ad. This finds wireless and bluetooth connections and lets you access them or no
t in a really organised way. However i never use bluetooth and for my wireless c
onnections i prefer the one already provided by windows because i find it much q
uicker and simpler to use if one is dealing only with one or a couple of wireles
s networks. if you have to deal with more wireless newtworks (for example if you
need to acess different connections depending on whether you are at your home,
your office, your mother's home, etc), then you might find Access Connections ut
ility useful.
this is for lenovo message centre which sends you messages about lenovo products
, etc. I therefore find it highly non-essential.
i don't know what this does but it seems that it helps the camera fitted on your
laptop to activate as soon as you start it up. it is not essential. you can sti
ll use your camera if you switch this off.
This has to do with Mobile Broadband connections which i don't use so i disabled
it. maybe needed if you use MBCs.
this is for lenovo client security solution which i personally don't find essent
ial. i think it's essential if you want to use fingerprint recognition for loggi
ng on your computer as it helps the program run at start-up. if you don't use fi
ngerprints for loggin-on then you might want to disable it because if it is on,
when thinkpad starts it will always give you a notification on top of windows lo
gin that tells you that yoou have to log in to edit the fingerprint recognition
configurations. disabling it makes the notification go away.
for thinkpad easyjet utility. this helps you when you need to remove multiple de
vices from your computer (I guess examples being usb memory sticks etc). It is r
ather non-essential.

this allows you to access the Intel Graphics configuration. not essential.
For LP Meail Checker. I couldn't find what this does but it seems to be responsi
ble for some notifications or messages. I disabled it and everything still seems
has to do with configuring Intel graphics. It is not essential.
RoxWatchTray10.exe (the number could be other than 10)
For the Roxio software that comes installed on your Thinkpad. I disabled it sinc
e i don't use this software. i found that it helps you to configure your "watche
d folders" whatever these are.
this is for letting your java update automatically (i think it is set by defaul
t to do this every month). [java helps make possible your surfing and use of man
y websites and also other things like games. your java doesn't need to do this a
utomatically]. you can update it manually to refrain from this utility using mem
ory each time your computer is starting up.
i couldn't find what this does but it is apparently for some kind of key shortcu
t for your thinkpad. I disabled it since i don't use key shortcuts and everythin
g still runs ok

Part of Microsoft Office and helps you synchronize with other computer users usi
ng it. Not necessary.
this is for a utility on your thinkpad that lets automatic detection of shocks (
like when you accidentally drop your laptop) in order to swith off your hard-dri
ve in time to prevent damage and loss of data. I find this useful so i left it e
From what I understand both these are essential for your touchpad to work proper
ly. I use my touchpad often so I have these enabled.
for power managment of your thinkpad. From what I understand this is essential s
o I strongly suggest you leave it enabled.

Belongs to Microsoft Office Suite. It activates the Alternative User Input Text
Input Processor (TIP) and the Microsoft Office XP Language Bar. I disabled from
startup for now.

Belongs to Adobe Reader, it speeds up opening pdf files. I disable it from start
up but it keeps returning.