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PACiS Management

PACiS Technical Training Level 1

PACiS Industrialisation Team

1) Documentation

3 > L1-V4-01-PACiS MANAGEMENT-C-02 3

1.1) Customer Documentation

Technical Documentation
Manuals : Operational, Technical Guides (+ On Line help)
For System
+ each PACiS device
C264, OI, SMT, SCE, Gateway, Hxxx
By Chapters

Technical Chapters
IT Introduction
TD Technical Data FT FuncTion description
CT CommunicaTion
IN Install RS Record Sheet
HW Hardware CO Connection
CM CoMmissioning
AP Application ST SeTting
MF Maintenance Fault finding PA Problem Analysis
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1.2) Product Specification (AREVA only)

PS Number PS Name
01 Systems Overview
02 Systems Devices and Functional Arrangements
03 Control Points and HMI
04 Plant Data Interface
05 Process and Apparatus Data Management
06 Data Logging and Archiving
07 Control Sequences
08 Automatic Control Functions
09 Alarm Management
10 Protection Function and IED Management
11 Time Management
12 System Monitoring
13 Engineering Tools

C264 Stand-
Stand-Alone Applicable
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1.3) Other documentation

 Release documentations
 Release Note

 PACiS Integrated IED List

 Lotus Notes Bases :
 Automation Documentation
 Automation Products and Systems

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2) Deliveries

7 > L1-V4-01-PACiS MANAGEMENT-C-02 7

2.2) PACiS Deliveries

 Hardware and options (from CORTEC)
 Factory test results

 Software CD ROM
 PACiS Software Version (V4.X.X) + System Release Note +
 MiCOM Cx6x Software
 PACiS SMT (System Maintenance Tool)
 PACiS SCE (System Configuration Editor)
 SBUS Agency
 PACiS OI software
 PACiS Gateway

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3) PACiS Management

9 > L1-V4-01-PACiS MANAGEMENT-C-02 9

3.1) Structure

Automation Units - Operations

Before sales : During project execution: Commissioning :

Questions upon features, Hardware or software Installation help,
architectures, additional fault, request for change, fault analysis . .
formation . . configuration &
installation help . . .

PACiS Operations Support : Assistance

Marketing R&D Department Production

Internet tool DevTrack

10 > L1-V4-01-PACiS MANAGEMENT-C-02 10

3.3) Delivery

R&D Department PACiS Operations Automation Units

Support Operations

System Software
Hardware Release
Master CD Creation
for each PACiS
Delivery: OI, SCE,
SMT, C264

11 > L1-V4-01-PACiS MANAGEMENT-C-02 11

3.4) Fault Report

Automation Units PACiS Operations R&D

Operations Support Department

Anomaly detection
Fault Report

Fault Report registration

Investigation on fault
Fault Report
Help & Solutions
Process of Software
Standard process New software
of software delivery release

Periodic Modification Board Meeting

to Browse fault reports (priority, status, delivery dates)
Internet tool : DevTrack
12 > L1-V4-01-PACiS MANAGEMENT-C-02 12
3.5) Request for Change on Project in Order

Automation Units PACiS Operations

Operations Support Marketing / R&D

Product Manager
Need a PACIS Change Request decide is CR is
Product evolution acceptable

Archive CR
Follow up CR status Department

Study CR Analysis
Acceptance or CR Analysis :
Refusal work load & schedule

CR Implementation
Standard process of
software delivery

Periodic Modification Board Meeting

to Browse CR (priority, status, delivery dates)
Internet tool : DevTrack
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4) PACiS Requirement

14 > L1-V4-01-PACiS MANAGEMENT-C-02 14

4.1) PACiS Users

 Areva Automation
 Tendering Engineer
 Business Engineer
 Application Engineer
 System Engineer
 Areva Contractors
 External Contractors

»PACiS Habilitation
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4.1) PACiS “Expert” Requirement

 Areva Automation & Contractors

 Contents Lotus DB (integrated IED…)
PS 0, 1, 2
 PACiS Components & vocabulary

 Areva Automation
 Good knowledge of Product Specification
 Business : Ordering, Specification,
 Application : Limit size, features, FR, CR, Data List
 Engineering : operating,
installation & release, configuration,
maintenance, FR
 Areva Automation Expert
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