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Homework 2


1. The given figure shows, in cross section, two wires that are straight. Paralall and very
long .The ratio i1/i2 of wire 1 to that of wire 2 is 1/3.wire 1 is fixed in place. Wire 2 can
be moved along the positive side of x axis so as to change the magnetic energy density u B
set up by the two currents at the origin. The figure (b) gives uB as function of position x
of the wire 2. The curve has an asymptote of uB = 1.96Nj/m3 as x→∞ ,and the
horizontal axis scale is set by xs = 60.0 cm. what is the value of (a) i1 and, (b) i2?

2. Two coils connected as shown in fighure separately has inductances L1 and L2. Their
mutual inductance is M. Show that this combination is replaced by a single coil of
equivalent inductance given by Leq = L1 + L2 + 2M. (b) how can the coils in the figure
be reconnected to yield an equivalent inductance of Leq = L1 + L2 - 2M?

3. In an oscillating LC circuit with C = 64.0µF, the current is given by i =

(1.60)sin(2500t+0.680), where t is in seconds and I is in amperes and phase constant in
radians .(a) how soon after t=0 the current will reach its maximum value? What are the
(b) the inductance L and (c) the total energy?
4. An RLC circuit as R = 5.0 Ω and C = 20.0 µF, L= 1.0 H and ξ m = 30.0 V.(a) at what
angular frequency ωd the current amplitude will have its maximum value?What is the
maximum value? At what (c) lower frequency ωd1 and (d) higher frequency ωd2 be the
current amplitude half of the maximum value? What is the fractional half width (ωd1 -
ωd2)/ ω the resonance curve for this circuit?
5. An ac generator provides emf to a resistive load in a distant factory over a two cable
transmission line. At the factory a step down transformer reduces the voltage from its
(rms) transmission value Vt, to a much lower value which is safe to use in the factory.
The transmission line resistance is 0.30Ω/cable and the power of the generator is 250kW.
If Vt = 80kV, what are the (a) voltage decrease ∆V along the transmission line and the
(b) rate Pd at which the energy is dissipated in the line as thermal energy? If Vt = 8.0kV
,what are (c) ∆V and(d) Pd ? if Vt = 0.80 kV what are (c) ∆V and(d) Pd ?

6. An ac generator has emf ξ = ξmsin(ωdt-π/4) where ξm = 30.0 V and ωd = 350 rad/s. the
current produced in a connected circuit is i(t) = I sin(ωdt-π/4) , where I = 620mA. At what
time after time t = 0 does (a) the generator emf first is reach a maximum and (b) the
current first reach a maximum (c) the circuit contains a single element other than the
generator. Is it a capacitor ,an inductor ,or a resistor? Justify your answer.(d) what is the
value of the capacitance inductance or resistance as the case may be?