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Gummiwerk Kraiburg Elastik GmbH

Kraiburg Comfort Mat Type KEW Plus

deformability/elasticity, continuous tread load

DLG-Test Report 5830 F

Short description
Elastic floor cover in the resting area for high cubicles in cubicle houses.

09/08 deformability/elasticity
continuous tread load
Three-layered composition:
– upper mat:
Manufacturer and black rubber mat 10 mm thick with circumferential border,
registering company thickness 60 mm,
Gummiwerk Kraiburg Elastik GmbH surface with grooves and beams,
Göllstraße 8 width of the grooves 8 mm,
84529 Tittmoning depth of the grooves 2 mm,
Tel: ++49 8683 701-0 width of the beams 33 mm.
Fax: ++49 8683 701-126
– inlay:
foam inlay, 20 mm thick.
– lower mat:
cup-formed rubber mat, 32 mm thick.

DLG e.V.
Test Center
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Test results and single evaluations
Deformability and elasticity ted by a steel foot (contact area Continuous tread load
75 cm²), which comprised 100,000
In ball thrust tests of hardness in alternating loads of 10,000 N. After After exposure to a continuous
new condition with a calotte (r = the endurance test, the penetration pressure load exerted by a steel foot
120 mm) at penetration force of depth of the calotte decreased from on a test stand (contact area 75 cm²),
2,000 N (corresponding to approx. 42.9 mm to 41.3 mm. Surface pres- which comprised 100,000 alterna-
200 kg) penetration depth was sure increased from 6.2 N/cm² to ting loads of 10,000 N (correspon-
42.9 mm. The surface pressure of 6.4 N/cm² (cf. figure 3). This means ding to approx. 1,000 kg), little
6.2 N/cm² calculated based on that deformability and elasticity wear on the upper mat was esta-
these results indicates a relatively decreased slightly. blished. On the foam little wear
small load on the carpal joints was found. The cup-formed lower
when the animals get up and lie mat showed no noticeable wear.
down. – in new condition ++ The floor cover was compressed
– after the continuous and a lasting deformation of approx.
Elasticity was measured after expos-
tread load test ++ 10 mm was determined. With a
ure to a continuous tread load exer-
height in new condition of approx.
62 mm, this means that the height
of the floor cover has been
28 diminished by approx. 16%.
26 A diminution of up to 30% is
24 defined as a standard.
(N/cm 2)

pressure load (N/cm²)

20 before
18 after

16 Evaluation
14 – little lasting deformation  +
10 – upper mat:
8 little wear 
6 – foam:
little wear 
0 – cup-formed lower mat:
0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 no noticeable wear  +
penetration depth(mm)

Figure 3: Evaluation scale:

deformability as a function of surface pressure + + / + /  / – / – – ( = standard)

Figure 5:
under side of upper mat after
continuous tread load

Figure 6:
Figure 4: under side of lower mat after
foam after continuous tread load continuous tread load

Report 5830
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