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air conditioning
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Minimal Energy Application
Complex buildings accommodate a large and investors to save money – day after
number of different room types and day, month after month, and year after
special architectural features. Menerga year. The investment costs are amortised
remains on top of things and finds the within a very short period.
Menerga philosophy 1 perfect solution for any project. With over
40,000 installations and systems world- We will be happy to produce reference
Technical service 1 wide, we cover almost every type of lists for the building types in which you are
building. When searching for the best interested. And in the event that you sur-
Core competencies 2 solution, we jointly analyse the conditions prise us with a totally new project, we will
at the location. In this manner, we and our find the right solution for any requirements.
Requirements 3
partners have jointly implemented With our eyes sharpened by countless
countless projects, which have received special projects, e.g. the "ALMA" telescope
Relevant values 4
many awards for energy efficiency. We are facility in the Atacama desert, or the
Schools/Kindergartens 5 proud of this. But what we really like "Princess Elisabeth Station" at the South
about this is the knowledge about jointly Pole, we will be happy to accept the
Universities 7 developed solutions, which allow operators challenge.

Sports facilities/Arenas 9

Trade and commerce 11

Cafes and restaurants 13

Hotels 15

Production and logistics 17

Offices and banks 19

Health service 21 Experts at your service

Cultural institutions

Leisure facilities

Technical Customer Service
Experts at your service, anytime, any- offered by the Menerga Technical
Historic buildings 27 where. With a comprehensive range of Service covers everything from the test
services and an extensive service net- run at the factory and on-site commis-
Special solutions 29 work throughout Europe, the Menerga sioning, through periodic servicing, repairs,
Technical Service guarantees the most remote maintenance and remote diagno-
economical and advanced services over sis by means of direct dial-up options, to
the entire life cycle of your system, from the refurbishment and optimisation of
the day of commissioning onwards. the systems.

More than 120 service technicians at We supply you with the right service
various service centres, and 40 service concept, customer-specific and
engineers at the Menerga locations, pro- application-specific. In the event of an
vide a professional all-inclusive service, emergency, you can reach us 24 hours a
with the objective of achieving high day on the following telephone number:
availability of the systems and a maxi- +49 208 9981-199
mum of efficiency. The range of services

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Core competencies
Our Areas of Application
Indoor swimming pool air conditioning
Private swimming pools, public swimming pool halls, adventure pools, sports pools,
saline baths, hotel pools, school pools, therapeutic pools and many more.
Last not least: heat recovery from waste water.
The air conditioning of swimming pool halls is one of the most challenging areas for air
conditioning. Here we started 30 years ago, this is where we grew up, and we are
now market leaders and innovation pioneers. Our special competency lies in the high
heat recovery efficiency lowering operating costs, while robust system design
© Stadt Rijeka

overcomes adverse conditions.

Comfort air conditioning

Low-energy buildings, offices, museums, sports facilities, schools, clinics, hotels, banks,
historical buildings and many more.
With comfort air conditioning, the focus is on people. Our technology is based on the
respective requirements of a project, but simultaneously always looks for the most
efficient method with the lowest consumption of energy. For example, we cool with
water in order to save electrical energy, or make use of sorption-based air conditioning,
with which you can carry out dehumidification by means of heat, e.g. from solar
thermal energy or process waste heat. It is even possible to store excess solar heat
for an indefinite period without any losses for the purposes of dehumidification.

Process air conditioning and chilled water

Air conditioning of data centres, industrial drying, process cooling, air conditioning for
warehouses, cold water generation and much more.
Last not least: heat recovery from waste water.
The process air conditioning system must ensure that defined air conditions prevail in
a defined situation. Menerga systems guarantee reliable drying, cooling or heating. In
the field of chilled water, our systems reliably provide the desired water conditions. In
this sector, too, saving energy through the use of intelligent technology is our top

Special solutions
Research projects, special applications
Challenges and unusual projects are the milestones of Menerga's company history.
Since the foundation of our company, we have designed solutions for each individual
customer. We enjoy taking on challenging projects, knowing that these are the
projects that bring valuable experience, and which also improve the filter class of our
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"standard" systems.

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Requirements of Comfortable Climate
Climate affects our personal well-being On the subject of a comfortable climate, influences, e.g. the design of the room,
and performance. It is a regulator for the focus is on people. We at Menerga light instalments or the existing sources
production and working conditions and not only ensure the "measurable" of heat. We develop the perfect solution
influences the performance of the factors such as temperature, humidity in collaboration with all of the individuals
employees. At the same time, the indoor and air quality. With over 30 years of involved in the project. For this reason
climate is an important aspect of experience and more than 40,000 we ask you to excuse us if we ask more
buildings and responsible for ensuring systems installed worldwide, we know questions in advance than others – sub-
that not only your employees, but also that for every room and every building sequently, our questions will save you
your visitors and guests feel comfortable. it is not possible to consider just the not only money, but also a lot of time!
individual parts, but that the room or And after the technology has been
building has to be considered in its commissioned we are available to you
The Advantages entirety in order to create the optimum night and day with our professional
solution. We integrate external influ- Technical Service team to deal with any
for your Climate: ences such as solar radiation and the malfunctions or for regular maintenance.
external climate into our plans in the We look forward to executing some
Menerga systems are developed and same way as a wide range of internal exciting projects with you!
manufactured for long-term use and
operation with the lowest possible
operating costs. We at Menerga
always think things through that
one famous step further, and focus
on your project and all its special
conditions. You yourself profit from
this doubly. This is because anyone
who decides on efficient, first-class
technology not only saves on operat-
ing costs, but also benefits in terms of
environmentalism and independence.

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Relevant Values
At the end of the day it is the costs that count!
It is a well-known fact that how well based on the principle of the lowest
individuals perform is influenced by the possible application of energy. This aspect Your advantages:
climate. However, most people are not will become increasingly relevant in a
aware of the specific economic impacts future with rising energy costs. Intelligent, innovative and highly
this has. Solely in terms of the number of efficient systems and concepts
days employees are off sick, a good These considerations do not take into
climate generates a 25-fold return on the account the fact that the building Very low operating costs
capital invested (cf. model calculation of becomes more attractive as a result of
Doctor of Engineering Rainer Bareiß, Ed. the improved indoor climate. This "soft" Utilisation of renewable energy sources
Züblin AG Stuttgart for CCI 7/2009). location factor will become increasingly
significant - whether in the competition Integrated control and
Therefore, those who calculate the actual for the best talents, renting out the rooms regulation
costs take into consideration not only the or in terms of the numbers of visitors. A
Compact, space-saving
investment costs, but above all the good climate is and remains an invest-
integrated units
operating costs. The less energy that is ment that is worthwhile.
required for air conditioning, the lower the All systems tested in factory
operating costs. Menerga systems are trial runs

Delivery ready for installation

Excellent maintenance concepts

Representatives throughout Europe

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 4
Good Climate in Schools and Kindergartens
A good climate promotes the ability to street, opening the windows also allows in line with requirements reduces the
learn and concentrate - that is well the outside air to bring fine dust particles energy costs drastically, since the rooms
known. But is it enough to air the room and pollen into the rooms; cold air and are only used for limited periods during
by opening the windows during the draughts also negatively affect the the day. The heating capacity in the
breaks? Many schools today are in need children's well-being. During the winter evening or night can be reduced; just
of repair; too many pupils are taught in months, whether or not to open the win- before the start of lessons, the indoor air
rooms which are too small and not dow to air the room may well depend on is air-conditioned to the desired values.
air-conditioned. Just a short time after how the pupil sitting closest to the
the start of lessons, the CO2 content can window reacts to the cold – with the In addition to the health aspects and the
reach critical values under such conditions. result that this is often kept to a provisions of VDI 6022 which have to be
The higher the CO2 content of the air, the minimum. And not forgetting: simply complied with, the importance of the
more often the children suffer from opening the window for the purposes of costs also increases. Intelligent air
tiredness, headaches and an inability to ventilation releases the heating energy conditioning reduces these significantly
concentrate. Oxygen forms the basis for that has been stored in the room. – refurbishment of the building is no
all learning success! longer worthwhile! Another important
In schools in particular, a far more effective aspect: a good climate protects the
Airing the rooms simply by opening the method is the entry of fresh air by means building, as excessive moisture loads are
windows has many disadvantages. In of ventilation and air conditioning in line reliably removed.
addition to the possible disturbance with requirements - if possible based on
caused by noise, e.g. the noise of the CO2-controlled regulation. Air conditioning

