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Protectorate of Menoth
Retribution of Scyrah
Convergence of Cyriss
Four Star Syndicate
Highborn Covenant
Puppet Masters
Searforge Commission
Talion Charter

legendary Dawnguard have ever defended the security of Ios by eliminating threats to the
kingdom as soon as they are identified. Armed with sword-cannons and wearing heavy
armor, the Invictors are the backbone unit of the elite Dawnguard, a flexible combined
arms force unlike any other.

Circle Orboros
Legion of Everblight Basic Info
Trollbloods Statistics
Low-average SPD, above average MAT, high-average RAT, low DEF for light infantry, and
Blindwater Congregation
good armor. This light infantry isn't cheap but the cost reflects their
Thornfall Alliance

Weapons and Attacks

Sword Cannon – Low-average range, good POW. It's two inches short of a
Newbie Page Blade – The P+S is two points below their cannon's damage but flanking makes their
Faction Overview damage pretty scary.
General Strategies
Scenario Play Special Abilities
Tournament Analysis
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Tournament Analysis Flank [Faction Warjack] – This puts their MAT up to elite levels, and their lack of
Army List Builders reach is about the only thing keeping a unit from possibly taking out a heavy.
Army List Archive Combined Ranged Attack – Groups of two means they shouldn't have trouble
Theme Forces hitting just about anything and damage high enough to rip apart light
Glossary of Abbreviations jacks/warbeasts.
Defensive Line – Yeah.. they can do everything they do and still be fairly tough to
kill. Lobbing aoe's is almost a complete waste at this point, good luck.
'Jack Marshal – Even if they didn't have this they'd still be worth it. Consider a
Rules for Editors Banshee as a nice increase to their kill ability and or an Aspis to make them harder to
Pages which need work kill at range.
How can I help?
How to Edit Available Attachments
Donate UA: Dawnguard Invictor Officer and Standard Bearer
WA: Soulless Escort
Mk I Archive
Terrain Archive

Thoughts on the Dawnguard Invictors

Invictors in a nutshell
If there is any unit in Warmachine that could be considered "OP" it is this unit; as such it is
this unit is awsome, but you may lose some friends when you field them so, use at your own
risk. Invictors are a flexible attacking unit. Their primary attack is a moderate range, moderate
POW shot with decent RAT. This allows them to deal damage to heavy infantry or dent the
odd 'jack, and they have the option of CRAs to damage high ARM or DEF targets. They
have also have decent MAT and low to moderate P+S on their melee weapons, which allows
them to engage models that are too difficult to shoot. Additionally, Flank lets them retain
effectiveness once enemy models move into melee. Common tactics involve thinning out
key units with shooting, then closing in for the melee kill once the rest of the army is
engaged. They are reliable troopers of the line but rarely win the game for you, unless you
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can boost their damage or you can line up a massive CRA.

Good deployment and positioning is key to getting the most out of them. Figure out where
on the table you want the battle to happen (or is likely to happen, if you're playing a mobile
opponent like Circle, Legion or Cryx), and position the Invictors to threaten that point,
support units threatening that point, or shut down one of your enemy's lines of advance to
that point. Set them up to contest/control an objective or to move cautiously up to the
battle, shooting off CRAs all the way. Bad deployment can leave one of your most effective
and expensive units languishing on the flanks and unable to engage key targets, so keep
them close (unless you have a very cunning plan).

Thoughts on using them as Warjack Marshals

Their 'Jack Marshal ability is mostly used for the Flank bonus, as neither the base unit nor
the UA has any specific Drives. Griffons or Gorgons will probably serve best in this role.
Marshaling a ranged 'jack, such as a Daemon or Banshee, may also have value, but only in
very specific army builds. Don't overlook other ways to use 'jacks to make your Invictors'
lives easier, however. Having an Arcanist give a marshaled 'jack focus opens up the
possibility of power attacks. Sending said 'jack off to headbutt a model and open up a CRA,
slamming a screening larger base into a warcaster before murdering him with bullets (or, if
possible, a Flank-enhanced charge), or even just charging into a line of heavy infantry to
gain a turn of shooting, can be an excellent use of 4 or 5 points.

