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Daily Lesson Plan Name of Teacher: Ms.

Subject: English
Class: 8 Section: All
Number on Roll:

Boys: Girls:
Topic: Topics: Tai chi or boxing? (Listening and speaking skills Page no. 86 of
Learning Objective:
 To listen for skimming and scanning.
 To develop the student’s speaking skill by discussing the conversations.
Prior Knowledge:
The teacher will check the previous knowledge of the students by showing the pictures of the
Elicit from the students what the people are doing in the pictures?
Wait for student’s response: warm-up exercise.
Starter Activity:
The students will be asked to:
Listen to the conversation that will describe what is happening in the pictures.
Ask them to listen and see how accurate their description of the pictures was.
Ask students to say how close their descriptions were.
Students share their answers to the rest of the class.
2) Methodology:
 Students will brainstorm to Differentiation by ability:
elicit answers.
After reading:
 Students will listen to the
conversation and share their  Sun: Students will be asked to describe the
description about the pictures. picture given.
 Listen to the conversation of  Moon: Students will be asked to answers the
two people about how they questions.
cope with stress and  Star: Students will be asked to fill the one
unhappiness. word blanks.
 The students will solve the
worksheets given for Success Criteria:
skimming and scanning.
 The students will conduct a  Students are able to listen for skimming and
debate on the conversation. scanning.
Students got familiar with speaking skill.

Cross Curricular Link: Resources/ Teaching Aids:

• Related to all subjects.

Dictionary, textbook, board, marker and ppt.
• Real Life Applications: First
skill a child learns (listening).
3) Plenary:
 Ask students to speak: Some people are against violent combat sports, such as wrestling and
boxing, and think martial arts are much safer and better. What is your opinion?

(Few students will present their opinion in front of the class)

Home Learning (Reading Literacy):

Listen to BBC news and share your experience with the class next day.