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UPA-PC500 Drawer Swap

1. Unlock and open terminal head drawer. 2. Unplug CD drive IDE flat ribbon from computer
system by carefully rocking the 40 pin IDE connector
back and forth and pulling gently on the cable. IDE
cable should stay with the drawer.

3. Disconnect serial data cable for credit card reader by 4. Disconnect drawer power lead. Depress the lock tab
unscrewing the two side thumbscrews and unplugging on front of black power connector and pull apart.
the connector.
UPA-PC500 Drawer Swap

5. Disconnect the media reader USB cables from the 6. Remove drawer by depressing the black drawer slide
system. Trace the USB cables from the installed media stop located on each of the side drawer slide tracks.
reader and disconnect them from the computer end. Once depressed the entire drawer assembly can be
The USB cables should remain with the drawer and pulled free of the terminal head unit.
connected to the original media reader.

7. Install replacement drawer by aligning the drawer 8. Perform steps 5 through 1 in reverse order to
slide tracks and pushing the drawer in completely. reconnect the cables of replacement drawer.
Slide stops will reengage automatically once the drawer
is closed.

9. Verify the system software is updated to match the

media reader model now installed in the unit and test
the drawer devices to ensure all are working properly.