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(For individual Housing/ Non-Housing Loan)

The Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC) of the loan agreed betweenGurukrupa Ele. & Steel
Furniture (Prop: Shri Ganesh Mahadev Mahadik ) & Gurukrupa Trading (Prop: Shri Rajesh Mahadev
Mahadik (hereinafter called the borrower/s) and the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited
(DHFL) are mentioned below.

1. Loan
Loan Amount Sanctioned : Rs. 28500000/-
Loan Amount BTR /Shivkrupa : Rs. 12100000/-
Purpose of Loan : Business Loan
Rate of Interest : 13.65 % p.a.
Tenure : 7 Years- Equated Monthly Instalments

Any changes in the interest rate would be available on www.dhfl.com and also displayed in our DHFL

2. Fees and Other Charges : Please refer attached Tariff Schedule in Annexure I

Note: Tariff Schedule is subject to change and is binding to customers. Updated Tariff Schedule is
available on www.dhfl.com and also displayed in our Branches.

3. Security for the Loan

Mortgage Equitable Mortgage of Rs. 2,60,00,000/-
Registered Mortgage of Rs. 25,00,000/-
Of Commercial property situated @ Akluj
1) Shri Mahadev Dnyandeo Mahadik
2) Sou Anjali ganesh Mahadik
Guarantee 3) Sou Manjusha rajesh Mahadik

Other Security : Hypothecation of stock in trade & Receivables

Insurance of the Property/ Borrowers: The Borrower may be required to obtain
insurance cover for the property or himself, as per the terms and conditions contained in
the sanction letter. In case you have opted for insurance cover, DHFL shall be made as sole
beneficiary under these insurance cover policies and the insurance policy will be mailed
4. directly to your mailing address.
5. Conditions for Disbursement of the Loan
The Borrower shall:

(i) Submit all the relevant documents as mentioned in the sanction letter / Loan
(ii) Comply with all pre- conditions for disbursement of the loan as mentioned in the
sanction letter;
(iii) Ensure that he/she has absolute clear and marketable title to the property (security)
and the said property is absolutely unencumbered and free from any liability whatsoever;
(iv) Create appropriate security to secure the loan.

1 Model Draft for Academic Purpose

6. Repayment of Loan & Interest
The EMI For your loan is :
From Year To Year EMI Amount
March 2018 March 2025 Rs 528595/

Term for Repayment 7 Years

Number of Instalments to be paid 84

EMI shall be presented on the 15 of each month. Request you to maintain sufficient balance to
ensure clearance of EMI.

Any changes in interest rate, EMI or loan tenure would be communicated to you via letter or through

7. Recovery of overdue
 In case of nonpayment of dues, DHFL shall remind borrowers for payment of overdue
amount via tele calling, letters, emails, or through SMS on the details provided by the
 Personal visit by DHFL employees or by third parties appointed by DHFL will be done to
remind, follow up and collect outstanding dues.
 Legal action u/s 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act and / or SARFAESI or any other legal
action available to DHFL will be initiated on case to case basis.

8. Date on which annual outstanding balance statement will be issued:

As per the request of the Borrower, after the end of the financial year.

9. Customer Services
For any queries, please call us on 1800 3000 1919 from Monday to Friday between 9:30 a.m. to 6:00
p.m. and on Saturday between 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or write to us at response@dhfl.com.

Home Branch: Branch Timings

Monday to Friday: 09:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 09:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Important documents
All requests for obtaining copies of your documents are accepted at our Customer Care on 1800 3000
1919 from Monday to Friday between 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday between 9:30 a.m. to
2:00 p.m. or write to us at response@dhfl.com.

I. Statement of Account (SOA) / IT Certificate/ Amortisation Schedule

SOA/ IT certificates are provided free of cost once a year. For duplicate copies, nominal
charges will apply.

II. Copy of Title Documents

Copy of title documents are provided on request.
III. Prepayment and return of documents upon closure of loan
 Prepayment charges shall be applicable as per NHB guidelines.
 You can prepay your loan any time after 6 months from date of first disbursement.
 To place a request, call us 1800 3000 1919 from Monday to Friday between 9:30 a.m. to
6:00 p.m. and on Saturday between 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or by writing to us at
 Loan closure statement will be provided to you within 10 working days from the
request date.
 Your original property documents will be handed over to you within 21 working days
from credit of funds to DHFL.
 Prepayment (part or full) will be accepted only until 25 th of the month.

Kindly refer the attached Tariff schedule for applicable charges. For a detailed list of all services &
charges, please visit www.dhfl.com.

