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Lesson Plan

(to be filled by student-teacher)

Class : Sem 4 AME

Level : Diploma

Time : 2 Hours

Theme :

Topic :

Skills :

Language Aspect :

General Objectives :

Specific Objectives :

Previous Knowledge :

Moral Values :

Thinking Skills :

Teaching Aids :
Time / Stages Teacher’s Activities Student’s Activities Teaching Aids
1. Set induction 1. Teacher asks 1. Students provides 1. LCD or
(3 minutes) students various answers Picture
Rationale: about their parent’s based on their cards
To stimulate student’s occupation. parent’s occupation
interest in the topic. 2. Teacher shows 2. Students identify
silhouette of people in the
their uniforms and silhouette and name
asks the occupation one
students to guess their by one.
occupation. Suggested answers
3. Teacher introduces 1. He’s a milkman.
today’s lesson. 2. She’s a nurse
1. Who do you think
2. Explanation 1. Teacher distributes 1. Students read
(8 minutes) to silently.
Rationale: the students a jazz 2. Students listen to
1. To enable students chant, the
to understand and “Tom the Banker”. tune and tempo of
read the jazz chant 2. Teacher asks the jazz chant.
with the correct students 3. Students follow and
tune. to read and recite the jazz chant
2. To enable students understand aloud with the right
to understand the the jazz chants silently tune and tempo.
message from the for 1 minute. 4. Students listen to
jazz chant. 3. Teacher asks teacher’s explanation
students about the content of
to listen carefully to the jazz chant.
how a jazz chant is 5. Students identify
read. main ideas in the
(Teacher demonstrate jazz chant and
the tempo by clapping underline the words
his hands)
4. Teacher asks
to follow him recite
jazz chant with the
correct tune and
5. Teacher elicits main
ideas in the jazz chant
and asks students to
underline the words.
3. Practice and 1. Teacher divides 1. Students get into
metacognition students into 6 their groups.
(10 minutes) groups. 2. Each group writes
Rationale: 2. Teacher asks their parallel jazz
To enable students chant by substituting
students to work to write a parallel the underlined words
collaboratively. chant with their own.
by substituting the 3. Students discuss
underlined words with with their friends in
their own. their group.
(students are told to 4. Each group reads
keep the sentence aloud their own jazz
structure) chant.
Group will write about
1 a doctor
2 a soldier
3 a postman
4. Application 1. Teacher distributes 1. Students work in
(7 minutes) Worksheet 1 to pairs to complete the
Rationale: students and asks tasks in worksheet 1.
To enable students to them to do the task in 2. A representative of
apply the knowledge pairs. each group presents
in 2. Teacher asks their answer.
the given task. students
to write down what a
person does based on
their occupation by
using the simple
present tense verbs.
e.g. A baker bakes
5. Evaluation 1. Teacher distributes 1. Students listen to
(10 minutes) Worksheet 2 to the the
Rationale: students. teacher’s
To evaluate student’s 2. Teacher asks explanation.
understanding students 2. Students complete
to write down 6 the tasks by
WHquestions constructing 6
using only WHquestion
Why, Where and sentences
When with its answers
with its answers in the using the
Simple Present Tense grammatical aspect
based on the words learnt earlier.
given in brackets.
6. Closure Teacher wraps up by Students listen
(2 minutes) stating the importance attentively
Rationale: of respecting other to teacher and take
To instil the value of people and their jobs. note
respect towards other Example:
people and their jobs. a. Students should of the extended
respect their school activity
security guard as they they should do.
look after the security
of the school.