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Examples from Technology Hits
Menerga fits!
The Menerga Resolair, Adsolair and the heat exchanger, preventing the
Adconair systems are ideal for the air formation of excessively dry air in the
conditioning of schools. classroom in the winter months. Adconair
systems achieve a very high heat recovery
In the summer months, efficient cooling efficiency with their counterflow plate
is important – due to the high thermal heat exchangers. All systems are fitted
load of the pupils present, and in some with two-stage supply air filtering as
cases the very large glass fronts of the standard, which prevents the entry of
buildings. Here, Adsolair systems cool dust and pollen into the classrooms.
according to the principle of "adiabatic"
evaporative cooling and achieve temper- All Menerga systems are equipped with
Unit type: Resolair ature reductions of up to 14 K simply low-noise fans, which reduce the sound
Angelaschule Osnabrück through the use of water alone. Owing emissions into the classrooms and
Historical school complex with listed facade. to the design of this system, it is also surroundings. Additional sound attenua-
possible for the heat exchanger to tors mean that the units are extremely
recover "cold". In the winter months the quiet when in operation. Similarly, all
significance of the heat recovery Menerga systems are equipped with
increases, even if some of the heating integrated regulation and control, so that
energy in the room is itself generated by the system automatically selects the
the thermal loads. Resolair systems most economical mode of operation.
achieve a regenerative heat recovery
level of over 90%. Moisture recovery is
also possible because of the design of
© Schindelbeck

For example:
Unit type: Resolair
Angelaschule Osnabrück
Neckargmünd School Centre
The largest passive school building in The listed Angelaschule school buildings The concept implemented for the
Germany has 206 rooms, offering space for are part of the Bishopric of Osnabrück. In refurbishment of listed buildings is
1250 high school students. 2009, one wing of classrooms and the groundbreaking. In conjunction with
auditorium were comprehensively pressure loss-optimised ventilation ducts,
refurbished. The previous heating system the controlled ventilation in conjunction
for the building had utilised a joint with highly efficient heat recovery
agreement with a neighbouring school, provides energy savings of almost 90%.
which possesses a biogas-fired combined In the process, it was possible to exceed
heat and power plant and two condens- the high demands made on the CO2
ing gas boilers. The auditorium building emissions reduction; analysis of
was given a "classical" refurbishment: operating data so far shows a System overview
Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

thick external insulation, new windows, drop in CO2 of almost 80%.

a ventilation system, and improvements
to the heating system. Three Resolair
systems were used for air conditioning; System types
Unit type: Adsolair, Resolair the decisive factor was the high heat
Kreyenbrück secondary school, recovery levels, a moisture recovery level Adsolair p. 10
Oldenburg The extension built according to of up to 70% and the possibility of "cold
the passive house standard accommodates recovery". Resolair p. 11
the canteen, among other things.
Adconair p. 13

Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

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Good Climate at Universities
A university and all of its parts are like a mance required for themselves and the The relevant aspect with respect to all
small town. Accordingly, the air condition- university. The same comfortable climate components for the air conditioning is
ing is a challenge. Many buildings with a is required in the office wings. But that high energy saving levels in order to
wide range of requirements have to be is not all. Almost every university has keep the monthly operating costs as low
brought together into one efficient over- its own data processing centre. Some as possible. If the overall system is
all concept. It is therefore expedient to maintain research laboratories with efficiently planned, the investment costs
incorporate all of the special features cleanroom conditions and even offer for state-of-the-art equipment technology
and influences into the plans as early as a swimming pool. They also have the are recovered within a very short time.
possible. catering areas with a cafeteria and Investment in intelligent, state-of-the-
kitchen. When the above are planned art technology brings three types of
How complex the requirements are is as an overall unit, the operators of benefits: lower operating costs, higher
shown when the different types of university can significantly reduce their performance levels at the university and
rooms and uses are considered. Lecture total costs. The waste heat from the an additional image boost.
halls form a large proportion of the total cooling of data processing centres, for
area of a university. Here, the climate example, can be used to heat the lecture
must be comfortable in order to promote halls. Or a solar thermal system on the
learning so that the students and teaching roof provides the energy required for
staff can achieve the levels of perfor- sorption-assisted air conditioning.

7 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
Practice Menerga fits!
Menerga offer the appropriate systems swimming pool. The example of the IT
technology for all challenging room re- centre at the University of Passau below
quirements at universities. For example, shows the form that the intelligent use
we can not only ensure the comfort air of existing resources can take.
conditioning in the lecture halls and
offices, but also air-condition cleanrooms
and laboratories or the university

Unit type: Resolair, Adsolair,

For example:
Trisolair, Hybritemp
IT centre University of Passau, Germany
University of Passau
Bavaria's youngest university – over 100 Since its establishment in 1978, the seminar rooms but also, for example,
Menerga systems ensure a good climate, fledgeling University of Passau has the server rooms. For the server room,
also in the data processing centre. developed into one of the most popular measurement technology and various
universities in Germany and one of the lecture halls (multi-purpose rooms), one
best academic addresses there is. During Resolair system each with a capacity of
the construction of the new IT Centre/ 3,800 m3 /h was installed. Due to the
International House (the facilities optimum design of the system, the units
accommodated here include the research achieve 95% heat recovery during ope-
institutes and Departments of Informat- ration. Further Resolair systems provide
ics and Economic Sciences) in 2005, the the club room (including kitchen), as
knowledge acquired over the previous well as the office and seminar rooms
years was integrated into the new tech- with fresh air. A Trisolair comfort air
nology. In this, the theme of energy conditioning system was installed for the
efficiency played a decisive role. The toilet area. In the toilet area in particular,
result was a state-of-the-art building the recuperative heat recovery system
Unit type: Adsolair
which has the character of a role model plays a major role due to the latent heat
University of Music and Theatre, Leipzig
with respect to the heat recovery rate of stored in the water vapour, as no odours
Founded in 1843 by Mendelssohn, the State
Academy is considered to be one of the the ventilation system. are exchanged. The stored heat is returned
most prestigious in Europe. almost completely to the supply air
In total, the construction of the new IT without any transfer of substances. The
Centre included seven ventilation result is something to be proud of. Not
systems with CO2-dependent regulation. least due to the highly efficient
The aim was to achieve a high level of systems, the IT Centre's con-
flexibility for the use of the office and sumption of 20 kWh/m²/year System overview

seminar rooms, as well as full use of the is equivalent to that of a

Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

internal heat loads. passive house.

