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We are informed in Quran that to God belongs the most beautiful names (7:180; 16:60; 17:110;
20:8; 30:27; 59:24). This article is a compilation of some of these names and attributes from the
Quran. These may be useful in Dhikr (commemoration of God). Knowing God's qualities, such
as the fact that God controls everything (8:17) also helps us know and appreciate God's glory.

I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[10:61] You do not get into any situation, nor do you recite any Quran, nor do you do anything,
without us being witnesses thereof as you do it. Not even an atom's weight is out of your Lord's
control, be it in the heavens or the earth. Nor is there anything smaller than an atom, or larger,
that is not recorded in a profound record.

(Note: God appears in all capitals as GOD where the Arabic word is Allah)

Most Gracious, Most Merciful (1:3). Master of the Day of Judgment (1:4). ... GOD possesses
infinite grace (2:105; 3:174; 8:29). To GOD belongs the east and the west; wherever you go
there will be the presence of GOD. GOD is Omnipresent, Omniscient (2:115). When My
servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The
people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided (2:186). ...GOD is the One
who provides and withholds ...(2:245). GOD: there is no other god besides Him, the Living, the
Eternal. Never a moment of unawareness or slumber overtakes Him. To Him belongs everything
in the heavens and everything on earth. Who could intercede with Him, except in accordance
with His will? He knows their past, and their future. No one attains any knowledge, except as He
wills. His dominion encompasses the heavens and the earth, and ruling them never burdens Him.
He is the Most High, the Great (2:255). ...GOD is Hearer ... (2:256) GOD is Lord of those who
believe ... (2:257) The example of those who spend their monies in the cause of GOD is that of a
grain that produces seven spikes, with a hundred grains in each spike. GOD multiplies this
manifold for whomever He wills. GOD is Bounteous, Knower (2:261).

...GOD is Almighty, Avenger. (3:4; 5:95; 14:47) ... possessor of all sovereignty. You grant
sovereignty to whomever You choose, You remove sovereignty from whomever You choose.
You grant dignity to whomever You choose, and commit to humiliation whomever You choose.
In Your hand are all provisions. You are Omnipotent (3:26; 23:88; 39:6...). You merge the night
into the day, and merge the day into the night. You produce the living from the dead, and
produce the dead from the living, and You provide for whomever You choose, without limits.
(3:27) ... To GOD is the ultimate destiny (3:28). ...GOD is Compassionate towards the people.
(3:30; 6:103) ...GOD does whatever He wills (3:40). ...GOD is the best schemer (3:54; 7:183) ...
GOD is the Lord and Master of the believers. (3:68) . ... All grace is in GOD's hand ... (3:73;
57:29). He specifies His mercy for whomever He wills; GOD possesses unlimited grace (3:74).
... who forgives the sins except GOD ... (3:135). ...Everything is up to GOD... (3:154). ... suffices
... best Protector (3:173, 174; 4:132; 12:64). ...GOD is the ultimate inheritor... (3:180). ...
possesses the ultimate reward (3:195). ...GOD is the most efficient in reckoning (3:199)

GOD suffices as Reckoner... (4:6). ... GOD wills to explain things for you, and to guide you
through past precedents, and to redeem you... (4:26). GOD wishes to redeem you ... (4:27). GOD
wishes to lighten your burden ... (4:28). ...Most High, Supreme (4:34). GOD does not inflict an
atom's weight of injustice. On the contrary, He multiplies the reward manifold for the righteous
work, and grants from Him a great recompense (4:40). ...only Lord and Master. GOD is the only
Supporter (4:45). ...GOD is the One who exalts whomever He wills, without the least injustice
(4:49). GOD is fully aware of their innermost intentions... (4:63; 2:225). Knower (4:70).
...Everything comes from GOD... (4:78). Anything good that happens to you is from GOD ..
(4:79). GOD suffices as a witness (4:79; 41:53). ...GOD suffices as an advocate (4:81; 73:9;
33:3,48). .To GOD belongs everything in the heavens and the earth, and ... GOD is the only
Protector (4:132; 3:173; 12:64). All dignity belongs with GOD alone (4:139, 39:10...). ...GOD is
Pardoner... (4:149) GOD is fully aware of all things (4:176).

