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Best Practices

Bauang, La Union

Bauang, La Union is an RED ORCHID AWARDEE for 2013. It has implemented policies to
continually develop a 100% tobacco-free and smoke-free municipality.

The tobacco control policies of Bauang, La Union

• Municipal Ordinance No. 12, s. 2002: Smoking Prohibition to Minors

• Municipal Ordinance No. 13, s. 2004: Smoking Regulation to Public Places and
Public Conveyances
• Executive Order No. 28, s. 2011: Organizing the Municipal Anti-Smoking Task
• Municipal Memo: Order Designation as Municipal Coordinators of Smoking
Prevention and Tobacco Control Program
• Memorandum Order: Removal of advertising signages, posters, promotional
materials of Cigarette Industries from stores, groceries, and general merchandise

The Bauang La Union Smoke-Free Advocacy activities

• Tapping school principals to promote anti smoking campaign in their campus

• Tapping Barangay Sanitary Inspectors and Local School Board Nurses to promote
the anti- smoking campaign
• Support groups to promote Anti-Smoking
• Information dissemination through stickers and posters on Anti-Smoking
• Brief Tobacco Intervention: Helping smokers quit smoking

To learn more, watch the success story of Bauang, La Union Tobacco-Free and Smoke-
Free advocacy (Link to YouTube)

San Gabriel, La Union

San Gabriel, La Union is a RED ORCHID AWARDEE for 2013 with an average of 98%,
Highest in Region 1. It was also awarded by the Civil Service Commission and the Department of
Health as the Best LGU Implementer of Smoke-Free Program in Region 1. It was one of the Ten
Outstanding Public Servants (TOPS) For Health in 2011.

The tobacco policies of San Gabriel, La Union

• Total Ban in Smoking in all public places, all with anti-smoking signages and
picture-based health warning posters
• Municipal Ordinance No. 06-2012 – “An Ordinance Prohibiting the Use, Sale,
Distribution and Advertisement of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products in
Certain Places, Imposing Penalties for Violations thereof and Providing Funds
thereof, and Other Purposes”
• Executive Order 23 (A) 2012: Smoke-Free Task Force
• Executive Order 23 (B) 2012: Municipal Coordinator of Tobacco Prevention &
Control and Smoking Cessation Program
• Executive Order 23 (C) 2012: Smoking Cessation Room /Facility
• Executive Order 24 -2012: Support groups on Smoke-Free advocacy
• Memorandum No. 22 (a) -2012: Personnel Selection Board - Directing the
inclusion in the recruitment and selection of applicants, either re-employed,
reinstated or new, the provisions of Civil Service Commission Memorandum
Circular No. 17, series 2009 also known as the “Anti-Smoking Circular”
• Memorandum No. 24 – 2012: All school heads –
Requesting DepEd assistance in the enforcement of Municipal Ordinance No. 06-
2012 specifically section 5:b, re: It is unlawful and prohibited to sell or distribute
tobacco products in schools, public playgrounds or other facility frequented by
minors or within 100 meters from any point in the perimeter of their places.

The San Gabriel, La Union Smoke-Free Advocacy activities

• Smoke-Free Advocacy activities and trainings:

-HL and Smoke-Cessation Lecture for Mun Officials & Employees by CHD-
Region I
-BIGIS Band Concert cum Anti-Smoking Advocacy
-Senior Citizens’ Health Lecture Series
-Summer Youth Festival : Orientation on Illegal Drugs includes Smoke-Free
Environment advocacy

• Amendment on Municipal Ordinance No. 01-2004 during the Leadership Training

for Local Executives and Managers on Smoke-Free Environment, attended by San
Gabriel officials
• Information dissemination through the use of new media, specifically Facebook
to reach the youth
• Posting of the New Municipal Ordinance and IEC materials and . Installing and
Posting Smoke-Free Environment Notices in all Entrances-Boundary to the
• Availability of Primers (Anti-Smoking) in Ilocano at the RHU and PACD
• Resolution Supporting the Passage of the graphic-Picture Based Health Warning
Act (Resolution No. 22-2013)
• To sustain the Smoke – Free Environment Program - the LGU established
support systems :

-Inclusion of the Smoke-Free Environment Program in the Annual Investment

Plan of the Municipality

-Presence of Annual Work and Financial Plan

-Presence of Organized and Functional Smoke Free-Task Force

-Presence of Support Groups - Guidance Counselors trained in Brief Tobacco

Cessation Intervention Skills in all Schools in the Municipality, the Young
Crusaders Against Drugs and Barangay Sanitation Inspectors

-Yearly search for the Best Implementer of Let’s Go B.A.S.I.C. towards progress.
(Smoke free Program is included in the criteria)