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Subject : English

Year : 5 Mullai

Enrolment : 25 pupils

Level : Mixed Ability

Date/Day : 23rd February 2018

Time : 10.30 a.m – 11:30 a.m

Theme : World of Self,Family and Friends

Topic : Peer Pressure

Focused Skill : Writing

Previous Knowledge ; Pupils are familiar with friends

Content Standard : By the end of 6-year primary schooling pupils, will be able to
form letters and words in neat legible print including cursive

Learning Standard : 3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print with correct spelling:

(a) sentences

Learning Objectives : By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to:

1) Write two sentences each in the e-mail during the ‘Round

Table’ session.
2) Write an e-mail individually on the given topic in the
given template with guidance.

Vocabulary : happy, swimming, working, also

Educational Emphases : Thinking skills

Moral Values : Sharing experiences with friends

Thinking Skills : Experience sharing

Multiple Intelligence : Interpersonal

Entrepreneurship : Freelance writer

Resources/ Teaching Aid : 1) Five stick puppets on icons of applications which are
used to convey messages.

2) Poster of an e-mail template to be used in the

presentation stage.

4) ‘Mahjong’ papers with the e-mail template to be used

during the ‘Round Table’ session.

5) A worksheet on an e-mail template.

6) Colour papers to write short message at the closure.

Stages/Time Content Activities Remarks

Set 1)To trigger pupils’ 1) Teacher shows few stick Preparation

interest through the puppets which shows icons of Phase
icons in the stick applications used to convey
(5 minutes) puppet. messages
- Preparation
2) Icons used in 2) Teacher asks the pupils to
the stick puppets guess the uses of the icons
3) Teacher requires the pupils
to brainstorm on the ways to
-wechat convey message.

-messenger 4) Teacher introduces the

topic by highlighting on the
-text message e-mail icon shown in the stick.

Presentation 1) E-mail shown as 1) Teacher projects a template Imagination

sample- A girl of an e-mail with its Phase
(± 20 mins)
writing to her friend components via LCD projector
on her debate on the white board.
2) Teacher explains each
component in e-mail writing
and pastes an example for
each component.
3) Teacher asks the pupils to -Generating
read aloud the example given. Ideas

4) Teacher asks few

questions regarding e-mail
2) Question asked writing to pupils to engage
regarding e-mail them to the lesson.
- What do you write
in the subject
-Why do you write
an e-mail?

Practice a) To enable pupils 1) Teacher requires pupils to Development

practice e-mail work in groups. Phase
2) Each group participates in
(± 15 mins)
b) ‘Round Table’ the ‘Round Table’ session.
session to enhance
3) Teacher give each group a
cooperative -Assessment
‘mahjong’ paper with a
learning among
template of an e-mail and a
common situation.
4) Teacher requires the pupils
to participate in the ‘Round
Assessment for
Table’ session by writing an
Example: e-mail as a group.
5) Teacher asks the pupils to
discuss on the situation and
each member of the group
take turn to write two
sentences in the e-mail.
6) Teacher guides the pupils.
7) Teacher ask each group to
Write an email to paste their e-mail around the
your friend about class and participate in gallery
your experience in walk.
your new school.

Production 1) To make pupils 1) Teacher requires pupils to Action Phase

describe their work individually.
(± 15 mins)
experience by
2) Teacher provides each
writing e-mail. -Continuous
pupil with an e-mail template.
3) Teacher requires each pupil
to write an e-mail to their
friends on the given topic. Assessment for
4) Teacher guides the pupils.
5) Teacher ask pupils to send
Situation: their e-mails by putting them in
the e-mail box prepared by the
Write an email
about your
favourite teacher.

Closure 1) To instill moral 1) Teacher asks pupils to work

values. with a partner in the ‘Palm
(± 5 mins)
Message’ session.
2) ‘Palm Message’
2) Teacher provides the pupils
with a small colour paper.
3) Teacher ask the pupils to
write a short message with
one sentence on the colour
paper and paste it on the
palms of their partners.
4) Teacher concludes the
lesson by asking pupils to
share experiences with their
friends through writing.