GOD decrees whatever He wills (5:1). ... predetermined your life span ... that is known only to
Him (6:2). ...Had GOD willed, He could have guided them unanimously... (6:35,111, 149; 10:99;
28:56). ... only Him you implore, and He answers your prayer, if He so wills ... (6:41, 43).
...Judgment belongs with GOD alone. He narrates the truth, and He is the best Judge (6:57). With
Him are the keys to all secrets; none knows them except He... (6:59). Absolutely, He is the
ultimate Judge; He is the most accurate Reckoner (6:62). ...Knower of all secrets and
declarations, He is the Most Wise, the Cognizant (6:73). ...the Almighty, the Omniscient (6:96).
No visions can encompass Him, but He encompasses all visions. He is the Compassionate, the
Cognizant. (6:103; 39:67). Your Lord is the Rich One; possessor of all mercy... (6:133).
...possesses infinite mercy... (6:147). GOD never advocates sin (7:28). ...Absolutely, He controls
all creation and all commands. Most Exalted is GOD... (7:54). .. the best Forgiver (7:155).
...most efficient in enforcing retribution... (7:167) ... All decisions are made by GOD (8:44).
GOD's word reigns Supreme ... (9:40). {Referring: Heaven} ... And GOD's blessings and
approval are even greater ... (9:72). ...GOD is the Redeemer (9:118) ... He explains the
revelations for people who know (10:5). ...Who controls all the hearing and the eyesight? ...
(10:31). God never wrongs the people, it is the people who wrong their own souls (10:44). Had
your Lord willed, all the people on earth would have believed ... (10:99). There is not a creature
that He does not control (11:56). ...Glorious... (11:73) ... doer of whatever He wills (11:107;

All ruling belongs to GOD ... (12:40). ...GOD is the best Protector ... (12:64) Creator of all things
...the One, the Supreme (13:16). ...One who controls every single soul ... (13:33). ... to GOD
belongs the ultimate scheming (13:42). ... If you count GOD's blessings, you can never
encompass them ... (14:34; 16:18). ...My Lord answers the prayers (14:39). ... to GOD belongs
the most sublime examples ... (16:60; 30:27).

Lord's bounties are inexhaustible (17:20). ...fully controls the people... (17:60). There is none
besides Him as Lord and Master... (18:26). No one possesses power except GOD. (18:39, 43;
2:165; 10:65; 40:3; 48:7). ... is able to do all things (18:45). ...never unjust towards anyone
(18:49). ... GOD augments the guidance of those who choose to be guided (19:76). Surely, those
who believe and lead a righteous life, the Most Gracious will shower them with love. (19:96)

To Him belongs everything in the heavens, and the earth, and everything between them, and
everything beneath the ground. (20:6; 19:65) ...He knows the secret, and what is even more
hidden (20:7). ... the One who granted everything its existence and guidance... (20:50). ...My
Lord never errs, nor does He forget (20:52). ...His knowledge encompasses all things (20:98).
...none encompasses His knowledge (20:110). Most Exalted is GOD, the only true King
(20:114). Lord with absolute authority (21:22). ...You are the best inheritor (21:89). ...Your
judgment is the absolute justice... (21:112). the Most Praised (22:24). ...the ultimate Ruler
(22:41). ...certainly the best Provider (22:58). ... the best Lord and the best Supporter (22:78;
3:150; 8:40). .. the best deliverer (23:29). In whose hand is all sovereignty over all things, and He
is the only one who can provide help, but needs no help... (23:88; 18:43; 29:6). Most exalted is
GOD, the true Sovereign. There is no other god beside Him; the Most Honorable Lord, possessor
of all authority (23:116).

GOD is the Truth (24:25). GOD is the light of the heavens and the earth. The allegory of His
light is that of a concave mirror behind a lamp that is placed inside a glass container. The glass
container is like a bright, pearl-like star. The fuel thereof is supplied from a blessed oil-
producing tree, that is neither eastern, nor western. Its oil is almost self-radiating; needs no fire to
ignite it. Light upon light. GOD guides to His light whoever wills (to be guided). GOD thus cites
the parables for the people. GOD is fully aware of all things (24:35).

He created everything in exact measure; He precisely designed everything (25:2). ...suffices as a

Guide, a Master (25:31).

... the One who manifests all the mysteries in the heavens and the earth ... (27:25). Most
Honorable (27:40). ... Who is the One who rescues those who become desperate and call upon
Him, relieves adversity, and makes you inheritors of the earth? ... (27:62). No one in the heavens
and the earth knows the future except GOD. They do not even perceive how or when they will be
resurrected (27:65; 72:26, 27).

..GOD is the only One who guides in accordance with His will, and in accordance with His
knowledge of those who deserve the guidance (28:56; 2:272; 6:35,111,149; 10:99). ...One who
creates whatever He wills, and chooses; no one else does any choosing... (28:68). ...Everything
perishes except His presence... (28:88; 55:27).