The IT Centre/International House is

equipped with a glass facade and System types
divided up into three. In order to prevent
flooding, it is partly situated over an
ThermoCond p. 07
Unit type: Adsolair, Resolair underground garage and partly on
University of Split, Croatia concrete stilts above the slope leading Adsolair p. 10
21 Menerga systems create a good climate. to the River Inn. The energy supply of
heat and cold is provided via the Resolair p. 11
university's district heating/district
cooling network. The district cooling Hybritemp p. 18
network is used to cool not only the
Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 8
Good Climate in Sports Facilities/Arenas
Increasing numbers of sportsmen and spectator is almost motionless while technology used. Since sports halls are
women are training in more and more following the game sitting down or not used the entire day, air conditioning
clubs. This is not surprising, since physical standing up, the active sportsman/woman in line with requirements offers signifi-
exercise has never been as comfortable is moving the whole time. Athletes give cant potential for savings. The room is
and pleasant as today. There is hardly a the best performance within a tempera- supplied with the required amount of
sport that cannot be played in a sports ture range around 18°C; however, the outside air, which is heated indoor if
hall the whole year round protected most pleasant temperature in the stand necessary, shortly before the training or
against the wind and weather. One of for the spectators is 22°C. It is therefore event begins. In order to keep the venti-
the important aspects for enjoying sport necessary to create different "climate lation heat losses as low as possible, the
and successful training is the climate in a zones" in the grandstand and in the area unit should offer maximum levels of heat
sports hall. In addition to the correct where the sport is played. recovery. Similarly, it must also be possible
temperature, it is essential to avoid in the case of high thermal loads resulting,
draughts. Generally speaking, the components of for example, from the fact that the hall is
the climate technology used at sports full of spectators, to switch over within a
However, the indoor climate has to be facilities have to be very powerful because very short time to cooling or "cold"
adapted not only to the athletes. Many of the large volume of air involved. Here, recovery while maintaining the infeed of
sports facilities offer space for visitors the air distribution of the air is just as fresh air.
and stands for spectators. While the relevant as the performance of the

9 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
Menerga fits!
For use at sports facilities, Menerga offer evaporative cooling, Adsolair also offers
the Dosolair, Adsolair and Resolair ranges. extremely energy-efficient cooling with
All of the systems in these ranges are temperature reductions of up to 14 K
available with high air volume flows; simply through the use of water. The
for example, Resolair systems have a 58 series is equipped with an additional
capacity of 34,000 m3/h and more even refrigeration system which, for example,
in the standard version. All systems are enables reliable dehumidification where
© Stadt Göppingen

based on the principle of the minimal there is high moisture penetration from
application of energy and work with spectators (30g/h per person).
extremely low energy consumption rates.
When the overall air conditioning
Unit type: Dosolair Depending on the specific situation, it concept is drawn up, it is important not
EWS Arena in Göppingen is expedient to use several units for the to forget the entrance and changing
Multi-purpose arena for up to 5,500 air conditioning of a single hall. At the areas. As the cooling requirements are
spectators, used for sports competitions, Velodromo de Mallorca the entire sports lower here, small Dosolair systems or
concerts and more. hall is air-conditioned in four zones by Trisolair units are ideal.
four Adsolair systems.
The shower areas offer further potential
Adsolair and Resolair systems provide for savings: valuable waste heat can be
extremely efficient heat recovery, but at recovered with AquaCond systems and
the same time also the possibility of transferred to the fresh water.
recovering "cold". With the "adiabatic"

For example:
EWS Arena in Göppingen
Unit type: Adsolair, Hybritemp
In spite of the outstanding sporting flow rate in line with requirements to
Osijek multi-functional hall achievements of the Bundesliga handball the number of visitors provide significant
One of the venues for the 2009 Handball
team "Frisch auf" in Göppingen, the old operating cost savings for the operator.
World Championships, the largest athletics
nickname of the EWS Arena "Southern Not to mention the improved climate
hall in Croatia.
Hell" was simply due to the climatic for the sportsmen/women and
conditions within the hall. In addition to spectators.
the sports events, the multi-purpose hall
is also used for further types of sports, System overview

as well as concerts, trade fairs and other

Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

major events. The 1,250 m2 area offers

space for a maximum of 5,500 spectators.

With the refurbishment of the former System types

Hohenstaufen Hall in 2009, the "hellish
atmosphere" was rectified. Menerga Trisolair p. 08
Dosolair systems were installed which
are designed to be an optional extension Dosolair p. 09
Unit type: Resolair
to the "adiabatic" evaporative cooling.
These now air-condition the arena, Adsolair p. 10
AWARD 2003 in silver.
sports hall, spectators' grandstands and
the changing area with a total air flow Resolair p. 11
rate of 133,000 m3 /h. The high level of
heat recovery and adaptation of the air AquaCond p. 14

Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 10
Good Climate in Trade and Commerce
Whether a shopping centre, discount over to an energy-efficient mode of retail outlet makes targeted use of its
centre or car dealership – the appropriate operation. Flow rate control in line with lighting to create highlights and viewing
climate influences the purchasing decision requirements is therefore an absolute directions, thereby generating a heat load
of your customer. When the customer must. which should not be underestimated.
feels comfortable, he or she stays longer During the summer months, cooling in
and buys more. Even if the climate is an The air conditioning can also have an the form of free ventilation is not usually
unconscious factor, it has an effect on the impact on the premises themselves. enough. Here, alternative concepts such
level of your turnover. Large glass fronts not only attract many as "adiabatic" evaporative cooling or
customers into the shops, they also result sorption-assisted air conditioning – also
At the same time, ventilation and air in high heating and cooling loads. This is known as the principle of "cooling with
conditioning are important factors for not a problem if the correct technology is the sun" – are available.
every retailer and operator of shopping selected. High heat recovery is worth its
centres. As soon as the shop doors are weight in gold in the winter. The use of The optimum system prevents mal-
open, the temperature and humidity must alternative energy sources, e.g. the waste functions, requires little maintenance
be constant. The fresh air infeed must be heat from systems with commercial and offers optimum accessibility to the
perfect at all times even if the customer cooling or the use of district heating, components. Intelligent maintenance
density is high. However, when the shop bring significant operating cost savings. concepts offer additional security against
has closed, it is important to change these However, the cooling capacity is particu- breakdowns.
optimum conditions as quickly as possible larly important in retail outlets. Every

11 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
Menerga fits!
In the field of trade and commerce, very spraying of water into the return air
high quantities of air are moved. Menerga channel can produce a temperature
offer systems for this with a capacity of reduction in the supply air of up to 14 K
55,000 m3/h and more - also as a roof- – without the use of energy for cooling. The
mounted version of course. All systems sorption-assisted air conditioning works in
are equipped with intelligent control and a similarly intelligent manner. This is per-
regulation and always automatically select formed in the two steps of air dehumidifi-
© Unger-Steel-Group

the optimum mode of operation. For you cation and air cooling. For the purposes of
this means that when the shops are dehumidification, warm outside air is
closed, the air volume flow is reduced in passed through a water-absorbing brine
line with requirements, i.e. lower nominal solution. Subsequently, this dried outside
Unit type: Sorpsolair values, so that the operating costs are air flows through a double plate heat ex-
Toyota Frey, Salzburg drastically reduced. Before the shops are changer with indirect evaporative cooling,
The "greenest" car dealer in the world was open and/or before the beginning of in which it is cooled down by 10 to 14 K to
recently classified as "excellent" under operations, the system returns the room form the supply air. The diluted brine is
BREEAM. conditions to the desired values. If the regenerated through the use of thermal
annual heat requirement is higher than the energy. The heat sources used here are
cooling requirement, Resolair systems solar thermal systems, district heat net-
achieve maximum values of up to 90% works or waste heat. The air dehumidifi-
with their regenerative heat recovery. In cation and regeneration of the brine are
order to satisfy increased cooling require- performed in separate circuits. This means
ments in an energy-efficient manner, use that the heat can be stored for an almost
is made of our Adsolair systems. The unlimited time and without losses in a
systems work according to the principle of fluid medium and used when the heat
"adiabatic" evaporative cooling, where the supply is not constant.

