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El proyecto familia- Genealógico


¡Vas a hacer un árbol creativo de tu familia en español! You are going to introduce us to your family.
In order to do so, you will create your family tree with a visual, oral and written presentation. You may
represent your real family or your ideal family. Por ejemplo, Antonio Banderas could be your brother and
Selena Gomez could be your cousin...maybe Christina Aguilera is your aunt. Creativity and neatness are
Options for visual family project:
You may choose the way you would like to create your family tree. Your options include:
- Poster board
- Power Point
- Prezi
- Family album
- Glogster
- Animoto
- Video
- Other (all other ideas must be approved by Sr. G)
* For all options, you must follow the specifics below as well as follow the rubric for grading and point totals.
Oral presentations must be memorized and may NOT be prerecorded.

- Include at least 8 family members.
- Choose 6 members to present to the class.
- Include a photo of each of the 5 members you are presenting. You may use real photos, magazine
clips, drawings, or computer art to represent each family member. Please note that all pictures must
be good quality and school appropriate.
- Have at least 3 generations (you, parents, grandparents)
- Describe each family member, include: (in complete, Spanish sentences)
A. Full Name
B. Relationship to you (sister, brother etc.)
C. Age and birthday
D. 2 Physical descriptions (use a variety)
E. 2 Personality descriptions (use a variety)
F. Birthplace and current place of residence
G. An additional interesting fact

Por ejemplo...
1. (A.) Me llamo Sr. G. (B.)Yo soy profesor. (C.)Tengo Veintiocho años. Mi cumpleaños es el
9 de marzo. (D.)Yo soy moreno y alto. (E.)Soy muy ambicioso y honesto. (F.)Soy de
Southwick, MA y vivo en Westfield, MA. (G.) Yo tengo dos perros que se llaman Storm y

Oral Presentation:
- You will give a brief presentation, in Spanish, about your family that you have represented with this
- You must tell us about 6 members of your family.
- Your presentation must be memorized.

Checklist Recap:
_______ 1. I have a chart/diagram showing at least 8 members of my family. Each
member of my family member in my diagram has their name and their
relationship to me. The relationship is in SPANISH!

_______ 2. I have a visual of 8 family members. I have a variety of choices for my

visual. My visual will include school appropriate photos of each family member. I
have chosen to make _________________.

________3. I have a written description of the above 6 members typed in Spanish.

I can put these descriptions on my visual or I can put them on a separate sheet of
________ 4. On ___________________ I will give an oral presentation of 6 of the
8 family members. I have included all of the required information from the list
given to me. My oral presentation will be done in SPANISH and will be
memorized. I will NOT be allowed to read the information.

________5. My project is neat and creative!

*****Note: You should come in ahead of time (before the actual due date) to
make sure everything works! We will not have time to “fix” your project on the
due date. *****