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Profile – Narendra Kumar Bhogal

Narendra Kumar Bhogal has well over 30 years of rich

corporate experience in IT Program Management and
Operations Management. He also has over 17 years of
leadership experience leading retail teams for both Indian
and Overseas clients. He has had the opportunity of working
with some of the leading retailers from both India and
abroad. Some of these are Walmart, Carrefour, Max
Hypermarkets (SPAR), Spencer’s and Foodworld among

He started his career as a Sales Trainee in 1976 before moving on to Information

Technology in 1983. Since 1983 he has worked in various positions in the
IT industry starting of as a COBOL programmer. He has also been involved in
teaching, recruitment, training, system studies, analysis, design of various
applications in retail. Retail is his forte and has also has worked in other domains
including, stocks & shares, health care, office management, etc.

During his tenure with Zensar he has successfully completed a prestigious and
senior IT assignment at Carrefour India (Gurgaon). He was also deputed as Head-
IT at Max Hypermarkets in Bangalore to handle pan India IT operations. During
both these assignments he was also very actively involved in recruitment and
training of personnel.

Over the last few years he has also worked as Head – Solutions and Technology
for Heritage Retail (India) Limited, Hyderabad, where he was responsible for
driving various in house functions and initiatives; formulating IT policies &
procedures governing IT and Store operations.

His last corporate assignment with UST Global was as Senior Advisor and Subject
Matter Expert for Retail primarily to the Walmart account where he was also a
Portfolio Leader for the Transportation portfolio. Additional responsibilities
included providing domain expertise across the Retail BU within the company.

He was instrumental in developing an enterprise package including a POS solution

for the retain industry. His Retail domain knowledge is extensive and includes
topics ranging from Customer Buying Behaviour, Store Operations, Information
Systems, Retail Communications, etc.

Off late he has been using his vast experience to mentor and guide students and
individuals to be able to perform better in job interviews and have a smooth
transition from college to corporate life. These include one-on-one sessions and
mock interviews to provide specific inputs and also monitor their progress.

During his long career he has been associated with the following:

1. Jenson & Nicholson (India), Kolkata

2. Data Systems Services, Pune
3. Hinduatan Lever Limited, Mumbai
4. Extentia Information Technology, Pune
5. Seacom (India) Limited, Pune
6. Zensar Technologies Limited, Pune
7. Heritage Retail (India) Limited, Hyderabad
8. UST Global, Trivandram