For example:
Unit type: Adsolair, Resolair
Toyota Frey, Salzburg
Mercator Pesnica, Slovenia
5,000 m2 shopping centre with affiliated office In the planning and design of the Toyota Sorpsolair for cooling the building. The
areas, presented with the GreenBuilding Frey car dealership in Salzburg, which energy requirements are up to 40%
Award 2011. was opened in 2010, the owners decided lower compared to conventional
to use the latest environmental and systems. The entire system is free of CO2
energy technology. For the total area of and nitrogen emissions. Not for nothing
4,000 m2, €1.5 million was invested, which is Toyota Frey in Salzburg considered to
should quickly pay for itself due to the be the greenest car dealership
very low operating costs. One impressive in the world and was recently System overview

feature is the innovative building services, classified according to BREEAM

Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

which are designed as a complete system. as "excellent".

Special glazing, for example, ensures
that the building envelope is thermally
optimised. A solar thermal energy system
is integrated into the roof itself and
System types
provides 10% of the building's energy
Unit type: Resolair
Adsolair p. 10
Audi Terminal in Ludwigsburg
Resolair p. 11
Large vehicle centre of Hahn Automobiles in The high efficiency levels of the com-
Southern Germany. plete system are demonstrated on hot Sorpsolair p. 12
days in particular, when the solar energy
is used together with the Menerga Adconair p. 13
Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 12
Good Climate in Cafes and Restaurants
There is a genuine energy treasure lurking fat deposits can lead to malfunctions Through the holistic planning of ventila-
in the catering industry. It is concealed in and even cause the heat exchanger to tion ceilings and central air conditioning,
almost every kitchen – especially in com- breakdown due to blockages. For these it is possible to recover almost all of the
mercial kitchens – in the form of unused reasons, a central air conditioning unit waste heat from the kitchen. It goes
waste heat. with heat recovery is not used in many without saying that the requirements
kitchens – so that every day, valuable placed on the indoor air, as stipulated in
In the past, only a fraction of the energy- energy is "thrown out of the window". VDI 2052, are fulfilled. One of the
saving potential was exploited, as the This is a pity, as the waste heat from the purposes of this is to prevent the spread
exhaust air from kitchens is always kitchen is enough to supply most of the of unpleasant odours in the kitchen and
strongly contaminated. Fatty aerosols rest of the building with energy. the adjacent rooms by quickly and
are often carried into the system despite reliably leading away the contaminated
separation and filtering. This leads to an Menerga has developed an innovative, air. A second advantage is that the
extremely high level of maintenance fully automatic cleaning system specifi- working conditions for the kitchen staff
effort for filter changes and cleaning. cally for the catering field, with which are pleasant with respect to the air
Similarly, owing to the design, the required the highly efficient central air condition- temperature, humidity and speed.
thorough cleaning, including the heat ing units of the Adsolair range can be
exchanger, is not possible in full in many used without difficulty for heat recovery
central air conditioning units. As a result, in kitchens and commercial kitchens.

13 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
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There are three steps in the exploitation
of the waste heat from the kitchen that is

1st Reduce the necessary energy use to a 3rd Use excess energy in the building
© Anže Čokl / Bohinj Park Hotel

minimum (Reduce) First of all, the energy (Reuse). The third system consists in the
consumption of the entire ventilation extraction of the excess heat. The
system has to be reduced to the greatest percentage of this is particularly high in
extent possible. This is achieved by the summer and transitional periods when
harmonised design of the ventilation the majority of the outside air flow is fed
ceiling and the central air conditioning past the heat exchanger via a bypass. In
Unit type: Adsolair, Resolair unit. With regard to the ventilation ceiling, order to make use of the heat contained
Bohinj Park Hotel, Eco Resort & Spa, this primarily concerns the establishment in the exhaust air, the Adsolair central air
Bohinj Slovenia Luxury holiday and of the ideal flow pattern for the respective conditioning unit, for example, is supple-
conference hotel in the Triglav National Park. kitchen area so that heat, odours, air mented with an integrated heat pump
pollutants and humidity can be quickly whose evaporator is located behind the
and safely discharged and that pleasant heat exchanger in the airstream. Here,
working conditions also prevail. the residual heat is withdrawn, brought to
a higher temperature and subsequently
2nd Recover as much energy as possible fed into a central storage unit via a water
for the kitchen (Recycle). In the second circuit. When applying this method, it is
step, the greatest possible proportion of possible to supply a significant amount of
the heat contained in the return air is energy from the kitchen return air through-
© Weissenhäuser Strand

recycled to the kitchen. This is performed out the year for heating and water heating.
by the highly efficient heat recovery of
the central air conditioning unit, which With the help of such an integrated venti-
transmits the energy contained in the lation and energy concept it is possible to
return air to the outside air with an effi- recover almost all of the waste heat of a
Unit type: Trisolair, Dosolair, ThermoCond ciency level of up to 85%. In the winter (commercial) kitchen and use it in the
Weissenhäuser Beach this can save a considerable amount of building.
Holiday and leisure park with adventureland heating energy.
on the German Baltic Sea.

For example:
Bohinj Park Hotel, Eco Resort & Spa,
The Bohinj Park Hotel is a luxury holiday The energy thus recovered,
and congress hotel which has profes- which cannot be used in the System overview
Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

sional bowling alleys and a water park, kitchen, is used for heating the
amongst other attractions. It has been rest of the building.
presented with the European Commis-
sion GreenBuilding Award 2011. The air
conditioning of the hotel was planned
from scratch by planners, architects and System types
Unit type: Sorpsolair
the investor to be sustainable and an
Munich Airport Trisolair p. 08
integral part of the building. All waste
Freight staff canteen of the second largest
heat sources, e.g. in the swimming pool
aerospace hub in Germany. Adsolair p. 10
or in the shower and bath areas are
used consistently. Even in the kitchen
Sorpsolair p. 12
area almost all waste heat is recovered.
Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 14
Good Climate in the Hotel
Hotels are small, independent micro- kitchen if possible and not greet the kept awake by the noise at night.
cosms – a continuous changeover of guests in the lobby. The air conditioning of The air conditioning of a hotel provides
people with a wide range of require- a hotel crucially depends on the occupancy the hotel operator with a competitive
ments is found here in a number of level – and in turn, the occupancy level advantage on the one hand through the
different types of rooms. The require- depends on good air conditioning. Each creation of a "comfortable climate", but
ments placed on a good and efficient room has its particular features. If there is on the other hand it also makes up a
hotel air conditioning system are also a swimming pool available, the well- large share of the energy costs. This is
correspondingly varied. being of the guests and protection of the where energy-efficient, state-of-the-art
fabric of the building depends not only on concepts are required which incorporate
In the basement, food has to be kept at the air conditioning and ventilation, but all aspects of the local situation. For
exactly the right temperature, while in also dehumidification in line with require- example, is it possible to use the waste
the conference rooms it must be possible ments. There is usually not much space heat from the kitchen for heating up the
to switch from "break" to "ready for available for technology, and architecture water? Are there heating and cooling
operation" within a very short time, and of the external facade should not be spoilt requirements at the same time within the
in the hotel rooms the guests want to by ventilation technology components. building? Or can solar thermal energy be
decide themselves how warm or cold it And very importantly: the equipment that used for cooling? Many requirements
should be. Additionally, the smells from a creates a good climate should be as quiet – one solution: Menerga.
delicious meal should remain in the as possible so that the guests are not

15 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
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While hotel guests and staff enjoy the is also possible to recover moisture. This
perfect climate in every room without technology achieves the highest heat
realising it, the systems work out of recovery efficiency currently known!
sight in the plant room under varying
workloads in order to meet the highest In the planning process, it is not the
requirements. It goes without saying location of the system which is the
that the noise produced is kept as low as starting point for the procedure, but the
possible thanks to the efficient technol- overall complex: Where is which form of
ogy and use of sound attenuators. energy required, and how can this be
made available and used in the most
Menerga systems are designed to be efficient manner possible? Every system
Unit type: Trisolair, ThermoCond compact and ready for use and are also is aligned to the specific application. For
Hotel Dollenberg suitable for plant rooms where other example, if there is a saline pool in the
Exclusive 5 -star superior hotel of the "Relais technology could not be housed. hotel swimming baths, the air-conditioning
& Chateau" Group at an altitude of 650 m on Whether ThermoCond for the efficient technology must be able to cope with the
Dollenberg in the Black Forest. dehumidification and air conditioning of more aggressive air. For this, Menerga
swimming baths or Resolair for producing has developed the special units of the
a climate with the highest heat recovery ThermoCond series. Together with the
efficiency– one thing that all the systems planner, we search for the best possible
have in common is the approach of the solution for your hotel. A consistently
minimal application of energy. For this, good climate also has a positive effect
Resolair systems use the approach of on customer loyalty. Because the guests
regenerative heat recovery, with which it will only return if the climate is right.