GOD is in no need of anyone (29:6; 23:88). To Him belongs the most sublime similitude...
(30:27; 16:60) ... GOD's mercy is continuous (30:50).

...GOD has committed in your service everything in the heavens and the earth, and has showered
you with His blessings - obvious and hidden... (31:20, 45:13) GOD is the Most High, Most Great
(31:30). ... He is Most Merciful towards the believers. (33:43). the One who controls all
provisions ... Best Provider (34:39; 34:36). ...the Knower of all secrets (34:48; 20:7). He
increases the creation as He wills... (35:1). GOD is the One who holds the heavens and the earth,
lest they vanish. If anyone else is to hold them, they will most certainly vanish ... (35:41). ...
GOD's system is immutable (35:43).

... He is fully aware of every creation (36:79). Is GOD not sufficient for His servant? They
frighten you with the idols they set up beside Him. Whomever GOD sends astray, nothing can
guide him. And whomever GOD guides, nothing can send him astray. Is GOD not Almighty,
Avenger? (39:36-37). GOD is the Creator of all things, and He is in full control of all things
(39:62; 31:22; 33:27; 34:21; 39:21; 55:29; 4:126; 10:31). ... To Him belong all decisions in the
heavens and the earth (39:63). They can never fathom the greatness of GOD (39:67; 6:103).

Forgiver of sins, acceptor of repentance, strict in enforcing retribution, and possessor of all
power. There is no other god beside Him. To Him is the ultimate destiny (40:3; 48:4; 51:58;
18:39). Possessor of the highest ranks, Ruler of the whole dominion (40:15). He is fully aware of
what the eyes cannot see, and everything that the minds conceal (40:19). ... "Implore Me, and I
will respond to you ... (40:60). ... the only One who controls life and death... (40:68).

... sufficient as a witness of all things... (41:53; 4:79).

To Him belongs absolute control of the heavens and the earth... (42:12). ...the only Master, Most
Praiseworthy (42:28). whom belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth.
Absolutely all matters are controlled by GOD (42:53; 3:109; 10:3; 11:123; 22:76; 32:5; 57:5).

To GOD belongs all praise... (45:36). To Him belongs all supremacy... (45:37). ...To GOD
belongs all forces of the heavens and the earth... (48:4) I did not create the jinns and the humans
except to worship Me alone. (51:56) GOD is the Provider, the Possessor of all power, the
Supreme. (51:58; 18:39; 40:3; 48:4). Most Kind, Most Merciful (52:28). Most Powerful (53:5).
Possessor of all authority (53:6; 13:2; 20:5 ...).

Most exalted is the name of your Lord, Possessor of Majesty and Honor (55:78). He is the Alpha
and the Omega. He is the Outermost and the Innermost. He is fully aware of all things (57:3). ...
For those who oppose GOD and His messenger, GOD is most strict in enforcing retribution
(59:4). ...The King, the Most Sacred, the Peace, the Most Faithful, the Supreme, the Almighty,
the Most Powerful, the Most Dignified (59:23). ... the Creator, the Initiator, the Designer. To
Him belong the most beautiful names. Glorifying Him is everything in the heavens and the earth
... (59:24).

GOD is fully aware of the innermost thoughts. (64:4). ... Anyone who reverences God, He will
create an exit for him. (65:2). And will provide for him whence he never expected. Anyone who
trusts in GOD, He suffices him. GOD's commands are done. GOD has decreed for everything its
fate. (65:3). ... Anyone who reverences GOD, He makes everything easy for him. (65:4). This is
GOD's command that He sends down to you. Anyone who reverences GOD, He remits his sins,
and rewards him generously (65:5). GOD is fully aware of all things (65:12; 42:12). Most
exalted is the One in whose hands is all kingship, and He is Omnipotent (67:1). the Sublime,
Most Cognizant (67:14).
None knows the soldiers of your Lord except He (74:31). ... He is the source of righteousness;
He is the source of forgiveness (74:56)
No one can abrogate His decisions (78:37).
Whatever you will is in accordance with the will of GOD, Lord of the universe (81:29;76:30).
Doer of whatever He wills (85:16).

Everything is in accordance with GOD's will... (87:7; 4:78; 8:17; 22:14, 18; 42:30; 59:5; 64:11;
76:30; 81:29; 2:253; 14:27). Your Lord is ever watchful (89:14). ... He is the One and only GOD.
The Absolute GOD. (112:1, 2) Never did He beget. Nor was He begotten None equals Him.
(112:3-4; 2:116).

All praise be to GOD!