Combos & Synergies

Ravyn – If aiming or using two-model CRAs, Invictors are good enough that you can
drop Snipe on them turn one and never look back. Her feat allows them to hit almost
anything. Also, Vortex of Destruction adds to the Flank bonus and boosts damage
output significantly, turning Invictors into a serious melee threat.
Vyros – Combine Defensive Line with Inviolable Resolve to gain ARM 19.
Battlegroup 'jacks with 360° LOS provide Flank easily.
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Rahn – Slap Polarity Shield on Invictors and watch your opponent grow grey hairs.
Lighter infantry typically rely on charging to break high ARM, and this spell dares
your opponent to run in for melee (especially if there's a convenient myrmidon close
by for Flank).
Discordia – Cluster the formed triangles around Discordia to benefit from Kinetic
Field and shrug off casual shooting attacks like rain.
Ossyan – Quicken mitigates the Invictors' SPD problems and boosts their DEF
against ranged & magic attacks to respectable levels. Shatter Storm allows them to
chew up light infantry, and his feat makes the unit absolutely lethal for one turn.
Dawnguard Scyir - Using a dawnguard Scyir with a marshaling a myrmidon can be a
good way to get the flanking bonus for the invictors, without increasing the cost of
the Invictors unit further.
Issyria - Blinding light decreses the defence of the enemy unit hit so that the
Invictors essentially will be getting an aiming bonus against that unit, and they can
still move. With Inviolable Resolve they gain a boost to ARM to that of a normal
heavy Jack helping them alot against blast damage, and fearless for when charging
into or being charged by forces with abomination or terror, which combines well with
Crusader's Call giving them a Little boost to speed when charging.

Downsides & Drawbacks

Full units of Invictors are the Retribution's most expensive infantry unit.
Adding their UA (which they need...seriously) makes them a very big points
Their low SPD (typical of Dawnguard infantry) means they're one of the slowest
units available to Ret.

Tricks & Tactics

Arranging troopers in triangles of three with a point facing the enemy forces your
opponent to kill two before removing this ARM bonus, and all three models should

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still have LOS to something. This allows them to survive deviating AOEs, and POW
10 attacks will have to work to kill them.



Rules Clarifications

Theme Forces this is a member of

Issyria1 - Dawnbringers
Ravyn1 - Will of the Nine Voices
Vyros1 - Dawn's Talon
Vyros1 - Legions of the Dawn
Vyros2 - Guardians of the Gate


################## Retribution Index

Warcasters Garryth - - Issyria - - Kaelyssa
- - Ossyan - - Rahn - - Ravyn -
- Thyron - - Vyros 1 - - Vyros
Warjacks - Light Aspis - - Chimera - - Gorgon -
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(Light Myrmidion) - Griffon
Warjacks – Heavy Banshee - - Daemon - - Hydra
(Heavy Myrmidion) - - Manticore - - Phoenix - -
Discordia - - Hypnos - -
Warjacks - Colossals Helios - - Hyperion
(Colossal Myrmidion)
Units Dawnguard Destors - -
Dawnguard Invictors (UA) - -
Dawnguard Sentinels (UA) - -
Battle Mages - - Houseguard
Halberdiers (UA) - -
Electromancers - - Heavy Rifle
Team - - Houseguard Riflemen
(UA) - - Mage Hunter
Infiltrators (UA) - - Mage
Hunter Strike Force (UA) (UA)
- - Stormfall Archers
Special Weapon Attachment:
Soulless Escort
Special Unit Attachment:
Solos Arcanist - - Dawnguard
Destor Thane - - Dawnguard
Scyir - - Ghost Sniper - -
Artificer - - Magister - -
Houseguard Thane - - Mage
Hunter Assassin - - Soulless
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Hunter Assassin - - Soulless
Eiryss1 - - Eiryss2 - - Skeryth
Issyen - - Narn - - Nayl
Warcaster Attachment: Sylys
Journeyman Warcaster: Elara
Battle Engines Arcantrik Force Generator


Retribution Mercenary
Mercenary None at present
Mercenary Different types of
Warjacks Mercenary warjacks
can only be taken by
specific Mercenary
models ... which means
there's too many
permutations to list
here (in any sort of
meaningful way).

However, note that the

following Retribution
mercenary models can
warjacks/warbeasts (in
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addition to the
Mercenary Warcasters
listed above):
Dahlia Hallyr &
Mercenary Nyss Hunters • Lady
Units Aiyana & Master Holt
Mercenary Lanyssa Ryssyll •
Solos Madelyn Corbeau •
Dahlia Hallyr &

Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Retribution (ha ha ha ha), you need to
be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.

Or see the Retribution Theme Forces


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