For example:
Unit type: Resolair, Trisolair, Thermocond
Dollenberg 5-star superior hotel
Wald- und schlosshotel Friedrichs-
ruhe Tranquillity, exclusivity and excellent The Dollenberg five star superior hotel built vertically over five storeys owing to
cuisine in its purest form - a private resort belongs to the elegant "Relais & Châ- the mountain cover.
with 4,400 m2 of wellness, spa and sport. teaux" group. The hotelier places great
importance on a high comfort factor The ventilation concept used at Hotel
which is uncompromisingly tailored to the Dollenberg shows that comfort and
wishes of the distinguished clientele. One energy efficiency are not mutually ex-
essential aspect in achieving this goal is clusive. The basis for this is created by air
the building equipment, which works conditioning units with highly efficient
behind the scenes. When the equipment heat recovery systems in combi-
technology was selected the emphasis nation with energy-saving System overview
Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

was on quality. ThermoCond systems refrigeration for air

where used for the swimming baths and dehumidification.
saline pool, a Trisolair for the relaxation
and wellness rooms and an individual
unit for the beauty rooms. As the hotel System types
Unit type: ThermoCond was built on a slope, it was very impor-
Villa am Ruhrufer tant for the system to be compact. The ThermoCond p. 07
One of the smallest and most exclusive entire system technology was built into
5-star hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia, the mountain so the areas on the sunny Trisolair p. 08
Germany. side could be used for guests. Only the
central exhaust air channel had to be Resolair p. 11

Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 16
Good Climate in Production and Logistics
In the production and logistics areas of requirement applies to most of the day, summer months in particular, it is not
companies it is important not only to e.g. when the employees work on shifts. only the motivation and performance of
air-condition the processes and products. The air conditioning requires high the employees which improves. The
In most production facilities – no matter volumes of air, and above all the very cooling in line with requirements of the
how large or modern – there are a large efficient provision of heat and cold. production and storage areas also has
number of people working, for whom Furthermore, the regulations governing positive effects on product quality and
the working climate has to be pleasant workplace conditions have to be com- the resilience of the production machines
and in line with the regulations. But plied with. In many production compa- used. Draughts which might cause addi-
almost all production halls have one nies, air pollutants are produced which tional problems simply when the sky-
thing in common: they are usually very can have harmful effects on health or lights and hall doors are opened are
large and very high and therefore product quality. These have to be reliably prevented through the intelligent dis-
contain very large airflow rates. These removed by means of efficient ventila- tribution of air. Besides the actual pro-
airflow rates have to be kept at an tion. The air quality in the hall is essen- duction hall, an intelligent air condition-
appropriate temperature, as well as tially determined by the design and ing concept also takes into account the
being treated and circulated. Heating is layout of the air technology units. In adjacent rooms such as the staffrooms
mainly required during the night and in order to create a perfect production and etc.
the morning; during the day - particu- working climate, high amounts of energy
larly in the summer - the halls have to are often needed. However, the air
be cooled. At many companies this conditioning always pays off. In the hot

17 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
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All Menerga systems with a high air to further reduce operating costs by
volume flow, e.g. the units of the Adsolair feeding in recirculated air as required. If
and Resolair series, are suitable for use for example no work is carried out in the
in production halls. Adsolair systems are production hall during the night or over a
easily capable of dissipating the high specific period, the rooms can be kept at
thermal loads in the hall with very low the required temperature for inexpensive
energy expenditure for cooling. The basis recirculation mode. In the early morning
of this is the "adiabatic" evaporative just before the start of the first shift the
cooling, which achieves temperature required proportion of outside air is
reductions of more than 14 K through mixed in in order to achieve the required
the use of water alone. Resolair systems air quality. The systems respond with
Unit type: Resolair work on the principle of regenerative variable volume flows to different
Häring, Bubsheim energy recovery and can also recover occupancy levels of the halls.
A leading manufacturer of precision parts "cold" and moisture from the air in the
and assembly units for the automotive hall. For peak loads, the systems can be Installation as a rooftop unit is
industry. equipped with pumped hot water or particularly simple and possible for
pumped cold water units. all systems.

Both Adsolair and Resolair systems

provide extremely efficient heat re-
covery. The energy used for heating
the halls in winter is therefore kept to
a very low level. The systems are able

For example:
© Stihl

Unit type: Adsolair

Häring, Bubsheim
Stihl, Waiblingen
This family company is active in over 160 For many years, the Häring Company has low rates of illness due to the good
countries, and is famous for power saws. been one of the leading manufacturers climate in the workplace, a major re-
of precision parts and assembly units for duction in the impact on the environment
the automotive industry. In addition to and minimal operating costs through the
the actual production area, it was also use of highly efficient technologies are
intended to provide air conditioning for the result of the successful implemen-
the cafeteria, foreman's area and the PC tation. The air conditioning concept
training rooms. The aim was for the air ideally supports the corporate
conditioning to be perfectly integrated philosophy of Häring:
into the company in terms of investment, "Wollen. Können. Machen." System overview
Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

operating costs, environmental impact ("Want. Can. Do.")

and employee satisfaction. The systems .
used were those of the Resolair series
with airflow rates of between 1,100 and
15,000 m3 /h. All systems work with System types
Unit type: Resolair, Trisolair highly sensitive heat recovery and a
Solvis, Braunschweig heat recovery rate > 95%. The regula- Trisolair p. 08
The company complex is considered to be tion and control integrated into all
Europe's largest zero-emission factory and Menerga systems ensures that the Adsolair p. 10
the most energy-efficient commercial systems are fully automatically in the
property in Germany. Resolair p. 11
optimum mode of operation at all times.
High levels of employee satisfaction and
Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 18
Good Climate in Offices and Banks
When considering the theme of the midification in the summer months, on the individual and the air conditioning
climate in offices and banks, many think as well as an efficient and continuous solution, but also on the room itself. In
first of the temperature, since this is one exchange of air. The temperature and air modern office buildings in particular, the
of the most common reasons for humidity in the room must of course be ratio of the window area to the total
employees' complaints. But the indoor kept constant. The temperature should facade area is very high. This results in
climate is much more complex and also be individually controllable, and of rapid changes to the air temperature in
comprises - among other things - the course there must be no draughts. the room. The heat capacity of the walls
components of air humidity, air circula- is very low owing to the frequently used
tion, heat radiation and of course the The climate in offices and administration dry construction method. This also
quality of the air. departments is laid down in the Work- promotes fluctuations in the radiation
place Ordinance and other regulations. and air temperature in terms of time and
The special feature of offices is that The requirement here is for "breathing space. An intelligent air conditioning
owing to the larger number of people air which is sufficiently conducive to concept compensates for these fluctua-
and the technical equipment such as good health". But good air conditioning tions, enabling individual settings for
computers, copiers or lighting, excess can be much more; it improves the different offices.
heat is often produced. For this reason, performance and motivation of the
the air conditioning requires not so much employees. The aim therefore is to
heating, but rather cooling and dehu- create a climate where the heat levels
are comfortable. This depends not only

