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Writing: Seventy five percent of the Philippine population is poor.

These poor Filipinos till rely on fishing

and agriculture. Unfortunately, the fishes were gone due to coastal projects. Deforestation is rapid for
housing project, what would become now the Filipino framers and fishermen? Give an idea in your
discussion. Emphasize the dignity of man and values of the environment.

As of today’s time, rice are getting richer while poor are getting poorer. It saddens me when the forest
of our country are getting lesser as years counts. And our marine life getting lesser too due to conflicts
like owning of the part of the sea. Because if the greediness of the people, other people are getting
lesser resources. Now, farmers would not be able to farm a big land where they earn a less in their
faming. And now, housing projects are rising, they will earn not enough to feed their family on weekly
basis. Plus farmer only earn when it is harvest time. It means they only have food or money that they
have saved. It is the same for fishermen. The only earn when they are going to the ea. To go for fishing
for earning/living. But there was latest news that the China are blocking Filipino fishermen saying that it
is the property of China. The fisherman sells their catch fish on local sellers to too in lowest price and
when there are calamities, there were no fishing time for them.
Buiza, Paul Alvin J.



First, some words on ‘ethics’: ‘Ethics’ concerns the rightness or wrongness of action, the virtue or
vice of character, and general matters of good and evil and how we might respond to good and evil.
Ethics has been defined as the philosophical science dealing with the morality of human acts. It provides
morality of human act. Studying ethics is a must for each person because he has to lie a moral life.
Studying Ethics helps us to understand what is the proper thing to do in every situation. We
learned here what is human act and its modifiers. We, humans are capable or thinking therefore we
should think before we do something. We should always be rational on everything we do. This will help us
to minimize our wrong decisions and guide us to better decisions. We also learned her the Filipino values
that is essential and destructive to us. This enables us to see what is already wrong in our society and how
we can prevent them. It is said that history repeats itself. But if we know our history, we can try to avoid
it. We also studied here about the Love of God. This teaches us different religious scenarios. We also
studied the work ethics which helps us to know the proper way to act in different situation in workplace.
We also tackled about the love of neighbor. And about marriage.
In this short course, I’ve learned a lot especially about not being late. Because you should respect
the others person time. They come here on time so you should also come on time. Don’t be late and
always be on time.