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Houseguard Riflemen Officer & Standard
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Houseguard Riflemen Officer & Standard Bearer - Retribution

Unit Attachment
Models listed by Faction The stoic
Models listed by Expansion and
List of Spells keen-
List of Special Abilities eyed
who lead


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Protectorate of Menoth
Retribution of Scyrah
Convergence of Cyriss
Four Star Syndicate
Highborn Covenant
Puppet Masters
Searforge Commission
Talion Charter

houseguard riflemen companies are even more vital to their success than the individual
training of the men. Victory or defeat may rest on the smallest judgement calls, and these
captains must be ready to gauge the strength of the enemy accurately and direct the fire of
Circle Orboros
Legion of Everblight their men where it is needed most.
Skorne - Excerpted from FoW: The Retribution of Scyrah in absence of an official blurb.
Blindwater Congregation
Thornfall Alliance Identical to the base stat line of the unit, except that the Officer has slightly higher MAT
and RAT.

Weapons and Attacks

Long Rifle - As the unit.
Newbie Page Sword - Get out of there!
Faction Overview Standard Bearer
General Strategies None.
Scenario Play
Tournament Analysis
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Tournament Analysis Special Abilities (Officer)
Army List Builders Officer
Army List Archive Combined Ranged Attack - The Officer can lead CRAs, increasing accuracy slightly.
Theme Forces Officer - If he dies, you don't get him back.
Glossary of Abbreviations Granted: War Tempered - The unit can fire CRAs into melee as long as the officer is
alive. These attacks are still subject to the in-melee penalty.
Ranked Attack - As the unit.
Mini-feat: Whites Of Their Eyes - Gain an additional die on ranged attack rolls
Rules for Editors against short range targets. Very handy for making a final push, or shooting down
Pages which need work incoming high DEF assassins.
How can I help? Standard Bearer
How to Edit Standard Bearer - Standard standard stuff.
Donate Ranked Attack - He just stays out of the way.

Other Thoughts on the Officer and Standard

Mk I Archive
This UA doesn't make the original unit silly good or provide a huge boost, but is meant to
Terrain Archive
provide new way to utilize the Riflemen. As with most Retribution UAs, this package brings
in another (better aimed) rifle to the unit and help with command checks.

The main benefit of the UA appears to be War Tempered. This allows the Riflemen to CRA
into melee, potentially in support of hard-hitting units like Destor Thanes that are likely to
be engaged. War Tempered is has real potential to hurt your own troops as well, so utilize it
with caution or go balls to the walls with 5/10-model CRAs.

Whites of Their Eyes allows them to snipe put high DEF targets such as Kayazy Assassins,
and is is essential for utilizing War Tempered. Each additional die adds 3.5 to the expected
value of an attack roll; combine this with two-model CRAs and you should be able to CRA
into melee without too much worry. In this manner, Riflemen can reduce the number of free
strikes an engaged unit that needs to move is subject to, or eliminate these jamming models
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Note that both abilities are lost if Officer dies. Do not keep him exposed. With range of your
rifles this should not be an isssue.

Whites of their eyes has been clarified: You only get additional dice against models within
8" of the officer. Ref: Infernal post
The latest errata on the mini-feat (July 2013): "additional die on ranged attack rolls
against models within 8˝ of the attacking model.", making the ability work as most players
interpreted the rule to begin with.

All hard-hitting models (Dawnguard Sentinels, myrmidons, 'Caster)
Being engaged and no charge lane? Make some room with couple of well placed CRAs from
the Riflemen.

Models with ranged weapons (especially the Hydra and Daemon)

Being engaged and can't shoot juicy targets nearby? Remove the engaging models
somewhat safely.


################## Retribution Index

Warcasters Garryth - - Issyria - - Kaelyssa
- - Ossyan - - Rahn - - Ravyn -
- Thyron - - Vyros 1 - - Vyros
Warjacks - Light Aspis - - Chimera - - Gorgon -
(Light Myrmidion) - Griffon
Warjacks – Heavy Banshee - - Daemon - - Hydra

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(Heavy Myrmidion) - - Manticore - - Phoenix - -
Discordia - - Hypnos - -
Warjacks - Colossals Helios - - Hyperion
(Colossal Myrmidion)
Units Dawnguard Destors - -
Dawnguard Invictors (UA) - -
Dawnguard Sentinels (UA) - -
Battle Mages - - Houseguard
Halberdiers (UA) - -
Electromancers - - Heavy Rifle
Team - - Houseguard Riflemen
(UA) - - Mage Hunter
Infiltrators (UA) - - Mage
Hunter Strike Force (UA) (UA)
- - Stormfall Archers
Special Weapon Attachment:
Soulless Escort
Special Unit Attachment:
Solos Arcanist - - Dawnguard
Destor Thane - - Dawnguard
Scyir - - Ghost Sniper - -
Artificer - - Magister - -
Houseguard Thane - - Mage
Hunter Assassin - - Soulless
Eiryss1 - - Eiryss2 - - Skeryth
Issyen - - Narn - - Nayl
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Warcaster Attachment: Sylys
Journeyman Warcaster: Elara
Battle Engines Arcantrik Force Generator


Retribution Mercenary
Mercenary None at present
Mercenary Different types of
Warjacks Mercenary warjacks
can only be taken by
specific Mercenary
models ... which means
there's too many
permutations to list
here (in any sort of
meaningful way).

However, note that the

following Retribution
mercenary models can
warjacks/warbeasts (in
addition to the
Mercenary Warcasters
listed above):
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Dahlia Hallyr &
Mercenary Nyss Hunters • Lady
Units Aiyana & Master Holt
Mercenary Lanyssa Ryssyll •
Solos Madelyn Corbeau •
Dahlia Hallyr &

Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Retribution (ha ha ha ha), you need to
be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.

Or see the Retribution Theme Forces


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