19 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
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Owing to the strict requirements, the The refrigeration performance figures
Adsolair range with "adiabatic" evapo- for this system are around 10. In winter
rative cooling and a small downstream temperatures, the highly efficient heat
compressor refrigeration system is recovery provides a level of efficiency
suitable for the air conditioning of office of > 78%.
buildings and administration departments.
The largest proportion of the outside air If owing to the fabric of the building and
is cooled down by means of "adiabatic" the use of the rooms there is a heating
cooling. Via the integrated refrigeration requirement instead of a cooling
© Kärcher

system, the outside air in the 2nd requirement, Resolair and Adconair
cooling stage can be dehumidified in systems are suitable owing to their very
Unit type: Adsolair order to ensure maximum levels of high heat recovery. The individual
Kärcher Center, Winnenden comfort in all areas during the summer. requirements of a building and its use
Sales centre and office building of one of the can be quickly clarified in a discussion
largest cleaning equipment manufacturers in Reheating for a comfortable SA tem- with the Menerga Sales Team – we will
the world. perature after dehumidification is carried find the ideal solution for you!
out via an integrated air condenser. This
has two advantages: on the one hand,
the SA temperature can be raised after
dehumidification without any costs, and
on the other hand the efficiency of the
continuously adjustable refrigerating ma-
chine is increased.
© Sparkasse HRV

For example:
Unit type: Trisolair
Kärcher Center, Winnenden
Sparkasse HRV Hilden-Ratingen-
Velbert (Savings Bank) The largest As one of the world's largest manu- owner: low operating costs and an
Sparkasse in the District of Mettmann. facturers of cleaning equipment, Kärcher environmentally-friendly solution – the
offers an extensive product range for entire building services had to harmo-
private households, commerce and nise with the corporate philosophy. An
industry. During the planning and imple- Adsolair system was used which con-
mentation of the new sales building on forms to all of these requirements. In
the Winnenden site near Stuttgart, the addition to the consistently good climate
focus was on sustainability and energy in the office, cafeteria and shop,
efficiency in conjunction with the many the system also ensures that the System overview
Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

different ways in which the rooms are operating costs remain low
used. On the ground floor of the building at all times.
© USM Münsingen

is the new Kärcher shop, on the first

floor the cafeteria and on the second System types
and third floors the offices. Owing to the
integrated shop, the building is visited by
Trisolair p. 08
Unit type: Adsolair many members of the public and there-
USM Münsingen fore strongly represents the image of Adsolair p. 10
The corporate office of the Swiss furniture the company. The different requirements
manufacturer has been setting trends for and cooling loads of the rooms require Resolair p. 11
45 years. continuously adjustable air conditioning
that is optimised to the various demands. Adconair p. 13
One further request of the building
Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 20
Good Climate in the Health Service
Like many other fields, the health service protection areas such as the surgery The operating costs have to be kept as
sector is undergoing a period of transition. department, not only occupational low as possible, without jeopardising the
Public subsidies and acceptance among health standards are required, but also functionality of the overall system. And
customers and patients is increasingly dynamic screening by ventilation. Active one further question arises in this sector:
only achievable by projects that have a and passive airlocks protect sensitive can an energy-saving, intelligent
flagship character. The technical equip- areas. Overpressure zones for the supply ventilation and air conditioning system
ment of the building is increasingly of sterile items are just as necessary as improve my image and my competitive-
becoming a competitive factor – no sub-pressure zones in intensive care ness? Yes it can. For example, by cooling
wonder when one considers that patients units or in areas in which air that is in the summer not with the resource-
in a hospital, for example, rely on this completely germ-free has to be guaran- consuming compressor refrigeration
equipment 24 hours a day. teed. An intelligent ventilation and air system, but with the energy of the sun.
conditioning system fulfils all of these The use of regenerative energies saves
The requirements placed on air conditio- requirements with a high level of operating costs and sets you apart from
ning in the health sector are as varied as reliability against breakdowns. the competition.
the different types of rooms. One major
focus is on the field of hygiene, i.e. the In addition to the technical functions,
avoidance of contamination with germs, every company in the health service is
bacteria or viruses – and therefore also obliged to remain cost-effective.
on the prevention of infection. In special

21 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
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In the health service, very high demands planned, the focus should not be on the
are placed on microbiological-hygienic initial investment costs, but instead on
tests and maintenance. Adconair systems consideration of the total costs with
fulfil this approach in that the heat significantly lower follow-up costs.
exchanger can be completely cleaned, Especially in hospitals that are in need
© Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

for example, without having to be dis- of rehabilitation, there is a further

mantled. All components such as filters advantage: the systems constructed in
are readily accessible and simple to the 1970s were mostly designed for
replace. The refurbishment of old systems higher volumes of air. In spite of the
is a particularly practical solution, as old large volumes that were planned for,
units are not usually fitted with heat these systems are no longer able to deal
Unit type: Sorpsolair recovery; here it is possible to save a with the air volume flows that are
Freiburg University Hospital large share of the operating costs. An required due to the number of additions
Sorption-based air conditioning of the out- intelligently planned overall system to the buildings. Menerga systems are
patient and emergency room areas. incorporates all of the properties of the usually much more compact than those
building complex. For example, you can of the competitors; the systems can be
make use of the waste heat from kitchens integrated into the plant room more
and laundries as heat for the regeneration easily, where they provide higher capacity
of brine in our Sorpsolair systems! Here levels. A combination of Menerga
© Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

it is possible to save additional costs systems with existing cooling ceiling

without having to do without reliable systems is possible at any time without
and clean air conditioning. When the difficulty and has proven its worth in
refurbishment of a building is being practice.

For example:
Freiburg University Hospital
Unit type: Adsolair
The Sorpsolair system installed at the it was possible to lower the peak value
Hamburg-Eppendorf University
University Hospital in Freiburg was eva- for the electricity power consumption
Hospital Good climate in lecture theatre,
luated for three years by the Fraunhofer compared to a conventional refrigeration
seminar and work rooms.
ISE in the so-called LiquiSorp Project. The system by almost 75%, i.e. from 13 kW
area to be air-conditioned is approximately to 3 kW. Owing to the high heat recovery
700 m² in size and includes a reception efficiency of 87.2%, it was also possible
area, corridors and six interior rooms to reduce the maximum heat requirement
with high internal loads. Patients are in the winter by 70% compared to
cared for round-the-clock in this area of conventional technology. In direct
System overview

the clinic. The heat source for the sorp- comparison, the primary energy Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

tion process is the joint heating network saving was between 40 and
of the University Clinic. The system was more than 50%.
installed as a replacement for an approx-
imately 30-year-old ventilation unit,
where it was possible to make use of
System types
the existing network of ducts on the air
Unit type: Resolair, Dosolair, Trisolair side. During the evaluation, period the Adsolair p. 10

