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Administrative Cost

I. DENR Permits
1.) Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) Application
a.) Programmatic Environmental Impact Assessment 15,000
b.) Environmental Impact Assessment 10,000
c.) Programmatic Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan 10,000
d.) Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Checklist 5,000
2.) Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC)
(Exempted for Solar Energy)
Total 40,000
II. National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Permits
1.) Certificate of Non-Overla/Certificate of Pre-condition
(Exempted since project site would not be undertaken within IP grounds)

III. DOE Administrative fees for RE Contracts

1.) Application fee (Solar) 11,600
2.) Processing fee (Solar) 6.50/has
Total 11,600
1.) Consultancy Fees 30,000
2.) Transportation Expenses 5,000
3.) Contingency Fees 10,000
Total 45,000
Grand Total 96,600