10. Grievance Redressal

DHFL is committed to extend its best services to its customers through our channels. Our grievance
redressal process ensures that your grievance can be addressed by us and you can bring it to the notice
of our senior management in case you are not satisfied with the solution you have received. If you have
any grievance, please follow the steps provided below:

Step 1:
You can contact us with the Loan Application number and the details of the complaint in brief through
the following modes. You will receive a response within 7 working days from the day of receipt of

Call us on 1800 3000 1919 from Monday to Friday between 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday
between 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Email: response@dhfl.com.
Mailing Address: DHFL Customer Care 301, 302 & 309, 3rd Floor, Krishna Tower, Plot No. 8,
Sector - 12, Dwarka, New Delhi –110075.
Branch: Kindly contact the Branch / Service Manager of the business location where you hold your
Step 2:If the resolution you receive does not meet your expectation, please write to our Nodal Officer at

Step 3:If you are still not satisfied with the resolution you receive, please write to our CEO at
ceo@dhfl.com.If you are not happy with the resolution provided by the above levels, you can
approach the National Housing Bank by lodging a complaint online at
https://grids.nhbonline.org.in or by writing in the prescribed format at:

Complaint Redressal Cell

National Housing Bank/ Department of Regulation & Supervision, 4th Floor, Core 5A,
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road New Delhi –110 003
Annexure –I
Sr. Charge Amount
Charge Description
No Type of Loan
Business Property Term Plant &
Application Fees Loan Loan Machinery Loan
1 Loan
/Login Fees
`10,000 + New : No Fee
No fees
Applicable GST Used : `5000/- + Applicable GST
Processing Fees
2% +
(Non-Refundable) 1.25% +
2 Applicable 2% + Applicable GST
(% of loan Applicable GST
application value)
CERSAI Registry /
`50/- for loans up to `5 lac + Applicable GST
3 Modification
`100/- for loans above `5 lacs + Applicable GST
Technical Fees (for
additional property
a. Within 60 km radius: No charges
or property situated
4 b. Beyond 60 km: `500/- for first visit and `750/- for subsequent
outside geographic
visits + Applicable GST
limit or for pre
Business Loans: Not applicable
5 Valuation charges Property Term Loan, Plant & Machinery Loan & Medical
Equipment Loan: At Actuals
Type Of Loan Charges Applicable
a. Business Loan
b. Plant & No Part
No part-prepayment
Machinery Loan -prepayment
Part-Prepayment c. Medical allowed
Charges Equipment Loan
*Part-prepayment Within 6 months of No part-prepayment
will be allowed only agreement date allowed
once in a financial
year. 7-24 months of
5% + Applicable GST
Property Term agreement date
Loan* 25-36 months of
3% +Applicable GST
agreement date
After 36 months of
2% +Applicable GST
agreement date
Type Of Loan Charges Applicable
Within 6 months of
No Foreclosure allowed
a. Business Loan agreement date
b. Property Term 7-24 months of
7 Foreclosure Charges Loan 5% + Applicable GST
agreement date
c. Plant&
Machinery Loan 25-36 months of 3% +Applicable GST
d. Medical agreement date
Equipment Loan After 36 months of
2% +Applicable GST
agreement date
Cheque /ECS
8 `500/- + Applicable GSTper instance
bounce charges
Bank Charges on
9 Cheque/ECS At actuals
Cash collection 1% of collection amount for `50,000 & above in cash + Applicable
charges GST
Overdue Charges on
11 18 % Per annum on the outstanding dues
Demand Draft/Pay
`150/- per lac or actual bank charges, whichever is higher +
12 Order issuance
Applicable GST
ECS/ Cheque
13 `250/-per swap + Applicable GST
swapping charges
Collection pickup
14 `250/- per visit +Applicable GST
0.5% of principal outstanding
15 Conversion charges Conversion scheme can be availed only after 1 year from the date
of disbursement
16 Legal Charges Legal charges as applicable on case to case basis
17 At actuals
18 Legal/ repossession At actual
Stamp duty/
19 As per applicable law/charges of the relevant property state
Franking charges
Duplicate No Dues
20 `250/- + Applicable GST
Copy of property
21 `500/- + Applicable GST
Statement of
`No Charges once in a Financial Year
22 account/ provisional
Subsequently: `250/- per statement +Applicable GST
IT certificates
Custodial Fee for
`500/- per month (post 60 Days from Loan Closure Date)
23 property documents
+Applicable GST
in closed loans
Document retrieval
`1,000/- for loans upto `10 Lac + Applicable GST
24 charges on closure
`2,000/- for loans above `10 Lac + Applicable GST
of loan
25 `500/- + Applicable GST
statement charges

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