Mainkofen District Hospital Centre, system was operated with air volume
flows of 8,000 m³/h (6 a.m. to 2 p.m.), Resolair p. 11
Germany A district hospital centre with
state-of-the-art medical technology and 12 and outside these times at 5,000 m³/h.
Sorpsolair p. 12
Menerga systems. The long-term evaluation by the Fraun-
hofer ISE shows the high energy efficien-
Adconair p. 13
cy levels of the sorption-assisted air
conditioning. For cooling in the summer Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 22
Good Climate in Cultural Institutions
A distinction has to be made between of visitors in order to maintain the air exhibits. Perfectly controlled temperature
two different types of air conditioning in quality at the desired levels at all times. and air humidity on the surface of the
cultural institutions: the air conditioning The greater the fluctuations in the exhibits and in the room itself prevent
of rooms in which culture is presented numbers of visitors, the more efficiently exhibits from being destroyed or ageing
periodically, such as theatres or concert and faster the system has to compensate prematurely. In order to preserve the
auditoriums, and the air conditioning of for fluctuations in humidity and tempera- exhibits over the long term, precise air
rooms which are either themselves ture. It is particularly important that the conditioning is required which is in
historically important or contain histori- operation of the system is absolutely operation around the clock. It is there-
cally valuable exhibits. In both cases, a silent, because in both the museum and fore important to have very energy-
perfect but "invisible" climate is required the theatre technology must not be efficient air conditioning which keeps the
during visiting times. The technology acoustically perceptible. The intelligent operating costs to a minimum. Energy-
should carry out its work in the plant distribution of air also makes it possible efficient operation is of course generally
room out of site for visitors - and of to avoid draughts. important for all cultural institutions, as
course producing as little noise as the budget of the institution should be
possible. Air conditioning is of crucial importance used for culture and not for excessively
when the cultural institution - as in the expensive air conditioning.
Good air conditioning adapts fully case of museums or collections - con-
automatically to the changing numbers tains valuable and historically important

23 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
Menerga fits!
Individual requirements are as different cooling mechanisms such as indirect
as the cultural institutions themselves. "adiabatic" evaporative cooling is an
Various Menerga ranges are suitable, attractive possibility. In this case,
depending on how large the rooms to although no energy is required for
be air-conditioned are and the form the cooling, the use of water alone produces
specific conditions placed on the indoor a reduction in the temperature of more
climate takes. All Menerga systems than 14 K. The water is sprayed directly
stand out due to their very high levels of in the heat exchanger in the exhaust air
compactness and are therefore also channel, so that the cooling does not
ideally suited to refurbishment measures. increase the air humidity in the room
Similarly, the philosophy of the "minimal itself.
Unit type: Dosolair energy application" is consistently
Stuttgart State Theatre applied to all types of systems. The first step to acquiring an air-condi-
The air conditioning for the choir practice tioning device which is both energy-
hall required an absolutely "silent" variant. For the dehumidification of indoor air, efficient and precisely regulated is to
product ranges with integrated compres- contact your Menerga sales consultant.
sor refrigeration systems are particularly We are acquainted with almost every
suitable, such as the different versions of type of challenge and can offer you the
the Adsolair or Resolair ranges. If there is ideal solution for your individual require-
a high cooling requirement, e.g. if there ments.
are many people in the cultural institution
at certain times, the use of alternative

For example:
Stuttgart State Theatre
Unit type: Adsolair Theatres live from the plays that they and continuously adjustable compression
Urbis, Manchester stage – and from air conditioning that is refrigeration system of a reversible
The glass building exhibits a journey of totally silent. For this reason, one of the design are integrated into the system.
discovery through various world metro- highest requirements placed on air This means that no hot water connection
polises. conditioning – besides the comfortable is required for heating, as the system
climate for visitors and actors, as well as can heat in the winter in heat pump
the low operating costs – is operation mode. The system was also equipped
which is both trouble-free and com- with an option for "adiabatic" eva-
pletely silent. Who wants to hear the porative cooling in order to save
whirring of a fan while sitting through additional operating costs in the System overview
Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort

the effective silence between two summer months.

Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation
© Deutsche Oper Düsseldorf

movements? The requirements placed

on the air conditioning of the choir
rehearsal hall at the State Theatre in
Stuttgart doubled: In addition to total
silence within the room, it must also be
System types
ensured that the system is vibration-free,
Unit type: Adsolair as the plant room is located on the top Trisolair p. 08
German Opera, Duesseldorf, Germany floor (wooden construction). The solution
Dosolair p. 09
A charming jewel of the 50s at the edge of used was a Dosolair system adapted
the old town. specifically for the requirements of this
Adsolair p. 10
customer with a nominal flow rate of
5,500 m3 /h. An efficient heat exchanger Adconair p. 13
Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 24
Good Climate in Historic Buildings
Historic buildings often contain valuable problem". The much colder outside wall buildings has "grown" over time, space
collections and exhibits – and usually is not reached by the heating provided for the technology is usually limited.
they represent valuable objects them- within the room by a radiant heater. This The compactness requirements of the
selves. The moisture content of the air in results in condensation, which repre- technical equipment are increasing. In
particular is a problem for preserving the sents a danger to paintings or carpets most cases, elements are not desired on
assets, some of which are unique. If a hanging on the wall. It makes much the facade of the building, or are not
historic building is open to the public, more sense to heat the indoor air in even permitted.
visitor flows can have a major effect on order to achieve a constant temperature
the indoor climate. The visitors give off a and room air humidity. A further aim is to A precise, intelligent air conditioning
not inconsiderable amount of humidity achieve the same degree of air condi- concept makes a valuable contribution
to the indoor air in the form of their tioning in front of and behind the exhibit. towards the preventive preservation of
breath, or if it is a wet day through their Controlled dehumidification of the the valuable fabric of the building and
clothing. outside air in line with requirements cultural assets.
reduces the danger of the condensation
A historic building is characterised in of water on the colder external walls.
particular by the fact that its masonry is Many historic buildings are listed, which
much more massive than modern generally excludes the possibility of
designs. With traditional heating this can making structural changes to the fabric
quickly lead to the so-called "cold wall of the building. As the structure of the

25 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
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Menerga fits!
In most historical buildings there are dehumidification of the air. Resolair
central specifications concerning the systems also enable very efficient heat
maintenance of a certain relative air recovery. The regenerative heat ex-
humidity. The Resolair range is particu- changers contain two heat packets,
larly suitable for this task, as it works through which external and exhaust air
with regenerative energy recovery and are passed alternately. The heat from
can be equipped with downstream the exhaust air can be taken up very
cooling and heating coils. These systems quickly and returned to the cold air
stand out due to their very high trans- current. Through the reciprocal impinge-
mission levels of the sensitive and latent ment of the heat packets, the heat in
energy, by means of which the majority the return air is transferred almost
Unit type: Resolair, Hybritemp of the moisture can be recovered in the completely to the cold outside air,
Library of the Duchess Anna Amalia, winter months, for example, in order to producing a temperature efficiency
Weimar In the world-famous building there keep the air humidity constant. Similarly, level of more than 90%. As a result, a
is a research library with priceless exhibits. it is also possible to control external reheating of the supply air can be
components such as humidifiers. In the omitted in the majority of cases.
summer months or on wet days, the
cooling coil or an integrated compression
refrigeration system assists with the
© Hansestadt Stralsung / KOSLIK

For example:
Duchess Anna Amalia Library
The Duchess Anna Amalia Library in entire system was adapted to the curves
Weimar is a research library for literary of the tower in order to make the most
Unit type: Resolair and cultural history that is open to the efficient use possible of the space avail-
Stralsund Town Hall public and which focuses on German able. The result is that a semicircular
Stralsund Town Hall is one of the most literature around the year 1800. It stores installed Resolair system is now operat-
beautiful secular buildings in the Nordic Brick literary exhibits from the 9th to the 21st ing in the Anna Amalia Library – the only
Gothic style. century as sources of cultural history and one in Germany. The air conditioning unit
research, categorises them according to was of course also pre-assembled ready
their form and content and makes them for connection in this case and was put
available for use. In total, the library has into operation immediately after being
1 million items. installed.

