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Final - “Human Resources Management” (20%)

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
School of Economics, Management and Business

Note: All of the material (visual and written) must be 100% in English. Each group will have a
total of 20 minutes to present. Please be concise with the material required below. Remember
that if you´re using a clip, photo or quote from an author, you must cite it under the APA 6th
edition guidelines. Keep in mind that you must present on Wednesday March 14, 2017, 2:00p.m.
If you do not do so, your grade will be 0,0.

1. Brief introduction to the movie:

 You must contextualize the audience on the theme of the movie (company,
characters, plot, climax and key interactions (related to Human Resources).

2. Human Resources Management Process (you may guide yourself from the slides that
were sent and what was discussed in class):

 According to the milestones discussed in the early sessions of the course, does the
company or companies in the movie implement classic or scientific approaches
regarding their HR policies?
 Remember that the purpose of Human Resources Management is to Attract, Retain
and Maintain employees. Which tactics or aims does the company use to accomplish
this? (Give clear examples).
 One of the biggest trends shaping Human Resources Management today is
Globalization. This has led many Managers and CEO´s to believe that Human the
human capital and its policies should be aligned with eh company´s strategic goals.
Which strategic plans/actions are carried out in your movie?
 How does the company plan their organizational needs job analysis? Are any job
descriptions or job specifications mentioned? If so, what are they?
 How is their recruitment process done?
 When interviewing and selecting candidates, which methods are used by the
company? What do they look for in their applicants?
 Regarding training and personnel development, how are these processes being
handled? Are these decisions “organic” for the wellbeing of the company? How does
the company manage the subject of motivation?
 Do you consider the company´s appraisal/evaluation method to be appropriate?
From the psychological perspective seen in class, do you consider that the
employees have had a successful adaptation process?
 Which compensation/rewarding methods are used by the enterprise? Were they
successful? Were they ethical?
 Remember that the subject of Lay-off is now a matter of corporate social
responsibility. If a person is Laid –off, it is the company´s duty to give feedback to
this employee in terms of its performance, development and aspects to be

 During the movie, was the company or employee at any time accountable for any
legal issues? Unethical?
 What elements of occupational health did you notice were implemented (or
ignored) in the movie?
 Finally, In terms of International Human Resources Management, did the company
ever implement any of the following staffing policies: Ethnocentric, Polycentric
(outsourcing or offshoring) or Geocentric (expatriates)?

3. How is the Human aspect considered, treated and developed in the film?

 Remember the video “putting the human back into Human Resources
Management”. Keep in mind terms like “humanly” and “humanely”.

*Remember to be creative, dynamic and to study the material beforehand.

*Every member of the group must present (no exceptions).

*If you miss this day and you cease to provide the respective legal/medical excuse, your grade is
0,0. I will not be flexible on this matter.