The library is air-conditioned by three

regenerative energy recovery systems System overview
Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

of the Resolair range and a compact

chilled water unit of the Hybritemp
range. In one case a system was housed
in the cellar vault of the book tower. The
circular tower with a wooden stair railing System types
Unit type: Adsolair is one of the highlights of the group of
Bad Berleburg Castle buildings. The cellar vault itself can only Adsolair p. 10
Seat of the Sayn-Wittgenstein Berleburg be reached through a narrow passage;
Princely Family. Resolair p. 11
however, it was possible to pass the
compact system blocks through this
narrow access. During installation, the Adconair p. 13

Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 26
Good Climate in Low-energy Buildings
Regardless of its type, an energy-opti- baths built according to the passive such as solar and geothermal energy are
mised building is always a combination house standard. Even a Belgian research used, whose energy can also be used for
of various energy conservation meas- station in the Antarctic has been air conditioning. The main aim of air
ures used to achieve an optimum overall constructed. conditioning is to keep the ventilation
result. In this concept, individual meas- heat losses as small as possible. For this,
ures prove to be of little help – they are But an intelligent design can save more very good regenerative or recuperative
only successful in combination. There are than just energy – modern buildings are heat recovery is required. Moreover, it
many standards for low-energy build- able today to create more energy than should also be possible to make use of
ings. For example, in Germany there is they need themselves. alternative resources such as solar
the classification of the low and lowest- thermal energy or geothermal energy for
energy house, there is the passive house The characteristic feature of all "energy- air conditioning.
standard and the international awards saving houses" is small surfaces in
according to LEED, DGNB, GreenBuilding relation to the enclosed room, low
and more. Such buildings are no longer transmission heat losses due to very
only residential buildings and office good insulation, the prevention of
complexes. Menerga's references in this thermal bridges and rising cooling
segment include, for example, museums, requirements in the summer months.
schools, penal institutions and swimming Frequently, alternative energy resources

27 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
Menerga fits!
All Menerga systems are based on the and the first swimming pool in Austria
philosophy of the "minimal energy constructed according to the passive
application". It is not only since the house standard were equipped with
boom in the low energy and passive Menerga systems. Menerga's reference
houses that our systems have enabled list in the field of low-energy buildings
the maximum exploitation of resources. reads like the Who is Who of the
Both recuperatively and regeneratively industry – a success story which is being
we achieve – for example with our continued. Plan with us!
© Ulrich Schwarz

Adconair and Resolair systems – a heat

recovery efficiency of more than 90%!
It is not surprising that the first units of
Unit type: Trisolair the Adconair and Resolair series were
Efficiency House Plus, Berlin awarded the coveted passive house
The building generates more energy than a certificate for non-residential buildings.
family needs to operate the house and two Also in the field of swimming pools, the
electric vehicles. first two swimming pools in Germany

For example:
Efficiency House Plus, Berlin
With the Efficiency House Plus in the equipped with a recuperative heat
Berlin suburb of Charlottenburg, the recovery system and achieves tempera-
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building ture efficiency levels of more than 80%.
and Urban Development (BMVBS) is The heat is recovered in separate air
researching into futuristic building pathways. This has above all hygienic
concepts. The search is on to find ways advantages because when the air is
Unit type: Resolair in which the operation of newly con- exchanged, neither odours nor pollutants
Etrium, Cologne structed buildings might be carbon- are transferred. The remaining ventilation
Office building constructed in accordance neutral from 2019 on. The focus is on heat losses are compensated via a
with the passive house standard with the house as an electricity-generating pumped hot water heating coil (PWW)
DGNB Gold Quality Seal. power station. As an autonomous unit, that is fed by a heat pump.
it generates the energy required for light,
heating and ventilation itself. The power Due to the high heat recovery rate, a
capacity is rated in such a way that any connection capacity of only 0.8 kW is
excess can be used for charging up required to condition the supply
electric vehicles. air to 22 °C if the outside System overview

temperature is -12°C.
Indoor swimming pool
air conditioning | Comfort
Process air conditioning air conditioning
| Chilled water generation

The building services in the Efficiency

House Plus are aimed at energy efficien-
cy and highlight the state of the art. The
two-part energy concept consists of System types
electricity and heat generation. In order to

limit the ventilation heat losses, a Adsolair p. 10

Unit type: Adsolair ventilation unit was required that could
Zero Energy House Seoul achieve a high heat recovery efficiency Resolair p. 11
Flagship project on the subject of energy and be connected to the building
efficiency, regenerative energy storage management system. Here a decision Sorpsolair p. 12
media and sustainability.
was taken in favour of an air conditioning
unit from the Trisolair range. This is Adconair p. 13

Please refer to our latest catalogue for more details.

Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com 28
Special Solutions
Does a penguin need a good climate? A Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, Menerga enthusiasm. Because unusual projects
question which is easy to answer if you systems contribute towards making such are an incentive for us to try out new
are hoping to produce baby penguins at breeding possible. This project also technologies and then use them if
the zoo: yes. includes comfort air conditioning - this appropriate as an improvement for our
time not for people, but for the feath- standard systems. Not for nothing is our
Many types of penguins are threatened ered residents. Research and Development Department
with extinction; producing offspring in always active and repeatedly surprises
the zoo is often the only way to preserve Menerga are well-known for the fact us with amazingly efficient develop-
the species for future generations. The that they are also able to implement ments.
condition for successful breeding is the very unusual projects. Where many
perfect simulation of the natural habitat others only shake their heads because
of the animals, for example the Arctic in their view such a project cannot be
light and climate conditions. At the executed, we enter the ring with

29 Comfort air conditioning | 2013/01/DE | Subject to technical modifications. © Menerga GmbH | www.menerga.com
Examples from Technology Hits
Menerga fits!
Do you have an exciting project? Why
© ESO/José Francisco Salgado (rosefrancisco.org)

not contact us? We look forward to

tackling the challenge together with you!

For example:
Alma research project in Chile
Unit type: Customer specific In the Chinese Atacama Desert, over 60 turned to Menerga with the task of
Alma research project in Chile telescopes provide images of previously developing an appropriate air condition-
60 telescopes in the Atacama desert unresearched areas of space at an ing system for these difficult conditions.
that collect data on the origins of the altitude of 5,100 metres as part of the The aim of the customer-specific
universe. astronomical ALMA research project. The development was to ensure that the
radio antennas received millimetre and temperature in the receiver cabin was
submillimetre waves in the range within the range 16°C to 22°C through-
between radio waves and infrared rays out the year. The air conditioning system
and together are intended to simulate developed for this task comprises four
one large telescope with a diameter of components:
several kilometres. Given the extreme
operating conditions, perfect operation 1st A cold water generator as an
of the telescopes is only possible with a external unit with the option of free
© Tierpark Hellabrunn

sophisticated air conditioning system cooling

that protects the sensitive technology 2nd A glycol distribution system bet-
from the large temperature fluctuations, ween the cold water generator and
while at the same time using as little the two internal ventilation units
energy as possible. 3rd Two internal recirc air treatment
Unit type: Frecolair, Resolair, Adsolair
units for the measurement and
Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich
The extreme weather conditions on the recording instruments, as well as
Air conditioning for the penguins, amongst
others, as well as the monkey enclosure, the
Chajnantor Plateau make independent air the receiver
visitor halls and the aquarium technology. conditioning of the moving parts of the 4. Fans for the uniform distribution of
telescope indispensable. In direct air in the area of the receiver cabin
sunlight, the surfaces quickly heat up to that is difficult to access
30°C to 40°C, while at the same time
minus temperatures can prevail in the The development of the air conditioning
shade. In view of the different coeffi- system for the ALMA telescopes was an
cients of expansion of the materials, unusual and challenging project which
thermal distortion can occur here if there could only be carried out in close
is no corresponding air-conditioning cooperation with the customers.
© polarfoundation.org

technology, thereby rendering reproduc- We are looking forward to more!

ible measurements impossible. At the
same time, the heat loads in the interior
of the antennas have to be led away in
order to prevent overheating of the
System types
Unit type: Resolair
receiver cabin and its computer-
Princess Elisabeth Station All system types
Belgian zero-emission research station built controlled measuring instruments.
and customer-specific
according to the passive house standard and developments – please
located in the Antarctic. Vertex Antennentechnik GmbH, the
contact us!
company commissioned with the design
and construction of the telescopes,

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